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At WishGarden Herbal Remedies our primary mission is to bring health to life by making available to the public powerful and effective medicinal botanicals. 100% organic herbal pads Vegan friendly Cruelty free All natural Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bath Herbs features sea salt as well as a blend of organic botanicals including oatmeal, witch hazel leaf, yarrow flower and plantain leaf.
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Sitz baths, compresses and use of a peri bottle incorporating the herbs listed below are very effective for first-degree perineal tears and bruising. Hydrotherapy utilizes external hot and cold applications of water to manipulate the quantity of blood flow through a given tissue. Plantain (Plantago off.) has vulnerary, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-microbial properties. Calendula (Calendula off.) has anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary and anti-microbial properties.
Lavender (Lavandula off.) is well known for its pain relieving properties and for keeping infection at bay. Soak the perineal area in a basin of water with three cups of tea added to an additional six to 10 cups of clean water. A plastic squirt bottle that can be used to irrigate and cleanse the perineal area can greatly reduce stinging if used during urination and, afterward, to clean the area. A compress is made by soaking a piece of clean cloth (such as linen, cotton or gauze) in a decoction or infusion and applying it as hot as can be tolerated to the affected area. A poultice is similar to a compress except that plant parts are used rather than liquid extraction.
This is the method used to get the healing constituents from more tenacious plant material such as bark, root or nuts. Crock pot infusion—Place oil and herb in jar as above and place in a crock pot three-quarters full of water. Demetria Clark is the director of Heart of Herbs, an herbal and aromatherapy school founded in 1998 in Vermont.

Through networking and education, Midwifery Today's mission is to return midwifery care to its rightful position in the family, to make midwifery care the norm throughout the world, and to redefine midwifery as a vital partnership with women. Even when breastfeeding is going great, most moms will experience some amount of nipple discomfort for the first couple of weeks postpartum.  Our 3Girls Holistic Nipple Cream helps to heal, soothe, lubricate and protect, making those breastfeeding days much more comfortable. As with all 3Girls products, our Nipple Cream is 100% natural!  There are zero toxins, it is lanolin free (many people are allergic to lanolin which is commonly found in other nipple creams) and is safe for baby, meaning that there is no need to wipe it off prior to breastfeeding!  It goes on smooth and won’t leave a greasy residue. Our staff of highly trained herbalists use only certified organic and wild-harvested quality-tested ingredients to produce signature formulations that soothe, nurture, and support our bodies in the way that nature intended.
Postpartum Bath Herbs can also be used in a sitz bath for soothing relief after childbirth. Adequate blood flow brings oxygen, nutrients and red and white blood cells to target tissues, so warm and cool sitz baths and peri bottle applications to the affected area will also be very beneficial. Chickweed is commonly used as an external remedy for cuts, wounds and, especially, itching and irritation.
Allantoin, a substance in aloe vera, has been considered a cell proliferant, an epithelial stimulant and a chemical debrider.
When the compress has cooled, it can be soaked again in the reheated liquid and reapplied until the condition has been relieved. Pour boiling water over the plant matter and allow it to infuse from 20 minutes to overnight. The moistness allows skin cells to grow without creating a scar, even if a scab has already formed. For infusions and decoctions, use one tablespoon dried herb or two tablespoons fresh herb per cup of water.
She has a BA in Human Services and is a midwifery student in the MSM program at Midwives College of Utah and a midwifery apprentice. Randomised Trial of Glutamine-Enriched Enteral Nutrition on Infectious Morbidity in Patients with Multiple Trauma. Arnica in an infused oil form should not be used directly on the opening or any broken skin.

A triterpene glycoside called calendulozide B exerts a marked sedative and anti-ulcerous action.
Meanwhile, the sugars extract dirt and moisture from the wound, which helps prevent bacteria from growing, while the acidity of honey also slows or prevents the growth of many bacteria.
Studies showed that collagen increased 93% with topical aloe vera treatment and 67% with oral treatment, compared to controls.(5) Because aloe vera has a high water content, allow the area to dry after application. Some women find that very warm water helps promote blood flow to the area and offers relief, whereas others find the reverse to be true. Apply the pulp directly to the skin, as hot as can be tolerated, holding it in place with a gauze bandage.
If the herb is fresh, allow it to wilt in the sun or overnight to release excess water that can contribute to mold in the oil. She is often found penning articles on the use of herbs, parents' empowerment, aromatherapy and a lot more, in between loving and being with her two sons and husband.
Paper presented at FirstWorld Wound Healing Congress, 10–13 Sep, Melbourne, Australia. An enzyme that bees add to honey reacts with the wound's fluids and breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant.
When using dried herb, first powder it and make a paste with one tablespoon of powdered herb and a little boiling water or hot organic cider vinegar. Honey also acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain killer and prevents bandages from sticking to wounds.

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