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HERPES CURE UPDATE: DOCTORS SAY THAT CERTAIN HERPES TREATMENT MAY PERMANENTLY REMOVE HERPES VIRUS FROM HUMAN BODY, IS THERE REALLY A HERPES CURE? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We all know that there are are many doctors who are not sympathetic to the ongoing needs of patients diagnosed with herpes.
But as we know, there are many resources for herpes sufferers out there – it is just that the doctor has not informed the patient about these. The Medical Director reviews scientific literature on available products, both prescription and non-prescription, so that an informed consumer can make the proper decisions as to how to control herpes or HPV infections. At no times, and under NO circumstances is any medical relationship of any sort created through any information resources which are available through this website. ALL MEDICAL DECISIONS, ESPECIALLY TREATMENT DECISIONS, SHOULD ALWAYS BE MADE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PRIVATE DOCTOR. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted condition that is caused by the herpes simplex virus and can cause blisters and sores in the genital area. Long-term use of colloidal silver can sometimes lead to argyria, which is a condition caused by over exposure to medicinal silver formulas. There is no medical evidence that supports claims that colloidal silver may be an effective treatment. Other potential risks of using colloidal silver for herpes can be reduced efficacy of prescribed medications.
I'm scared of taking colloidal silver because I heard that it may have contaminants and I don't want to take the risk of turning blue.
That being said, colloidal silver has antibacterial and antiviral effects and can help keep herpes under control.
An editorial written by experts in the study of Alzheimer’s disease insist there is enough research to suggest a possible connection between the disease and two common STDs, as well as a particular bacteria. Science is desperately trying to find a cure for the neurodegenerative disease, along with a means to prevent its onset or, at the very least, slow its progression.
Established scientists, researchers and clinicians have just published an editorial in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The 31 experts who contributed to the editorial warn the herpes virus may be a cause of Alzheimer’s. They insist huge amounts of research and evidence already point to certain microbes as the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Basically, the experts believe some sort of destructive microbe, bacteria or germ gets into the brain and curls up for a nap. What’s particularly gnarly about HSV-1 is that a carrier can give it to anyone else by simply touching their skin, sharing silverware or lip balm.
An estimated two thirds of people are believed to have been infected by the herpes virus and many of them never realize they have it.
For a while, science was focused on the aluminum we eat and breathe as a possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease, but conflicting findings have convinced most researchers to leave it alone. Given the prevalence of both Alzheimer’s disease and herpes, there is, clearly, no time to waste. Ask The Big Question: If most of the world has herpes shouldn't we start investing a ton of money into this research?
They tell the patient that they have herpes, hand them a prescription, and send them on their way. THEREFORE, this page is designed to assist people in locating doctors who are willing to maintain and pass on better information to their patients. If any doctors or other medical practitioners would like to sign up for this section, please do so by sending an email to Dr.
When this happens, silver salts may begin to form in the eyes, skin and organs and turn the skin a blue-gray color.
Some of the manufacturers’ claims that the use of colloidal silver for herpes is an effective treatment stems from the assertion that it is a natural antibiotic. For those who can tolerate silver, it tends not affect them negatively unless it is consumed in large amounts over a period of time.
This can be the case with certain antibiotics and is the reason that it is essential to consult with a doctor when using colloidal silver as an alternative medication choice. Making it a home with a colloidal silver maker is supposed to be better but those cost a lot.For now, I only apply colloidal silver topically on blisters to help them heal. Just make sure that you are using a high-quality product that is safe to consume and don't overdose. Did it work? I've tried antiviral medications for my herpes, but they weren't very effective. Loved ones die alone, robbed of rich memories with no recognition of the loving faces around them. They are calling for urgent examination of the link between Alzheimer’s and two sexually transmitted diseases.
They also identify the chlamydia bacteria as another possible cause, as well as a bacteria called spirochaete.

Then, as time goes by and the immune system is compromised, the microbe wakes up and begins to inflict its damage. Shockingly, most people get this particular strain of virus as a child, whereas herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2) is transmitted through sexual contact. The editorial is an urgent call to action, with the authors recommending studies using antimicrobial therapy.
Often, the patient is in terrible emotional distress over the news and does not know where to turn. Obviously, this will not help YOU, as you probably already have that information if you are here.
It is used to destroy bacteria and boost the immune system and can also be applied topically for cuts and rashes. Some of the side effects of taking colloidal silver for herpes on a sustained basis could include skin irritations, stomach disorders, fatigue and headaches. Colloidal silver products are generally available in health food stores in certain countries, yet it can be illegal for marketers to tout the solution as a medical treatment. It's possible to avoid herpes breakouts with medications and supplements, but that's not called a cure. They suggest new findings could have implications for other progressive neurological conditions. However, the intention is for doctors to give the information out to patients who have not found the information by other means. The use of colloidal silver for herpes is still up for debate; however, there are a number of side effects connected to the use of this preparation. In this way it supposedly can treat conditions such as candida and reduce the side effects associated with herpes. There is no cure for herpes in the sense that someone who is infected with it will always carry the virus. We’ll get the list started and formalize the specific details as soon as we have you set up. With the proliferation of supplements containing silver, this condition could be on the rise again.
It is said to speed up the healing period and is painless when applied topically to the skin.

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