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CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME HHV-61 - Powerful anti-viral drug, Valcyte’s potential as chronic fatigue syndrome cure. Chronic fatigue syndrome physicians are concerned about this problem: Since almost everyone has had an HHV-6 infection at some point, latent inactive HHV-6 is present in most of us. But, while for most people HHV-6 remains inactive for life, chronic fatigue physicians believe that in a few people a triggering event happens. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome HHV-6 Pathways: How Latent Virus Infection can turn into symptomatic, active CFS Illness.

Which Diagnostic Tests Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome physicians decide whether your HHV-6 is active or latent? Culture and Antigen test for HHV-6: The Wisconsin Research Group offers a Herpes virus culture test. Jose Montoya, a chronic fatigue syndrome physician at Stanford Medical School, treated 25 chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients with Valcyte, an oral medicine that blocks HHV-6, Epstein Barr virus and other Herpes family viruses. Anti-viral treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome HHV-6 increases hope chronic fatigue syndrome cure.

Podell weekly during the first weeks then every two weeks for an estimated six month course of treatment.

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