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History of Present Illness: Patient has noticed a three day history of decreased visual acuity OD, right periorbital headache, and right periorbital rash.
External and anterior segment examination: Cornea was clear with no dedritic nor pseudodentritic forms.
B: Crops of vessicular lesions in V2 distribution well delineated on upper lip and oropharynx.
Of interest in this patient is the presence of ectropion secondary to a significant amount of localized induration and edema. Course: The patient did have some persisting pain and parasthesias in the V2 distribution even after resolution of the skin lesions.
In akuten, schmerzhaften Phasen steht ebenfalls die medikamentöse Therapie im Vordergrund.

The virus lies dormant in sensory nerve ganglia until it reactivates in the distribution of the affected ganglia. This was secondary to suspected bacterial cellulitis superimposed on the affected area, as can often occur with zoster skin lesions.
Einige Erkrankungen sind nach wie vor nicht in allen Details, insbesondere was ihre Krankheitsentstehung anbetrifft, geklärt. Bei Verdacht auf eine systemische Erkrankung wird ein Internist zur Diagnosefindung mitherangezogen.
There was initial concern that scarring of the cheek could have resulted in permanent ectropion. In ophthalmology, particular attention is paid to rule out involvement of the eye resulting in keratitis, iritis, or acute retinal necrosis.

However, prompt treatment with ocular lubrication, oral acyclovir for the zoster, and oral cephalexin (Keflex®) for the cellulitis resulted in resolution without corneal damage nor permanent ectropion (Figure 2).
In this particular patient, there was no evidence of the corneal involvement nor intraocular inflammation that can sometimes be seen with herpes zoster.

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