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The kind of all-inclusive promise we see daily in the adverts by traditional healers – such as “Is your husband no longer in love with you? As long as there are sports games to be won, accidents to avert, clash victims to be healed, diseases to be cured, businesses to grow, the services can’t just be exhausted.
People look at the adverts from a distance with an ear to ear smile as the poster of traditional healers always claim that they cure just about everything. The decision by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, regulating body of the practice of medicine and dentistry, to allow advertising by doctors, is perceived as a counterattack. While herbalists are close to face competition on street walls as well as the pages of our newspapers, there are some posters of herbalists that caught our interest. This distance course is offered on an ongoing basis, same curriculum as below, same price, begin any time. You will learn enough in this course to have a great base in herbalism & learn to branch out from there.
I have been asked to run a shorter herbal for those interested in the wonderful herbal formulas I have offered my daughters during pregnancy, labor, delivery & post partum, menopause, hormonal balance. If you'd like to just learn the aspects of herbalism for women you can take this 3 month course. I am working more with choosing herbs on an energetic basis to work with each person’s constitution rather than on a symptomatic basis of choosing and herb to match an ailment. Since I have taught this course for 4 years now, I decided it is time to overhaul the entire course & rewrite it. This course is designed for those who wish to know about a large number of plants to work with friends, family, clients, pets or just for personal knowledge.
SUPPLIES: There will be a supply list each person will need to get as well, all kinds of fun things such as wide mouth jars, knife, cutting board, funnel, oil, vodka etc. You will find you get more out of this course if you take the time to work with your herbs as we go along, do some extra reading, buy some herbal books (I will discuss good ones on the first day of class). What is missing here is the 3rd element in herbalism, which is the main focus of my herbal course. For people who are overheated & have a lot of moisture in their bodies, it is not the herb of choice.

So, when choosing herbs, (and our food) we need to look at more than just matching an herb & ailment. I just sent an email to my herbal students to make sure they are on track with this month's lessons.
The lessons are offered monthly, along with seasonal herb walks at my home if you live nearby. I know it may be hard to get around to doing the work, but please make time so you can move on to lesson 2.
This eventually leads to being able to know a plant in the woods that is safe to use, tasting it, and knowing what it is good for without the use of a book. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. At this time the Canadian dollar is very low, the $500 3 month course would be $360 only in US funds!
With distance learning you need to be focused & motivated to keep working through the course. The herb journal is the most valuable resource you will have, it contains your own personal experiences!
Vodka is needed for making tinctures, which is the most often used type of remedy, it will run you a bit of money, get it from the states if you can (start collecting it now!). I have recently been uprading my herbal knowledge which has really brought me a lot of inspiration, so I am rewriting the entire herbal course for 2012.
If you are using the herbs, making up your own formulas, making your infusions you will learn more from adding in your own experience. If you wish to receive a certificate of completion you need to complete a final exam of case studies. I know that's how 90% of people using herbs look at it: that you match an herb to an ailment.
Cottonwood is suited to those who have tense muscles & nerves, dry crackly joints, and who are 'cold' constitutionally. When you find the right herb, you often just need to use a couple drops of the tincture (so your tinctures last waaaay longer than if you are taking a dropperful several times a day).

I had several students start the course this fall, and have now opened it up to be 'ongoing', accepting students at any time. On yesterday's herb walk we discussed 40 plants growing on my property, tasted a few & had a good look at how the plants look in the fall.
By using the forum you have access to extra information & questions from other students, and also a place to help keep you on track with the lessons. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Great for DOULAS, MIDWIVES, and WOMEN who want to know how to help themselves by using the medicinal plants. I have offered this course for 3 years out of my home & have decided to open it up to wider audience by offering distance learning. So if that's right, how come when one person takes an herb for a certain problem its fixes it?
And when you address the underlying cause such as nutrition you are going to have long last results.
You will be drawn to certain herbs that you have an energetic connection with, you will use the herbs in different ways than I use them. Then another person decides, hey, that worked for them, I have the same ailment, I'll take that herb. So now the person either decides that herbs don't work, or that herb in particular doesn't work. If so, taking an herb to relieve the pain is only addressing the symptoms, you need to address the root cause & look at your nutrition.

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