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The first thing I notice about this game, right off the bat- The title seems to be a reference to the hit movie "The Wizard of Oz", just with Frobozz instead of Oz. As soon as my boy told me that ol’ girl had HERPES, I immediately disinfected my hands and threw that phone out the window onto the grass, like a transporter dumping a key with the Feds on his back. The harsh truth is that people with Herpes do NOT and will NOT feel the need to disclose that information to anyone they date until they both mutually decide to have sex [IF at all] and to me that is completely unacceptable. The Herpes Detector is a device that will alert poor, innocent and unsuspecting men and women of which members of our society are infected.
Ladies & Gentlemen, When During The Dating Process Should People With Herpes Be REquired To Inform Their Partners [If At All]?! The CDC estimates that 1 in 6 males and 1 in 5 females between the ages of 14-49 are knowingly or unknowingly infected with this. Bottom line is its our job to protect ourselves and if no discussion is being had with a new partner prior to sex thats just irresponsible.
Dude, ummm, like I don't even know how to respond to this but I do know that people will have sex without disclosing this information. It's different bc this is a life long infection that screws up your sex life for LIFE and can be passed to your children. Also, I never said not to disclose, I said disclosing on the first date was ridiculous and presumptuous that you would get the ass to begin with. If you have not determined whether or not you'll sleep with someone, you do NOT have to disclose this. It's not their job to protect folks from the blow to their ego for falling into like with someone who has herpes. According to your example, the chick had a responsibility as well…ASKING about his health status. Anyone with a life-long STD or infection (or being celibate since that topic has popped up, LOL) should tell you at whatever ever date it is that is seems that a relationship, sexual or otherwise, is in order; it can be after dinner but it MUST be EXPLICITLY stated before the first kiss. But all jokes aside, I am curious as to how many people would knowingly enter into a relationship with someone who has an STD like Herpes(genital or oral).

Now, to get back on topic, this game is supposed to be a step up from it's predecessor, Zork I. Many years ago when I was a young, single man, I went to a party with my friend, his girlfriend, and her homegirl. I was completely ignorant about how it was spread, but the fact that her arm lightly grazed against mine at one point made me bandage my forearm with my jacket and swear never to touch it until I got home and showered. This way people can be informed BEFORE they decide to dive-in, as opposed to finding out after in a terribly harsh-manner.. Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". I Do NOT Support Deceit of Any Kind, And The Idea That I Should Feel SORRY For Someone Trying To Outright Deceive An Innocent Person Is Beyond Me. But if you are past date one and you see things progressing you need to let that person know, right away. This idea that everyone deserves to be conspicuous even with matters affecting other people, is the reason why people feel so comfortable not revealing important things about themselves. I wouldn't want anyone telling someone they just met that they have herpes, but how long is too long to wait and reveil that. Yes she should have asked his status but if you know you have a std like that, you should let ppl know even if they don't ask first.
Even if it means coming across as insensitive, when it comes to my health, I'm going to treat my body as the indispensable vessel it is. At the end of the night, I decided to spit some game at the homegirl because she was looking very thick and cute, and I figured my game must have been on point because my boy and his girl couldn’t stop smiling at me while I was kicking my lyrics.
The fact that this chick did not tell me her nani was hotter than Tim Tebow in the 4th quarter had me CHEESED. And with that notion in mind, I came up with what is the MOST ingenious product created in the 21st century – The Herpes Detector.
He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean.

If you are thinking about perusing this person past a first date you should let them know what your bringing to the table. Fast forward 4 weeks later you guys are hitting it off great your starting to really fall for him.
Other than that I wouldn't expect anyone to go around shouting out there status to every person who, flirts with them or asks them out on a date.
There could never really be any spontaneous sex, but much more importantly, even if I decided to take my chances with my partner, the possibility that my children (if I change my mind from not wanting any) may have to live with that STD without having a say in the matter might just keep me from that. This will let the innocent dater know that they are getting hot and heavy with someone concealing a loaded weapon between their legs or on their face. Let’s get this product on the market before any more innocent people have their privates looking like they sat in a vat of boiled water. You guys agree to take it slow with having sex, but he still doesn't let you know he has HIV. When I got in the car, my friend’s smile turned into a FULL BLOWN laugh, complete with tears running down his face. This person deserves a choice in how and when they disclose ANY personal business to others…especially when not putting others at risk. Well, apparently I just chopped a chick whose vagina was spitting more hot fire than Dylan in Da’ Band.
You cant tell me you wouldn't feel like he lead you on, by not telling you around week 4 that he had HIV.
It gives me the option to weigh what it is or could potentially be and who they are with the risk involved…to see the person and not just the disease.

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