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Try out these five simple and inexpensive skin care tips to see your body transform from the inside out.
Many years of pollution from a variety of sources has forced people to adjust the the world around them to the point that most people do not consider these things because they are so used to them. I won’t give you the standard lecture on why smoking is bad because you already know it. It naturally will remove toxins from the inside of your body and excrete them as waste, better out than in! That dewy skin that celebrities flaunt has been pampered with all sorts of lotions and creams to achieve that look.

The body is a temple and when you shove chemical laden foods and drinks into it there are bound to be repercussions.
They are not a recipe for miraculous change but rather a long-term change that will provide years of beautiful benefits. Check your labels and try to find a natural or organic option that doesn’t contain questionable chemicals or test on cute little animals. A wonderful rule of thumb is if you cannot pronounce it then you probably shouldn’t eat it. In Hong Kong the situation is so bad that the citizens must walk through the smog with medical grade masks on to protect their health.

I am not saying do not try wonderful foreign dishes, just skip the over-processed chemical foods and beverages.
The point is that though we, as humans, can adapt to almost anything we do not have to accept the environmental situation.

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