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Following numerous emails and requests from people, for more information about the post that I wrote on What your tongue says about you, I've decided that it's time that I wrote a post on the rest of the information that I have in Dr Gillian McKeith's book, You are What you Eat. A crack down the middle of your tongue means that you are probably nutrient depleted and your digestion isn't what it should be.
Take a digestive enzyme with meals, this is a supplement which helps to break down food during digestion.
To improve this, take liquid mineral supplements, drink nettle teas and it may be worth getting your iron levels checked and seeing a nutritionist. Cracks in the tongue are usually a sign of malabsorption, especially of B vitamins, and often accompanied by a lack of energy.
She recommends, Vit B Complex, digestive enzyme supplements, peppermint and nettle teas and 2 tbsp of aloe vera juice before meals.
A Thick Yellow Coating indicates excess heat in the gut, and that you don't have enough healthy bacteria in your body. Dr McKeith says that a red tip on the tongue indicates emotional stress or upset and recommends at looking at ways to try and reduce the stress in your life. All material on this web site is protected by copyright and is registered with the US Copyright office. Written requests for publication on the internet or other mass media (including printed publications) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Web developers may NOT copy the content or images from this website for use in developing commercial websites for other dentists or health care providers.
DISCLAIMER: Statements made on this web site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be substituted for the advice of a medical professional. Canker Sores generally arise on the inside of cheeks, lips, soft palate, base of gums and tongue. People with this syndrome normally experience a burning or tingling sensation in their mouth which precedes all other symptoms. Genetic factors are highly responsible for Canker Sores in people as the condition is seen to run from generation to generation in families. Canker Sores can also arise from an incorrect diet that skips essential elements like Vitamin B-12, Folic acid and Iron.
Contrary to popular belief, Canker Sores are not contagious unlike many other kinds of mouth sores. Canker Sores on lips arise due to a number of reasons like food allergies, nutrient deficiency, HIV infection and Crohn’s disease.
In case of recurring Canker Sores, tests should be conducted to determine if drug allergies, Erythema Multiforme or Herpes infection is behind this disorder. Canker Sores keep coming back if there is a deficiency of some essential elements in the body.
If you are suffering from Canker Sore in mouth, it is best to use home remedies for treatment. However, if the bumps on the back of the tongue appear to be growing or changing they should be investigated to determine what is wrong. Most of the tiny red bumps that are on the tongue are referred to as papillae and they cover the total surface of the tongue. If the bumps are on only one side of the tongue, the bumps can be cancerous and need to be checked out. This develops in cases where there is unprotected oral sex and causes sores to grow on the front of the tongue and also the cheek insides. If something unusual develops on the tongue and it bothers you, either mentally or physically, be cautious and see your physician to see if the problem is severe or needs any treatment. What treatment that might be suggested will depend on the cause of the bumps and that is something your doctor will need to diagnose for you. In the case of fibroma or any other bumps, they can be removed or scrapings of cells can be taken and often that is consider the best option so that the tissue can be sent to the lab for testing to make certain what the bump is. What do you call the tongue picture of white bumps throughout the dorsal surface of the tongue.
This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. About cold sores There are two types of HSV – HSV-1 and HSV-2. Canker sores, also referred to as aphthous ulcers, are a problem where ulcers develop on the tongue as well as inside the cheeks, under the gums and on the inner lips. The cause of canker sores developing is unknown but it seems that they tend to run in families. It is reported that about twenty (20) % of the population – one (1) out of five (5) – individuals have canker sores at any one time. Major sores accounts for ten (10) percent of canker sore, have a diameter of larger than ten (10) mm as well as taking anywhere between ten (10) to thirty (30) days to heal. Herpetiform ulcers also accounts for the last ten (10) percent of canker sores and are formed by clusters of multiple small individual sores.

