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Psoriasis is a kind of dermal disease which is characterized by boils, white-red patches, severe itching and a very ugly look. I have been working and practicing in natural health care since 2000 in Dublin initially before moving to the Midlands.
Positive ExperiencesAs soon as you see the wide, welcoming smile on Fiona’s face as she greets you at her door you know that you are in the right place.
Privacy PolicyNaturopathy Clinic respect your right to privacy and comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2002. The herbs are blended specifically for the person, two people with the same condition will often have a different blend, as there are many herbs to choose from and it will depend on the unique set of signs and symptoms emerging from the consultation.

All the herbs used are licensed and grown to strict organic standards. Herbs are a very safe method of treatment. The generosity of her smile is reflected in her amazing ability to listen and to give you her undivided attention during a consultation or a reflexology session. Psoriasis is commonly seen among adults, old age and teenagers; it merely affects kids and infants.
A herb is a natural substance; therefore the body recognises it similar to how it would a food and can assimilate it easily. In the first stage of Psoriasis, the patches and plaques appear in less quantity and starts increasing.

It can affect all parts of body limbs, inner organs, mouth, nails, tongue, abdominal part and so on.

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