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The decision to have surgical revision of scars should only be made after discussion with your surgeon. Laser scar reduction works by remodeling the collagen and reducing the erythema or redness of the scar area.
Heating of the papillary dermis causes reorganization of the collagen, this is what allows for the reduction in appearance of scars, reduced size of pores, and tightening of the skin. There are many important factors when it comes to selecting the right lasers for realistic outcomes of various treatments.
Spot Size– Refers to the diameter of the laser beam and helps control the depth the laser will travel through the tissues.
Many companies will claim a high maximum amount of power without stating a spot size or pulse width.
Most smaller scars can be surgically revised under local anaesthetic in our Plastic Surgery Auckland day theatre.

A gentle heating during the laser scar reduction treatment area reduces the redness and appearance of scars. This is one of the most important characteristics of the laser because it determines how much energy is absorbed by particular targets in the tissue and how deep the laser will travel through the tissues. Over time the scar becomes less pink and noticeable, but occasionally, may be thick and raised.
Treatment of more extensive scars may require admission to hospital and general anaesthesia. There are 4 main characteristics of a laser that need to be assessed to establish the efficacy for a particular type of treatment. This with the fluence, spot size, and wavelength determine how much energy is delivered to the targets. A spot size and wavelength are the most important factors in determining the penetration of the laser in to the tissues.

Laser scar reduction outcomes depend on the severity, type, and location of the scar and the number of treatments provided to the area. Results can be slow and may very from person to person, but the reduction in redness is usually noticeable with in 4-8 weeks and collagen remodeling can take a few months. The 1064nm wavelength has one of the best penetrations of any laser on the market, making it very versatile and the choice of many. If the laser is capable of meeting the effective parameters, it can be used to treat hair removal, onychomycosis, spider veins, reticular veins, erythema, skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, and many other conditions.

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