The major symptom of canker sores is a shallow ulcer on the tongue or the inside of the lip or cheek. Often an outbreak that is severe can be accompanied by non-specific symptoms of illness, such as fever. In order to stop bacterial infections from developing, brush and floss teeth regularly as well as get routine dental checkups.
Patients with Canker Sores suffer from a burning pain in their mouth which worsens during eating. Higher temperatures in the body can be a reason for serious discomfort and may also affect normal activities in some people.
Healthcare professionals, however, advise against kissing or sharing foods with a person with Canker Sores. One can have Canker Sores under tongue or over it due to factors like heredity, viral infections or trauma (injury) to the tongue surface. Canker Sores on Gums can arise due to hormonal imbalance during menstruation, vitamin deficiency or sports related injuries. But an expert healthcare provider is usually able to tell a difference between the two by simple observation.
In cases of recurrence of Canker Sores vitamin, iron and zinc deficiency is often responsible. Antibiotic Canker Sores medicines may give rise to mouth infections like Oral Thrush or Candida infections. People with strep throat often have a prickly coating of tiny red dots, called petechiae, along their tongue, especially toward the back of the mouth. You may also notice ear pain, recurrent sore throats, and numbness in the area or bad breath. The term oral cancer includes cancer of the mouth (oral cavity) and the back of the mouth (oropharynx).
All my symptoms cleared up for a bit but now my sore throat is back, little white sore bumps on the sides of my tonuge, underneath my tongue is sore. If you have other symptoms such as sinus drainage problem, cough, headache, fever and congestion, you might be having an upper respiratory infection. Most cold sores are caused by HSV-1, whereas most genital sores (genital herpes) are caused by HSV-2. Canker Sores sore throat may arise due to viral infections such as chicken pox, measles and whopping cough.
There may be a transmission of Canker Sores from kissing due to passing of Herpes Simplex virus from the mouth of one person to another.
But if the mouth ulcer shows no improvement even after 2 weeks, it may be a sign of cancer. In rare cases, patients may suffer from bacterial infections like Ludwig’s Angina or Cellulitis. While getting a sore throat commonly leads to further symptoms, it does not always mean you have strep throat.
Bumps on the back of the tongue: Bumps that are lined up across the very back part of your tongue and are about the same size probably represent what are known as circumvalate papillae. Here are my symptoms; my tongue feels swollen, i have a sore throat, and the bumps on the very back of my tongue look a little more bigger than before, and i have a sinus drainage. But Canker Sores during period can be quite discomforting and doctors need to carry out a proper treatment to provide faster relief to sufferers. If you are suffering from mouth ulcers yourself, these Canker Sore pics will help you make sure if you are really having this disease.
An experienced doctor will make a proper diagnosis and carry out an effective treatment to help you make a faster recovery.
In addition to the swollen, red throat and tonsils, you will commonly see a swollen uvula, tiny red dots along the back of the tongue and throat, white spots or patches on the tonsils, and a gray, furry film on the tongue.
Usually these structures can’t be seen unless a person sticks their tongue out really far, and they may not be noticed until later in life when a person might have a sore throat, stick their tongue out, and look at it in a mirror with good lighting. However, when you have a cold, sore throat or an infection of some sort, these bumps may be more prominent. I noticed some weird bumps in the back of my mouth, also my throat is sore and swollen a little. Sores and other problems in and around your child’s mouth can be painful and worrisome.
If permission is granted, you must credit me for the use of the material and link to this website prominently from your own. Though Canker Sores can appear at anytime, they are usually seen in people in the 10-40 age group. In some cases, a skin biopsy may be needed to distinguish Canker Sores from other mouth ulcers.
For an early morning sore throat, try something to drink (especially warm drinks) and a steamy shower.

If fever and pain on swallowing set in, it would be prudent to consult with a doctor on antibiotics.
An early treatment is beneficial in all cases and will help you get back to good health much quicker.
The mucous relentlessly drips down the back of the throat, causing both discomfort and a cough.
My taste buds seem to stand out at the back of my mouth and have had a whiteish coating on my tongue. Does your child have sores or blisters on the face and on the body such as the stomach, chest or back? No website is a substitute for a visit to a living, breathing dentist or physician who can deal with you personally. A few scattered red spots may appear on the body and in some cases blistery bumps will appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.
There are 28 conditions associated with sore throat, swollen tongue and white patches on tongue. Does your child have a sore throat and painful blisters on the tongue or mouth, or a rash on the palms of hands or soles of feet?
If you see blisters on the tongue, lips or throat, it is safe to say that it is enterovirus and not strep. Thyroid cancer is cancer of the thyroid gland and can cause a cough, hoarseness, a lump in the neck, and more.
Shingles is a painful, blistering, skin rash typically found on the back and sides of the chest. I have recently noticed bumps on the back of my tongue and down my throat causing a severe sore throat when I swallow. Viral pharyngitis is a sore throat caused by a virus, and causes throat pain and cold-like symptoms.
I went to the doc about 3 weeks ago and he said thrush had set in on my tongue 3weeks of diflucan now these bumps?
Canker sore symptoms begin with a tingling sensation, followed by a red bump that becomes an ulcer. I have like a sore throat more like i have something stuck in my throat and this been going on for 7 weeks already.
Oropharynx is a middle part of the throat that includes the base of the tongue, the tonsils, the soft palate, and the walls of the pharynx.
It may be caused due to STD or sore throat, and may look enlarged or even cause pain in swallowing. Those who do will develop blisters that are often mistaken for other skin conditions like pimples. There are large bumps on the top surface of the back of the tongue called circumvallate papillae located along the circumvallate line and contain taste buds that confer the sense of sour and bitter to the back of the tongue. However, if they get worse, don’t improve within seven days, or you have recurrent outbreaks, see your GP for advice. This is a condition that can develop if the sores become infected with bacteria, causing them to become crusty and yellow. HSV can spread into broken skin (for example, eczema or dermatitis) and cause a serious skin infection. The infection is passed on through skin-to-skin contact, for example by kissing someone who has the virus or by sharing objects that have been in contact with the virus, such as a razor or a lipstick.
If you have any pain or discomfort, you can take over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.
If you wear contact lenses, it’s particularly important to wash your hands before you touch them. If possible, you should also try to discourage your child from sharing anything that may have come into contact with the cold sores, such as cutlery.
If, and when HSV becomes active again, your son is unlikely to have severe blistering in his mouth and on his gums again. Young children can develop herpetic whitlow from sucking their thumbs or fingers when they have a cold sore. If your child has a cold sore, it’s good to try and encourage him or her not to touch it, or if they do, to wash their hands with soap and water straightaway.

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