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Gari from Beatrice, 40 km out of Harare on the Masvingo highway, suffered a heart attack, which left him bed ridden in July 2008. The journey brought more questions than answers as Gari went on to be diagnosed with a silent killer, High Blood pressure. The hope of finding a cure started fading away. He recounts the thousands of dollars he lost moving from one doctor to the other trying to cure his ailments without success. He added that before he fell ill, he thought the story of traditional medicines curing so called incurable diseases like BP, diabetes and many others were fairy tales.
Gari was prescribed to a certain set of herbs that have led to a normalization of his Blood Pressure. Gari’s story is typical of the many patients who have succumbed to different ailments that have been termed incurable in the modern day medical practice and has led to many of them turning to herbs as a last resort. This was confirmed by the ballooning of herb gardens across the country.

Gari’s friend in Beatrice area, Samuel Manyere urged people to resort to the use of herbs because they seem to be the answer to many ailments people are suffering from. He added that herbs have been used since time immemorial. Manyere urged people to resort to herbs as they could be used in the cure of many ailments not to mention its affordability for everyone. Modernization promotes the use of drugs and people have been made to believe that herbs are associated with evil but that should now be demystified. Daphne Masaka (20) of Glen-Norah also supports the idea that herbs are effective and are still doing wonders.
One of the leading herbal medicine companies, Tiens International Group encouraged people to try their products. “Herbs have no side effects, it is just like natural food and they have been tried and tested and so far we have not encountered any problems,” said Elvis Mutasa from Tiens.
Mutasa further explained that people should trust herbs because of the glaring results people see after taking Tiens products.

The doctors claimed that his condition was a result of being over-weight and stress. Attempts to cure the infection took him onto a searching expedition in a bid to find a cure for the unexpected ailment.
The Hebrews were supposed to eat bitter herbs to symbolize their bitter life in Egypt not that crappp that the so called prohet above is saying.
People dnt quote the bible if u don know what in Tsvangirai’s name you will be saying.

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