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Did you ever think about how people postponed the pregnancy before the invention of latex condom and Ortho-tri-cycle?
Alternative methods, such as basal temperature method, ovulation method and even the high-tech fertility computers are based on calculating and defining days, when a woman is fertile or able to get pregnant. Accordingly, if we know when the ovulation begins and when it finishes, we will know when sex is safe and when it is better to use a condom. Basal Temperature Method ? to use it, a woman should check her temperature every morning during a couple of months and keep a graph record of the temperature changes. Fertility Computers ? the 20th century and particularly the 21st is impossible with computers. Birth control is not only a method to escape marriage as well as condoms are not the only birth control methods.
EC protects from an unintended pregnancy when your birth control fails (for example, a condom breaks or you forgot to take your birth control pills), when a woman is abused and forced to have sex, or if she just did not plan it.
Both kinds of drugs can be taken in 72 hours after an unprotected sex (first dose); the second one - at 12 hours? interval. Common side effects caused by the use of birth control pills for EC are vomiting, nausea, headaches, breast tenderness, dizziness, fluid retention and irregular bleeding.
In many countries these emergency contraceptives are available without a prescription; nevertheless, in some others the latter is obligatory. Another birth control method is inserting intrauterine devices (IUDs) into the uterus (done by a doctor).
The information above is, probably, the most valuable for teens, because they are the most unpredictable. Dear parents, you cannot stop or postpone puberty of your kids, you cannot suppress their desires, still you can teach them and make them wise. Emergency contraception is what people need in order to avoid pregnancy after the unprotected sexual intercourse occurred. A diaphragm is a soft, thin, and flexible dome-shaped disc with a rim and a spring attached to the latter. Actually, not a woman herself, but a physician is responsible for choosing the appropriate device for every woman (the size and the type).
In general, a woman has to know that the given birth control tool should be inserted into the vagina and placed properly over the cervix up to 6 hours before the sexual intercourse. After the diaphragm is removed from the vagina, it should be examined for breaks, washed with soap and warm water, and stored in the dark cool place. Cervical caps can be inserted some time before the intercourse and should stay inside for 8 hours after the last sex. The final note should be done about the anatomic peculiarities and the use of cervical caps and diaphragms.
Contraceptive methods, such as intrauterine devices, diaphragms and cervical caps, have a very long history. Though spermicides are commonly considered to be one of the ?exotic? types of contraception, this method of pregnancy prevention is still in use by up to 1% of people, practicing birth control. Of course, making a decision about implantable contraceptives requires more detailed considerations and evaluating all the pros and cons in comparison to more common types of contraception, such as pills, spermicides or even IUDs. Norplant was the first birth control method in the form of implant, which was approved by the U.S. Though Norplant gained its popularity in more than 60 countries worldwide, its distribution in the USA ended in 2002. Implanon is the brand new implantable contractive, which received the FDA approval in 2006.
Well, now it is time to define all the advantages and disadvantages of implantable contraceptives.
High level of effectiveness – this is the primary advantage of the implantable contraceptives. Reversibility of the birth control method – once a woman decides to become pregnant and stop her contraceptive regimen, she may have her implanted contraceptive removed.

