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Herpes simplex and herpes zoster viruses cause abnormal cell division in epidermal cells, and this creates multinucleated giant cells. According to a report by University of South Florida College of Medicine scientists, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC may block the spread of several forms of cancer causing herpes viruses.
The gamma herpes viruses include Kaposi’s Sarcoma Associated Herpes virus that is linked with an increased risk of cancer that is particularly prevalent in AIDS patients.
Led by virologist Peter Medveczky, MD, the team found that this sudden reactivation was prevented if infected cells were grown in the presence of THC, the marijuana compound. THC selectively inhibits the spread of gamma herpes viruses by targeting a gene these viruses all share called ORF50, the USF researchers suggested.
When the envelope breaks and collapses away from the capsid, negatively stained virions have a typical "fried-egg" appearance.
Transmission electron micrograph of herpes simplex virus.

Gingivostomatitis looks different from a cold sore, occurs only once and is usually so mild as to go unnoticed. Oral herpes - Cold sores As already stated, this can be the result of an HSV-1 or an HSV-2 infection. Tongue and palate of patient with infectious mononucleosis. These are epidermal cells that are much larger than the normal epidermal cells, and they contain multiple nuclei. The findings could lead to the creation of antiviral drugs based on THC nonpsychoactive derivatives.
Once an individual gets infected, the viruses could remain dormant for long periods within white blood cells before they burst out and begin replicating. It was revealed that cells infected with a mouse gamma herpes virus survive when cultured in the laboratory along with the cannabinoid compound – further evidence that THC prevents viral reactivation.

Medveczky, a professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, said that small THC concentrations were more potent and selective against gamma herpes viruses than the commonly used antiviral drugs acyclovir, gancicyclovir, and foscamet. Some nucleocapsids are empty, as shown by penetration of electron-dense stain. This virus reactivation enhances the number of cells infected thereby increasing the chances that the cells will become cancerous. It was also revealed that THC acts specifically on gamma herpes viruses and the chemical had no effect on herpes simplex-1, another related virus.

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