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We’re intensifying efforts across the field to build a critical mass of rigorous researchthat validates the biological basis for CFS and leads to improved methods of diagnosis and treatment.
The CAA’s research program approach is different from other foundations founded by researchers to support their research. Instead of having in-house researchers do their research, CAA issues requests for grant proposals to broad research community and then puts the proposals through a rigorous and lengthy process (10 months) of analysis by independent reviewers (over 50) before the final projects are funded. Research Grant Winners Announced – CAA announces the winners of their 2010 grant package on February 24th. The word is that the Hutchins Family Foundation is willing to pump more money into the CFI if they feel their initial investment is paying off.
The Hunter-Hopkins Center conducts clinical trials, nutraceutical trials, and clinical research.
IDEAL (Gamma Globulin) – gamma globulin is another understudied immuno-modulator and the HHC is working with Coram Services to gather data on patients given (Hyzentra ™ or Vivaglobin ™) subcutanteously.
Droxidopa – used in Japan with good effect in the treatment of low blood pressure and orthostatic intolerance, Droxidopa is just beginning to crack the US market. We have, along with a team of investigators at this Center, accumulated strong evidence that CFS is caused by persistent herpes virus infection (Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes virus 6), singly or in combination. Exercise and genes – a Pre and post-exertional genome study featuring ace geneticist Eric Schadt and Dr. PHANU will be determining how to spend their new grant money and they are working hard on getting a Rituximab study going.
New Strategies study…– the WPI is about halfway through a 5 year grant to uncover novel pathogens and immune markers.

The material on this site has been compiled by laypeople and Phoenix Rising does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content. The CAA’s primary goal is to produce pilot studies that provide the data researchers need to apply for multi-million dollar grants from the NIH, Department of Defense (DOD) and other funding sources.
Thus far 449 patients and controls have enrolled and the Biobanks first study using 267 participants (on XMRV?) should be published this year. That study is wrapping up this year and the CAA is going to begin shopping this new list of biomarker candidates to researchers and biotech companies in hopes they will start to validate them. Aschiero will be using a huge Harvard database and biobank to analyse samples which will hopefully tell what happened to make people come down with CFS. Bateman’s non-profit , OFFER, is planning a continuing education conference for mental health providers regarding the science of chronic fatigue and pin in Sept. These studies are performed independently or collaboratively with other researchers throughout the world.
Montoya has been gathering his team of researchers, post-doctoral fellows, statisticians, bioinformatics faculty, graduate students, laboratory personnel (human immune monitoring core facility), a neuropsychologist, and an exercise physiologist. Montoya’s eagerly awaited placebo controlled study using Valcyte was due to end five years ago. Klimas has a lot on her plate after her move from the Univ of Miami to Nova Southeastern to form a Neuro-Immune Institute. Peterson is in the process of moving, after decades in his present office, to bigger and better digs. Sinai, Neuroimmune Institute, Simmaron Researcj) and the growth of others (PHANU, CFIDS Association) has been gratifying but guess what?

Suzanne Vernon, who love to roll up her sleeves and tweak, combine or otherwise alter original study proposals to make the whole package greater than its parts. The Biobank will enroll more participants this year and hopefully will announce more collaborations. It appears that this year the Initiative for Chronic Infectious Diseases is going to make more noise.
We know that the results were initially underwhelming yet interesting enough to keep this careful researcher engaged. Among other things they will be using Kerr’s gene expression data that identified 88 dysregulated genes. Bateman all switching to Electronic Medical Records Systems to increase their productivity and allow them to better understand their data. This is a complex multi-million dollar study and the WPI is no doubt very glad they retained control of it. Kogelnik stated that most patients improved past the six month mark the study was due to end and some became well.

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