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Herpes condition, according to statistics, affect 20% of adult Americans, aged 15 years old and above while cold sores affect 56% of the American population aged 15 years and older. According to statistics, most individuals affected by cold sores contract it even before they reach the age of puberty. The recurrence of cold sore usually occurs following an illness, an injury to the mouth, or after being exposed to sunlight. Cold sore outbreaks occur less and usually come with milder symptoms compared to herpes outbreaks.
People infected with cold sores may shed the virus from the mouth between 6% and 33% from the day the individual is first infected by the virus. If you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for, try using the search box. One is the strain that is responsible for the virus and the second one is the location of the lesion.

According to experts, cold sores, also known as fever blisters, usually result from HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus type 1, while herpes results from HSV-2 or herpes simplex virus type 2. Both can occur anywhere in the body, but cold sores usually appear on the face while herpes lesions frequent the genital area. Experts confirmed that cold sores are contagious and that it can be transmitted through physical contact like kissing, usage of the same linen and silverware. Since there is no available cold sore medicine to cure the condition permanently, transmission is very easy. Herpes on lip or in other parts of the body, on the other hand, usually recur due to stress, lack of sleep and poor diet.
You can check out overviews, treatments, causes, symptoms and preventive measures for the condition to help you manage cold sore problems. Type in the keyword, hit the search button and let us provide you helpful information regarding Cold Sores.

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