Freedom – implantable contraceptives are probably the best option for those women, who do not feel comfortable about the necessity to remember taking pills every day or use contraceptive before each sexual intercourse. Implantable contraceptive can be used by breastfeeding mothers – the implants can be inserted right after the delivery of a baby. Cosmetic issues – if properly inserted the implanted contraceptive is completely invisible and does not create any discomfort for a woman.
Implants do not protect form STDs – unlike barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms, neither Norplant nor Implanon can protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. The family of Ortho pills are among the most widely known and commonly prescribed oral contraceptives nowadays. But getting acquaintance only with this type of birth controlling is like being on the wedding party, but not dancing with a bride.
If you know these days, everything you have to do to is to avoid sex during these days, all the other time you can enjoy sex without any artificial mediators. All the fertility awareness methods of birth control aim to define the ovulation period, basing on certain changes in female body during this period.
The period when the body temperature drops and at once rises for about one degree Fahrenheit is the beginning of your ovulation period. It is also called a cervical mucus method, because it is based on studying and observing the mucus ? a substance within a vagina, assisting the sperm to live inside a female body and to fertilize an egg. They are everywhere and it looks like very soon even the sexual relationships between people will be controlled by computers. All the above described methods can hardly compete with a condom or birth control pills because they are all time and effort consuming. Still, it can lead to unwanted consequences, when it is uncontrolled and when a couple does not realize the responsibility.
Pills contain high doses of hormones that delay or inhibit ovulation, interfere with fertilization or prevent implantation of a fertilised egg (zygote). The sooner the pill is taken, the higher effectiveness is, though EC works well even after 120 hours have passed. Moreover, these pills should not be prescribed if a woman is breastfeeding, has given birth in the last 6 weeks, has cardiovascular or kidney disease, epilepsy, migraine headaches, diabetes, hypertension, breast, genital or liver cancers. Sometimes they do not know what they will do the next moment themselves; therefore, unplanned sex (especially for the first time) is a usual procedure.
Do not loose your chance ? read this article together and do not let your daughter spoil her life.
They were most often used before the invention of hormonal contraceptives and intrauterine devices. Diaphragms use is sometimes associated with the higher risk of urinary tract infections and allergic reactions to latex. Besides, cervical caps and diaphragms have practically the same rates of effectiveness and few side effects (allergic reactions and rarely bladder infections).
There are only three of them officially approved in the USA: Prentif, FemCap, and the Lea's shield. They are, however, not recommended to be left on the cervix for more than 48 hours, since this is supposed to increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome, vaginal irritation, unpleasant vaginal odor and discharge. They say that one of the reasons why they are reluctant to use this birth control method is that it is quite difficult to learn how to correctly insert and remove caps. The matter is that women with abnormal vaginal anatomy are bad candidates for the use of these contraceptive, since it will increase their risks of getting pregnant or may cause difficulties even with placing the devices inside. However, it is not only the way to receive new breasts, chin or buttocks; implants are also used to deliver medications into the human organism. That is why it may be of use to oppose all the advantages to the disadvantages of implantable contraceptives prior to making a final decision about having one inserted in your own body. The chance to get pregnant during the use of this type of birth control is less than 1 %, which is approximately the same as with the use of hormonal daily pills or condoms.
Once inserted, a woman may forget about her contraceptive and stay confident about its effectiveness for years.

Since both Norplant and Implanon contain only one hormone (unlike daily pills, which commonly contain combination of two different hormones), side effects are usually mild and not severe (temporary changes in menstruation, bleeding or spotting).
All the above said information should not be treated as the promotion of implantable contraceptives; it is just a few ideas to be used while writing your own list of pros and cons of a particular birth control method.
Questions concerning active components, use, and side effects of the birth control pills are included here. People found out that a woman is fertile not during this whole period, but only 5 days before and 3 days after the ovulation.
When ovulation begins this substance becomes clear, slippery and very stretchy, similar to a raw egg white. The first step towards such prospect has already been made with the invention of fertility computers. At the same time, persons who suffer from severe side effects must consult their health provider right away. A device can be placed in 5 days after an unprotected sex and remain inside up to several years, preventing from the pregnancy. The variety of diaphragms types and sizes allows every woman to choose the most comfortable device, which would suit her vaginal anatomy best. It is at the doctor’s office that a woman is trained to insert and remove the diaphragm, as well as instructed how to take care of it. Pregnancy and child bearing, abortion, or gaining weight can change the size of the cervix; therefore, diaphragms should also be refitted in such cases.
There also were some associations with toxic shock syndrome and diaphragms; however, there is no reliable official data on this issue for the time being. Perfect use is said to be 97% effective, average use gives pregnancy protection only in 82% of cases.
This form of medicine delivery suits perfectly for the contraceptives – medications, which should be used regularly for the long period of time. Initially Norplant was produced in the form of six little sticks, each containing levonorgestrel as the active contraceptive agent. Its working ingredient is etonogestrel, which belongs to the group of hormones known as progestins.
Statistics says only 8 women of 1000 may become pregnant during the use of implantable contraceptives. And only the well-informed realists know that there have always been certain birth control methods, based on understanding of female fertility. So, to estimate this method a women should check her cervical mucus every day to note all the changes in its color and consistence.
The drugs which contain progesterone only are said to be more effective (up to 89% effectiveness) and to have milder side effects. However, both of them became significantly less popular with the development of hormonal contraception.
If more than one intercourse occurs, additional spermicide should be placed into the vagina, and 6 hours should pass before the device extraction.
Indeed, isn’t it much better to go through the single procedure of contraceptive implantation and stay protected for 3-5 years than to follow a strict regimen of oral contraceptives, which should be taken every day at the same time in order to feel safe? After having those sticks inserted under the skin, a female received protection from pregnancy for as long as 5 years. Nevertheless, we should always remember that everything is good if the time and place are right.
Nowadays, women use this barrier method for a number of reasons – cultural, religious, and health-related.

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