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This slide set identifies the variety of culinary, fragrance and ornamental herbs suitable for growing in Minnesota and gives advice on how to grow them. As a medicine the dandelion plant has proved to be one of the safest and best diuretics because, unlike conventional diuretics, it is extremely rich in potassium so that it replaces what the body loses through water elimination. You don’t need to worry about accidentally picking the wrong one to put in your food because although there are some toxic members of the Asteraceae family, all of the dandelion look-alikes in the family are completely harmless. I am working on two recipes that include dandelions and I will be sure to post the links to them on flickr when I get them up.
Cleavers can be eaten fresh in a spring salad and acts as a cooling herb, so it is helpful for fevers. Cleavers makes a pleasant tasting tea and now is the time to harvest it and tincture the fresh plant.

So the next time you want to yank this plant out of your garden, thinking that four letter word, remember all the valuable attributes of this common springtime green friend.
It is Cleavers, Galium aparine, commonly known as Bedstraw, Goosegrass, Sticky Willie or Catchweed. I’d like to hope that people keeping horses will inform themselves on what is okay or not okay to have in their pastures.
It returns every year in early spring to remind us to take our spring tonics and get our blood flowing smoothly and easily.
I use the aerial parts of the plant as a urinary astringent for treating urinary and reproductive organ inflammations.
Cleavers is also used cosmetically to clear the complexion, control dandruff and as a natural deodorant.

This plant, which acts like a botanical Velcro, is an important and valuable herbal medicine.
Cleavers is a blood purifier and helps to cleanse the circulatory system after a sluggish winter season.

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