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Most of the spice sold as cinnamon in the United States and Canada (where true cinnamon is still generally unknown) is actually cassia. It has been reported that this plant is smoked on the gulf coast of Mexico as a substitute for Cannabis (Plants of the Gods, Schultes & Hofmann). Pluchea dioscoridis has a good reputation in folk medicine, it is used in popular medicine for rheumatic pains. Canavalia maritima) is a vigorous creeper native to coastal areas of Australia from central NSW northwards and around the coast to WA. The leaves have been reported to be mildly intoxicating when smoked and for a while were a reported ingredient in the smoking products SPICE et al.

It is reported that the decoction of fresh leaves is use in the treatment of epilepsy in children, in colic, as carminative and as remedy for cold.
The Cassia tree grows to 10-15 m tall, with greyish bark, and hard elongated leaves 10-15 cm long, that have a decidedly reddish colour when young.
The aromatic leaves of the plant which have a pleasant scent were used in Ancient Egypt to perfume ladies’ hair plaits.
Cassia sticks can be distinguished from true Cinnamon sticks in the following manner: Cinnamon sticks have many thin layers and can easily be made into powder using a coffee or spice grinder, whereas Cassia sticks are extremely hard, are usually made up of one thick layer and can break an electric spice or coffee grinder if one attempts to grind them without first breaking them into very small pieces. In Tanzania, the plant is used by traditional healers as: a decoction of root bark and cooking fat (a few drops) drunk against sterility in women and impotence in men, a decoction of the root to treat colds, the roots and leaves are a stimulant, comforting medicine and an aromatic and the decoction of the leaves is used for curing children and infantile ailments.

Halotolerant rhizobia growing in symbiosis with the plant enable it to thrive in low nitrogen and salty environments.

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