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When fatigue sets in, it’s all too reflexive to head straight for the nearest dose of caffeine. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks are used far too often and far too mindlessly in the face of exhaustion. Ginseng is a super-remedy herb that has long been raved about for its wide range of benefits.
If you are looking for more than a sugar spike or jittery take off, maybe it’s time you try using herbs for energy.

It will make you feel more mentally clear because you have more blood and oxygen going to the brain. If you take this route, you will be choosing a natural energy boost that also may make you more alert, fight depressing, or improve your immune system at the same time. It has even been suggested that Ginkgo biloba lowers the type of neural stress linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Even though some varieties have caffeine, it contains many other benefits that may outweigh the presence of caffeine.

This nourishment gives the adrenal cortex a chance to make and give you energy in a natural way.

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