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You will usually find that these happen along the lip line or at the corner of your mouth and more often than not lead to swelling with liquid-filled blisters that are often painful. While cold sores are nothing new for some there are facts about cold sores and a few surprises that everyone should know and that we’ll detail here. A cold sore is a viral infection and a strain of the herpes simplex virus that can be passed from person to person. A cold sore is passed from person to person and this includes a parent passing it to their child. Any break in the skin’s surface or soft tissue areas can provide an entry point for the herpes simplex virus. Research indicates that approximately 50% of the people in the United States are infected with the herpes simplex virus whether they know it or not. Triggers to an outbreak can be anything from hormone changes to sun exposure, to a fever or can even be activated by stress.
The onset of a cold sore will happen in stages so having an understanding of what these stages are and what to expect will help you. It should be pointed out that when an initial first-time infection presents itself for some people, it will be more severe than subsequent infections.
STAGE 1 – This happens with an itching or tingling sensation at the infected location.
STAGE 2 – Water filled blisters begin to form around the lip line of your mouth or they can even form on your cheeks or nose.

You now know that cold sores are a little more involved than being just a red bump on your lip line.
Once you have the herpes simplex virus, it’s there for life and you can validate this by doing your own research. Taking the time to learn more about cold sores will better equip you to recognize their symptoms and you can then take the necessary steps to minimize their impact until the next time.
I've been using the drops for 3 days already, a drop in each eye every two hour as the doctor recommended but the itchiness and redness won't go away. Whatever you choose to call them they are unsightly, sore, embarrassing and more than a little irritating. The herpes virus associated with a cold sore or fever blister is called the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) or herpes labilais and is not to be confused with the genital herpes virus (HSV-2).
National Library of Medicine, If you have the cold sore strain of the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) or oral herpes, you can give someone gential herpes (HSV-2) by practicing oral sex while you are in an infected state.
If a person performs oral sex on a person with genital herpes in an active state, they can get oral herpes (HSV-1) as a result from that act. While your fever blister may heal on the surface, the virus itself has simply become dormant in your nervous system waiting patiently for the next catalyst to make it reappear. You will then be able to take the necessary steps to keep discomfort to a minimum and to keep the virus from spreading. For some, these can occur inside the mouth and are often confused with the non-contagious canker sores.

This is highly contagious when the fluid is exposed and can infect any areas the fluid touches. There are steps you can take, however, to help keep your symptoms at bay, promote faster healing and protect those close to you from suffering the same fate.
There are a lot of product manufacturers that would like to relieve you of your hard earned money, claiming to have the cure, so be informed before you buy. Could it be that is something else, and tha'ts why the drops aren't working, or do I just need to give it time? And realize that just because you may not have any symptoms, that doesn’t mean the person you give it to will respond the same way. This is likely to happen a couple of days before the actual blemish or sore protrudes on the skin’s surface.
When the cold sores have opened then over time they drain, form a crust or scab and start to heal. I went to my eye doctor and was reminded that I have cold sores in the eye and explained the seriousness.
They are quite expensive as well as it takes a good while to get the eye back into a comfortable state.

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