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2008I would surely hope that someone that was infected would do the honorable thing and inform any prospective partners of their condition. People are most contagious when they have an outbreak, but viral shedding occurs about 25% of the time they don't. Many have said that HSV is a minor nuisance because the outbreak severity drops over time. People with normal to strong immune systems have few, and generally mild outbreaks. In fact oral HSV1 is more lethal as it can spread to the eye, causing blindness, or the brain, causing almost certain death if not aggressively treated.
That would be pretty f**ked up to sleep or play around with someone that has herpes and doesnt mention. I would suggest that you consider you most likely could have been with someone who has herpes and either they did not reveal this or did not even know they had it. If your in a room with 20 people, statistics indicate that 5 of those who are sexually active carry herpes.
This includes all socio-economic groups from doctors and lawyers to those at poverty level.
We look at a child with a fever blister on the lip as acceptable but when a sexually active adult has herpes they are consider in a negative way. Both are herpetic viruses just as is shingles, chcken pox, and several other strands of the virus. Lots of you would be surprised if you took the time to research the topic; you'd realize herpes is alot more prevelant than you ever realized.
You most likely have even been in contact with a carrier or may even carry it yourself and not even know it.

I was truly surprised at the statistics and other mostly unknown details related to what herpes really is. i am so glad you posted this on this forum.
Many with herpes go their entire lives without having an outbreak, which is why it's so easy to spread and so hard to find out how you got it. I was one of those in the dark about herpes until I met an absolutely wonderful woman whom I dated for about 6 months.
She would always get skittish whenever we'd start to fool around, and eventually she told me had genital HSV-2.
I was taken aback at first, but then I went into engineering-student "why mode," started researching, and became a minor expert. After reading about it every night for who knows how long, I came to the conclusion that in the grand scheme of things herpes is pretty minor.
Sadly, it didn't work out and we never did have sex; she still has a lot of healing to do after unknowingly giving it to someone else, and isn't yet ready for a Real Relationship. The unfair social stigma and guilt of putting it on someone else have made her a shell of the person she was a year or so ago.
It's very sad because she's beautiful in so many ways, but is convinced that no one will ever love or desire her again because of this. The majority of people have outbreaks that are so minor in severity that they aren't recognized as herpes because they don't look like gnarly cold sores. The fact is that most people don't get cold-sore-like lesions when they have genital herpes. Lots of people who have had it for some time and have learned to cope refer to it as a "skin condition" as opposed to a disease. The risk of contracting herpes is actually quite low. If you use condoms, the transmission rate from female-to-male is about 10% per year, if I recall correctly.

If she takes Valtrex or Famvir that rate drops to 4%, and if antivirals and condoms are used it's halved again to 2%.
In my opinion, a 96% chance of not getting it in an entire year of sex would be well worth the risk for the chance to fully love someone I found special. I do not blame them when they back away and I feel bad for those who anguish over the decision to continue our relationship. People have cold sores and think nothing of it but tell them it is herpes and they deny it to avoid even thinking of the shame. I just tell them because I am cranky in the morning but the truth is I could not bear the thought of giving this to another person so I do not let them get close if they do not already have this.
When she started reading post of woman who had Herpes on the H sights she began to get scared of getting it and had herself checked twice while we were having sex but kept on anyway. Part of the stigma that really burns me is that people assume that herpes = slut, which is most certainly not the case.
I've gotten cold sores for as long as I can remember, but I never even seriously kissed a girl until I was 25.

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