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Spinal disk herniation (slipped disk) and other issues in the spine appear between the 30 and 50 years of age.
This happens because the aging process of the spine’s disks begins in our childhood and early youth.
Intervertebral disk is consisted of fibrous ring that surrounds the core of gel, which contains water. In addition to hereditary factors, on which we cannot affect, slipped disk can be caused by excessive workload and insufficient rest of our spine. Actually, the disc’s nutrition works on the principles of sponges (because they don’t have blood vessels) – in standing position the pressure in the disk is increased and harmful substances are squeezed.

The modern lifestyle brings us too much strain (especially sitting and stending), and less relief, which leads to poor diet and quicker deterioration of the disks. This is also supported by the poor body posture, obesity, smoking and poor physical activity, which makes the muscles weak. Also, you can fry 10 crumpled garlic cloves in olive oil and use this warm mixture to wrap the painful area. Also, the intake of B complex vitamins along with calcium and magnesium is highly recommended. On the other hand, while we are resting in the bed or sitting with a backrest of angle of 45 degrees this pressure is reduced and the nutrients are absorbed in the disks.

At the other hand, after 50 years of age the disks are losing significant amount of water and are less likely to “leak”.

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