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Because fluocinonide cream can eliminate skin inflammation and itching of the skin, some people think that it can be used to treat herpes. HSV-1 is the most common type of virus that is usually appears as cold sores around the mouth and lips while HSV-2 affects the genitals. Actually, the main reason why floucinonide cream herpes is not recommended is the fact that steroids or fluocinonide works by suppressing body’s immune system.
It is a potent steroid that is used to treat swelling of the skin, itching of the skin and skin inflammation due to eczema, skin allergies and dermatitis. In fact, it is not to be used in skin viral infections including chickenpox and herpes simplex.

Fluocinonide cream reduces skin inflammation, itching of the skin and swelling of the skin by suppressing immune system. If fluocinonide cream is used to treat herpes, it will make the sores stay longer because cold sores require good immune system to heal. This means that a small use of fluocinonide cream is able to give the best result as long as it is used as directed. The virus infection is usually passed on during a vaginal or anal intercourse, from an infected person to a healthy person. In this case, anti viral cream and oral treatments are usually recommended in which the choice of medication is determined by the severity of the disease.

To know which treatment is right for your condition, you need to seek help from a doctor or physician because a doctor and physician has the capability to diagnose your health condition. Therefore, if you think that you floucinonide cream is right for herpes, you need to think twice.

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