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There was a some what unsuccessful 2 door mk5 cortina campaigned by boreham after the mk2 escort died. Think it ran an essex V6, apparently it's still kicking about somewhere, i'll get a picture up when i get home (on my phone). Soon Team Castrol was formed, rallying with first the Triumph 2.5 PI and then the humble Morris Marina. Culcheth was the man to make it work, claiming 2nd on the Cyprus Rally in A?a‚¬E?72 (with Johnstone Syer) and 6th the following year.
Special Tuning built a Rover V8 Marina for the 1972 World Cup Rally but - predictably - the rear axle broke.

Culcheth and Willy Cave were entered for the 1971 RAC Rally in a Special Tuning prepared Marina, winning the 1300cc class.
His 16th overall and class win on the 1000 Lakes in A?a‚¬a„?73 was the stuff of legends, the top Brit position only being beaten in A?a‚¬a„?82 when Russell Brookes came 6th in a Vauxhall Chevette.
From what i understand no one could cure the cross channel ferry like handling so it pretty much died on it's arse. Ford competitions manager, Stuart Turner (formerly of BMC), was famously wrong-footed here, because he thought the Marina was to be 1.8-litre and so didnA?a‚¬a„?t field one of his Escorts in the small class! Anyone who tried to drive a 1.8 also quickly soon learnt about the dreaded Marina plough on understeer!
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The moustachioed Midlander was blindingly quick on British national rallies - it was usually a class win or an accident - until BL put him into its other lost cause of the time, the Allegro! The last official fling for the 1.3 Marina was the 1975 RAC, when Phil Cooper and Andy Marriott finished 4th in class.

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