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One of the most amazing and dynamic aspects about the herpes and HPV community are its social and support groups throughout the country!
These groups are not run by HWerks but rather dedicated volunteers that put in countless hours coordinating, running and planning events for their group. Smart phone and iPad Friendly!You can access a condensed mobile version on your smartphone.
No Listed Support Groups At Present - If you would like your support group listed here please contact us.
Tumblr has a growing, safe, and supportive community for people with HSV1 or HSV2 to talk to others with the same diagnosis, get reliable information, vent their frustrations, and work to end the stigma surrounding herpes.
Wanting to flip that script on the stigma, DxGlitter created a Tumblr blog after she was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2011.
She called her blog, which she began in 2012, Diagnosis Glitter and made her icon into two unicorns having a glitter fight to put a positive spin on her new lifelong companion.
At the time, there weren’t a lot of other herpes-related Tumblrs, but the ones that existed were fairly popular. Because of the lack of personal and useful information about herpes online, the popular HSV Tumblr blogs, like DxGlitter, get an influx of mail from people seeking answers. DxGlitter said she also keeps an eye on Tumblr’s #herpes tag so she can participate in conversations on other HSV blogs, reblog interesting HSV resources or links, and provide accurate information in a sea of stigma and knee-jerk terror. Another user, ViralHSV2, was diagnosed with herpes 23 years ago and has been sharing on Tumblr since last year.
Privacy is a big issue for Herpblr users, and Tumblr gets it right in some aspects—and fails in others.
Tumblr excels at maintaining anonymity—so much so that more stigmatized groups, like those living with mental illness, have a strong, creative Tumblr presence.

Instead of rummaging through your bag for your wallet or phone, keep both protected and in place. There is so much to explore and so many ways to participate in this community that it could easily become addictive…We give HWerks 10 stars out of 10. This site is more than just one of the best herpes dating services available on the Internet—it’s a fully fleshed out community for individuals living with HPV and HSV. While HWerks provides plenty of opportunity to interact with others online for dating, social and support, many people also like face-to-face interaction or want to talk to others in person. As the old and oft-quoted Demetri Martin joke goes, “glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts,” because both glitter and herpes never go away. For example, herpes simplex virus can be oral (most typically HSV1) and genital (most typically HSV2). Now she follows at least a dozen, and whenever somebody new shows up scared and looking for answers, there’s a warm welcome wagon to show them they’re not alone. The cleverly named Tumblr Earth, Wind, and Herpes (EWH) frequently doles out advice to panicking sufferers and includes a link on the side of the Tumblr titled “I Just Found Out I Have HSV! ViralHSV2 didn’t appreciate his Tumblr likes showing up for all to see on his non-herpes-related, personal blog. It’s about creating a safe space that allows people to address real, personal issues without fear of judgment or shame.
One of the biggest concerns people have is “Who will be able to see my profile?” Rest assured because we are a 100% membership only site.
It’s treated like an airborne virus, as if merely touching the hand of someone with herpes will infect you. They are both contagious and can be spread most easily during outbreaks (cold sores, genital lesions).

Eventually she found a post by a woman in England describing herpes as a “common, mild skin condition” and her “positive, not-the-end-of-the-world voice” resonated with her. Tumblr, he realized, was a good place to cultivate a community of people with like minds and interests, the same way others do around Doctor Who or pop culture. She started hers two years ago after seeing that most herpes blogs were run by people in their 30s with families. If you do not have a local group in your area or it is not active, that does not mean you are the only one in your area.
Usually, if a groups has a get-together, the topic does not even come up…especially if it is in a public place. Those diagnosed often feel like lepers, doomed to never have sex again and unworthy of love. She didn’t like the harshness of the word “herpes,” and the blog’s name was, she admits, a defense mechanism. During an HSV outbreak, ViralHSV2 decided to journal anonymously and honestly about his experience.
He figures that where he works, there are 20 other people, so statistically speaking, three of them likely have herpes. EWH said she enjoys how Tumblr allows different blogs to be linked to one main account, so that users can have a personal blog and a herpes-related blog and have no one be the wiser.
If you think you have herpes, your best bet (before a doctor or STD clinic) might just be Tumblr.

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