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Thirdly, this is an oversimplified but essentially accurate explanation of how several antiviral drugs work.
A herpes simplex virus attaches to a susceptible host cell (seen on the right), fusing its envelope with the cell membrane, and releasing naked capsids that deliver viral DNA into the nucleus of the host cell, where it initiates the synthesis of viral DNA. Acyclovir molecules entering the cell are converted to acyclovir monophosphate by virus induced thymidine kinase enzyme. Host-cell enzymes add two more phosphates to form acyclovir triphosphate, which is transported to the nucleus.
Shown in red is the cleavage of phosphate from the acyclovir triphosphate by the herpes simplex's own enzymes, the herpes simplex's DNA polymerase enzyme incorporates the acyclovir monophosphate into the growing DNA strand as if it were 2-deoxyguanosine monophosphate (a "G" base). Further elongation of the chain is impossible because acyclovir monophosphate lacks the attachment point necessary for the insertion of any additional nucleotides.
Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) is a common pathogen (infectious agent) that causes an upper respiratory disease and ophthalmic (eye) disease in cats. The virus can also be spread in an aerosol form, meaning a cat gets infected after exposure to the sneeze of an infected cat. The feline herpesvirus most commonly infects kittens and causes sneezing, ocular and nasal discharge, and a reluctance to eat and play. Whenever your pet is showing signs of a health issue your first step is to contact your primary care veterinarian.
Feline herpes virus is most commonly an upper respiratory and ocular disease causing virus and is prevalent in environments with multiple cats or when new cats are introduced.
A FHV infection may be suspected anytime a cat has an eye infection that does not respond to antibiotics, which have no effect on viruses.
This image shows the phylogenetic tree for 31 HSV-1 strains and their 6 clades, based on geographic origin. Studies of human genomes have shown that human ancestors emerged from Africa roughly 150,000 to 200,000 years ago, and then spread eastward toward Asia, and westward toward Europe.
Scientists have previously studied HSV-1 by looking at a single gene, or a small cluster of genes, but this approach can be misleading.
Prof Brandt’s team broke the genomes into 26 pieces, made family trees for each piece and then combined each of the trees into one network tree of the whole genome.
HSV-1 was an ideal virus for the study because it is easy to collect, usually not lethal, and able to form lifelong latent infections.
The acyclovir (as do other antiviral drugs) is mistakenly incorportated into the growing DNA strand.
The acyclovir does not have the proper structure to add any additional "A"'s, or "G"'s, or "C"'s, or "T"'s to it, and so the DNA strand cannot continue to elongate or grow. If I swallow my acyclovir drugs, isn't acyclovir going into all of my cells, and blocking the growth (or replication) of all my cell's DNA, not just the cells infected with virus? Exposure to this virus is common and known to be greater in breeding colonies, catteries, shelters, and multi-cat households.

Drying and sunlight can kill the virus, but it can live for many hours in a moist, cool environment.
With good nursing care, the vast majority of kittens return to normal within several weeks. Adult cats with an eye infection due to FHV are more likely to be suffering from viral re-activation than from a primary (newly acquired) viral infection. If it is indicated that your pet may suffer from Feline Herpes Virus or another serious condition, a veterinary specialist is available at an ExpertVet certified hospital. The virus replicates in the upper respiratory tract and conjunctival tissue of the eye during primary infection. One of the more common diagnostic tests to confirm a FHV infection involves applying topical anesthestic and taking cell (cytology) scrapings from the eye.
Check out how this pup, Rambo, was rescued from dog fighting and given a new lease on life! We found that all of the African isolates cluster together, all the virus from the Far East, Korea, Japan, China clustered together, all the viruses in Europe and America, with one exception, clustered together,” explained Prof Curtis Brandt from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who is the senior author of the paper published in the open-access journal PLoS ONE.
The new study used high-capacity genetic sequencing and advanced bioinformatics to analyze the massive amount of data from the 31 HSV-1 genomes. Every HSV-1 sample from the United States except one matched the European strains, but one strain that was isolated in Texas looked Asian.
Either the sample had come from someone who had traveled from the Far East, or it came from a native American whose ancestors had crossed the land bridge across the Bering Strait roughly 15,000 years ago,” said lead author Dr Aaron Kolb from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The dates match, so we postulate that this was an Amerindian virus,” Prof Brandt added. Our results clearly support the anthropological data, and other genetic data, that explain how humans came from Africa into the Middle East and started to spread from there,” Prof Brandt concluded.
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It is believed that many kittens are exposed to this virus following birth as the virus can be found in the birth canal of the mother. Symptoms accompanying the disease include sneezing, nasal discharge and discharge from the eyes. The slide is submitted to a laboratory for a specific test procedure known as a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.
Furthermore, HSV-1 is much simpler than the human genome, which cuts the cost of sequencing, yet its genome is much larger than another virus that also has been used for this type of study. Approximately 80% of FHV infected cats become latent carriers with a 45% chance of viral re-activation.
There can be other secondary ocular problems associated with FHV which will be mentioned later in this article. Genetics often comes down to a numbers game; larger numbers produce stronger evidence, so a larger genome produces much more detail.

