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Objectives At the end of this presentation the student will be able to: Recognize the types of sexual transmitted infections. INTRODUCTION Sexual transmitted infections constituted one of the major health problems facing the world. PREVENTION In Islamic public health measures: Personal hygiene, marriage, banish with illegal sexual intercourse, religious values.
Signs and Symptoms Incubational period 1-90 days In some women and most men are asymptomatic. Diagnosis Microscopic test: the organism and the movement of its four flagellate and undulating membrane can be seen. In Bible public health measures are described to control the spread of the diseases (the suggestion of killing all women likely to be source of infection).

Know that sexual activity provides potential contact with STDs and precautions reduce risk. Avoid alcohol intake during treatment (unpleasant test, gastrointestinal disturbances & giddiness). Three-quarters of adult population have antibodies to this virus, indicating that they have been infected Episode may be primary or recurrent. Failure to produce an antibodies response sufficiently to protect against further infection. Vaginal discharge, white- cottage- cheese-like in consistency, its removal from the vaginal wall leaves a raw area-------.
By examination: running finger along the anterior vaginal wall the examiner may milk discharge from skenes tubules.

Wide spread on vulva, vagina and cervix Commonly affecting mouth, pharyngeal, nose, genital area. Treatment: 100mg clotrimazole pessary for 6 nights & 1%Clotrimazole cream for vulva and perineum 2-3 times daily.

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