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Herpes or what is called in medical terms Herpes simplex is one of the most contagious sexually transmitted disease.
Cervical cancer claims thousands of lives and is responsible for maximum cancer deaths amid women each year. Herpes is caused by Herpes simplex virus and statistics show over 20 percent world population are affected by this disease and the number is growing alarmingly owing to its highly contagious nature. Oral herpes is generally (not necessarily as believed) caused by virus HSV1, while HSV2 is believed to cause genital herpes.

HSV1 is said to be cause of 80 percent of all oral abrasions and about 20% of genital lesions; with HSV2 the percentage is reversed.
The saddest part of contracting either of these infections is that they are usually asymptomatic. Symptoms of Oral Herpes in Men Oral herpes is infection of mouth and lips caused by HSV1 (mostly). Sores The infected person may experience agonizing sores on outer line of lips, gums, tongue or roof of the mouth.

Often people about to develop sores complain about itching sensation at site where cold sores are about to make an appearance.

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