Del SorboSALERNO - SCAFATIHerpes virusGli herpes virus umani (HSV) appartengono ad una famiglia di virus a DNA e comprendono l'herpes virus 1 o HSV1 (responsabile prevalentemente dell'herpes labiale, dell'herpes corneale e delle altre aree cutaneo mucose della meta superiore del corpo), l'herpes virus 2 o HSV2 (responsabile prevalentemente dell'herpes genitale o anogenitale), l'herpes virus 3 o HSV3 (varicellavirus o virus varicella zoster, responsabile della varicella e dell'herpes zoster), l'herpes virus 4 o HSV4 (detto anche virus Epstein barr o della mononucleosi infettiva), l'herpes virus 5 o HSV5 (citomegalovirus), l'herpes virus 6 o HSV6 (roseolovirus riscontrato nella sesta malattia), l'herpes virus 7 o HSV7 (roseolovirus isolato nella pitiriasi rosea di Gibert) e l'herpes virus 8 o HSV8 (rhadinovirus responsabile della forma endemica del sarcoma di Kaposi).Nella foto a sinistra si osserva un herpes delle labbra (herpes labialis). However, when the eyes are affected, there are numerous ways the disease can manifest that vary due to the pet’s age, immune system, and viral load. A different diagnostic test, known as the Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test (IFA), can also be performed. Nella foto a destra l'infezione erpetica interessa la punta del naso.L'herpes virus tipo 1 (HSV1) rappresenta la principale causa delle manifestazioni erpetiche del cavo orale, del naso e degli altri distretti cutanei del viso, del tronco e degli arti superiori. Therefore, only those cells that are infected with the virus will have this specific enzyme and convert the original acyclovir into the acyclovir that can be incorporated as a "G" base. While the IFA test is not as precise as the PCR test, performing both tests simultaneously indicates the presence of herpes better than using either test alone.
L'herpes virus tipo 2 (HSV2) e responsabile dell'herpes genitale e dell'herpes neonatale, trasmesso al bambino durante il passaggio nel canale del parto.
FHV may remain dormant or “inactive” in the cranial nerves (often the trigeminal nerve ganglion) which serve the eyes.
Another test that can be used is virus isolation (VI), which actually grows the virus in tissue cultures.
L'infezione erpetica primaria puo avere inizio in eta pediatrica con un interessamento cutaneo, una gengivostomatite erpetica o una cheratocongiuntivite erpetica.
There is evidence that many ocular diseases are associated with herpes virus and recurrence can be frequent. Spesso questa fase decorre in maniera asintomatica e cio spiega perche molti adulti pur avendo sviluppato anticorpi anti herpes simplex tipo 1 (immunoglobuline IgG anti HSV1) non ricordano di aver contratto mai un herpes in passato.
Dopo l'infezione primaria, (quando e asintomatica passa inosservata), il virus rimane latente nei gangli nervosi (fenomeno della neuroprobasia), per riattivarsi in alcune condizioni e dare recidive mucocutanee (infezioni erpetiche ricorrenti) sotto forma di herpes labiale, herpes del naso, cheratite erpetica e stomatite erpetica.
Quasi il 100% della popolazione adulta ospita l'herpes virus tipo 1 allo stato latente, ma meno di un quinto di essa va incontro ad infezione erpetica ricorrente.
Tra gli eventi che si possono associare alle recidive erpetiche, ricordiamo i cali transitori delle difese immunitarie, le esposizioni al sole, il ciclo mestruale (herpes catamenialis), lo stress, gli alimenti ricchi in arginina e l'assunzione di alcuni farmaci. Nei pazienti affetti da dermatite atopica, le infezioni erpetiche possono talora avere un decorso piu intenso, fino alla cosiddetta eruzione varicelliforme di Kaposi Juliusberg (eczema erpetico). Bisogna evitare l'applicazione di creme al cortisone, che peggiorano in maniera brusca le manifestazioni erpetiche.La terapia dell'herpes ricorrente si basa sull'impiego degli inibitori di uno speciale enzima del virus denominato timidina chinasi e disponibili sia per via topica che per via sistemica.
In alcuni casi, per la prevenzione delle recidive da herpes, possono essere utili oltre ai farmaci tradizionali, anche i rimedi omeopatici ed omotossicologici, sempre sotto la guida del proprio medico ed evitando terapie fai da te.INFEZIONI DA HERPES - MUSEO VIRTUALE DI DERMATOLOGIA - PRENOTA UNA VISITAAnno 2016 - Sito di dermatologia e venereologiaa cura del dermatologo venereologo Dott.

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