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Before you commit to long term study with us, this short program consisting of two classes will expose you to a wide spectrum of alternative healing modalities.
Become a Nutritionist & Diet Consultant with a deep understanding of weight management, Herbal Supplements, Anatomy, and much more. Become a Master Herbalist - Study Anatomy, Natural pathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Alternative Medical Sciences and much more. Dominion Herbal College has provided an exemplary herbal education to thousands of people for over 80 years. Dominion Herbal College pioneered herbal training in North America and continues to lead in herbal education both at the foundation level and at the practitioner’s level. ONLINE Distance Learning (1 Year)The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program has been offered since 1926 and is the most popular program in western Herbal Medicine with thousands of students and graduates around the world.
About the Program: This 1-year program is the original introductory level program of Herbal Medicine which emphasises the herbal heritage of North America. Lessons 22–25: Pathology and etiology of disease, general assessment and examination methods.
Tim trained for 6 years with the International Register of Consultant Herbalists, one of the oldest herbal medicine schools in the UK. The use of indigenous herbs and natural remedies for medical reasons has been practiced around the world for centuries.
Herbalism is a form of alternative medicine that uses plants and plant extracts for medicinal use in treating diseases.
The salary for herbalists can range from $20,000 to $120,000, according to the American Herbalist Association.

Sometimes, the best cure for what ails you isn't a manufactured drug but a more natural solution. If you are just starting in this field we suggest considering enrolling for this program first. As a consequence, I have been a successful practicing medical herbalist, herb teacher, herb grower and wildcrafter. Today, with herbal medicine ever more popular world wide, Dominion continues to be one of the pre-eminent herbal schools to train and support people for self care and for professional careers in herbal medicine.
Symptoms of acute and chronic disease with the treatment and care of various conditions giving instructions and herbal formulae. As well as an extensive training in clinical herbalism, Tim also trained in nutrition, naturopathy, Bach flower remedies, and health psychology. It is very much a partnership of equals, and ideas and opinions from the patient are welcomed. Trained herbalists offer expertise in recognizing medicinal herbs, the effects and side effects and how to manage ailments using natural ingredients.
This nontraditional medical practice is used in treating a variety of ailments including digestive problems, insomnia, hypertension, allergies and high cholesterol. Education can last six to eight months or take two or three years for certain training programs with apprenticeships. Physicians occasionally hire herbalists, and teaching is an option for herbalists with several years of experience.
An esthetician is a skin care specialist who treats clients with facials and skin treatments.

I have been honored to be affiliated with Dominion since 1990 and am constantly impressed by the dedication and commitment to herbal medicine that is shown by all who participate – students, instructors, alumni and support staff alike. As a past student, I am very grateful for Dominion's high standards and dedication to creating courses which encouraged me to become confident as a practitioner of herbal medicine and to be able to make my living surrounded by herbs.
When to gather various herbs and how to mature them for use, nomenclature, prescription writing, phrases and abbreviations. The glandular system, foods and exercises for eyes, soya bean milk and other soya bean recipes, “keep-well diet” herbal infusions, herbal decoctions, distillations, aromatic herbs, classification of certain herbs, tonics and formulae and baby food for babies and small children.Animal health care, environmental pollution and the “Herbal Alphabet” are also covered.
Tim encourages his patients to take responsibility for their own health, supports them in making changes to their diet and lifestyle, and helps them to recognise the innate healing potential that lies within each of us. Typical courses of study include human anatomy, nutrition, herbal, medical and botanical terminology and drying and storage of plants. The American Herbalist Guild provides certification programs that require a proficiency exam.
Earl Mindell are only a few of the renowned graduates who got their start in Herbal Medicine with this program. The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program is designed to provide the student with the fundamental qualifications of a Herbalist.

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