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To dry chive flowers, you'll want to trim them from their stems and place on a flat surface for a week or so. The bloody mary I want to drink - fragrant herbs, yellow heirloom tomatoes, shallots, and a bit of kick from the vodka and serrano pepper.
Tiny socca-inspired pancakes made with buttermilk or keffir - golden, tender, and cooked in cold-pressed spicy mustard oil. I'm posting this spring roll recipe from Morocco, they were much needed for the flight over.
Comments (+expand) Die GlA?cklichmachereiI love this post and the idea to secure those little bundles with washi tape. We eat chive flowers in Vietnam (stir-fried, in a soup, etc.) but only when they are still unopened buds. May 10, 2014 HeatherI think 'lemon rose thyme' is my favorite new-to-me herb find this spring. A strawberry jar with pockets overflowing with kitchen herbs brings the flavors and fragrances of a miniature herb garden into your home. For best results follow the easy steps outlined below and displayed in the Photo Album slideshow beneath.
Please enjoy your beautiful new strawberry jar filled with fragrant and flavorful herbs and do not forget to check it daily.
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In part, it's because I tend to come across special, unusual varietals in the spring and summer - caraway thyme, pineapple sage, fresh coriander. Leaves are stripped from the bottom few inches of each stem, and a bit of twine secures each bundle. Toss every couple of days so that all sides are exposed to air.Be sure your herbs are completely dried before transferring them to a sealed container. Rice paper wrappers with brown rice, tofu, avocado, chopped hazelnuts, and a slather of intense oregano sauce.
I kept them once or twice in a small vase as some kind of real flowers in the house and they were beautiful when they were fully open, but I don't believe I've ever seen them in this lovely lavender shade (only white).

I highlight recipes from favorite cookbooks, as well as recipes I write myself - inspired by ingredients that intersect my life, travels, and everyday interests. If using a terracotta jar (recommended), you will need to soak the jar in a bucket of water or the sink for 20-30 minutes before planting. Gather your other materials: potting soil, (plant food), garden scissors, hand dandelion weeder or dull knife, small rake or fork (bonsai tools work well), garden gloves. As you pull each herb from the inside through the pocket, fill the jar with more potting soil. For best results place the strawberry jar near a window with bright light, not direct sunlight, or in a protected bright spot on a porch or balcony.
When the potting soil feels dryish to the touch on the top or in any of the side pockets, it is time to water. However, not having the optimal kitchen utensil for cutting herbs, storing them or even freezing them for later, can make a simple task a real chore (fresh chives that stick to your chef knife blade, anyone?).
A push pin or strip of washi tape is typically enough to secure the herbs anywhere high and dry - walls, bookcases, fireplace mantles, cabinet knobs, and the like are all fair game around here.
We did a little poll around the office and came up with the most useful aromatic herb gadgets you can get your hands on. Other times, it is the herb flowers that get me - I like to use them throughout the year, and the one way to guarantee a supply is to dry them. The house two doors down caught fire the other day, and I actually thought my K Sabatier was one of the things I needed to grab as I threw a bunch of things in a box. You will plant each herb by putting the herb inside the top of the jar and pulling it through a pocket.
Just this morning I went out to find some nettles to dry as they're one of my favorites and tend to be best around here at this time of year while still young and tender.
If the parsley (or thyme) plant is too big to fit through the pocket, gently break or divide it in half with your scissors.
After planting the rosemary on top, run the weeder or a dull knife around the top edge of the pot to tamp down the soil. If you are going away for the weekend, move the jar out of the sunlight into a low-light spot.

Look for these varieties for best results: curly parsley, common or tri-color sage, rosemary, any culinary thyme. Cuisipro Herb Keeper Keep your fresh herbs for longer, but also asparagus, celery or rhubarb stalks.
May 9, 2014 PozoleI have a hard time if I don't dry some DWARF GREEK OREGANO each year, it's SO delicious ! We dry it by sticking it on a tray and leaving by a sunny window for a week or so, turning every few days. May 9, 2014 anaI'm too lazy to twine them together, I just toss my herbs in paper bags.
Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper Keep herbs fresh and green longer by freezing them until ready for use.
May 9, 2014 la domestiqueThere is something so romantic about dried herb bundles hanging about the house.
I have a handful of homegrown mint bunches drying right now, and an oregano plant that could absolutely use some trimming besides. I recently bought like 2 pounds of parsley so I had to power through it so it wouldn't wilt before I could finish it, lol. It's become my favorite and I try to keep the plant healthy because I haven't seen it anywhere before or since. As for chive blossoms, I like soaking them in jars of champagne vinegar or white balsamic vinegar for several weeks to make a delicious (and pretty pink) flavored vinegar. They're also delicious fresh in salads, but my all-time favorite use for chive blossoms is to make flavored salt.
Throw the fresh blossoms in the food processor with some sea salt and process until they're finely chopped and mixed with the salt, then let dry on a sheet pan.
The salt is absolutely divine on hard boiled eggs and the vinegar brings a unique touch to deviled eggs, but they both go well with just about anything.

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