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Herpes simplex virus 1 capsid: A T=16 icosahedral structure composed of the major capsid protein arranged in hexons (blue) and pentons (darker blue), and two minor capsid proteins forming triplexes (green). If Ted Kennedy’s cancerous lesion is a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common kind of brain tumor, it may have been caused by a virus from the herpes family. Last year, Duane Mitchell and his colleagues at Duke University learned that cytomegalovirus is present at elevated levels in more than 90 percent of glioblstoma multiforme tumors. Their patients also receive standard cancer treatments, which includes the drug temozolomide, a staple in the treatment of some gliomas, that may also enhance the effects of the vaccine. Mitchell is testing daclizumab, an antibody that can suppress the immune system, in combination with the vaccine.

Armed with that knowledge, they are testing a vaccine that fights the common virus as a brain-cancer remedy. When the natural defenses bounce back after being knocked down by the drug, they may more vigorously attack the cancer-causing virus.
Most cases of cervical cancer can be prevented by taking the vaccine Gardasil, which wards off human papillomavirus.
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