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One of the most amazing and dynamic aspects about the herpes and HPV community are its social and support groups throughout the country!
These groups are not run by HWerks but rather dedicated volunteers that put in countless hours coordinating, running and planning events for their group.
Smart phone and iPad Friendly!You can access a condensed mobile version on your smartphone. There is so much to explore and so many ways to participate in this community that it could easily become addictive…We give HWerks 10 stars out of 10. This site is more than just one of the best herpes dating services available on the Internet—it’s a fully fleshed out community for individuals living with HPV and HSV. is intended to be for educational and informational purposes only! is not responsible for links or information contained in the sites we partner with and is not responsible for the information you receive from your searches.

While HWerks provides plenty of opportunity to interact with others online for dating, social and support, many people also like face-to-face interaction or want to talk to others in person. One of the biggest concerns people have is “Who will be able to see my profile?” Rest assured because we are a 100% membership only site.
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I was diagnosed in the middle of a relationship last year and I didn’t have the guts to tell my partner. Please make use of this website as an educational reference for learning about the herpes virus and a tool for finding an appropriate and effective herpes treatment. If you do not have a local group in your area or it is not active, that does not mean you are the only one in your area.
Usually, if a groups has a get-together, the topic does not even come up…especially if it is in a public place.

I had suspected I had the virus for 19 years and had been tested a number of times, including when I was pregnant and it was negative. We are no longer together and although I made excuses when I was having an outbreak, used condoms a lot of times while we were together, sometimes saying that my loop was no longer safe and I could get pregnant, I know I probably infected him during those times we never used the condom, especially when I didn’t know I had the virus. He was very taken aback, wanted to know everything about treatment, symptoms, etc… then decided he was going to take a sleeping tablet and speak to a gynaecologist friend because he wants to make love to me everyday, if not, he looks forward to multiple orgasms in a cyber affair. I even joined a dating site with people with STD, but I couldn’t bring myself to put my picture on the site, not that it matters anyway, most people are in the USA.

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