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ABSTRACT Feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) is a common cause of respiratory and ocular disease in cats. In vitro cytotoxicity and antiviral efficacy against feline herpesvirus type 1 of famciclovir and its metabolites. Most of the cats that come to this practice with signs of a herpes infection are actually having a flare-up of a previously latent infection. Pridgen has also combined an antiviral with an anti-inflammatory (with antiviral properties). The fact that we haven’t had a press release by now regarding the Phase II trial has lead to some concern. It’s going to take longer for the final results than many had hoped but the news otherwise is good.
Still, we won’t know how significant the significant improvements are until the press and study release probably in November. I was put on his Fibromyalgia protocol by a knowledgeable colleague of his and it was horrible!!!!!! Gregory, I am also on the protocol and have been consistently for a little over 2 weeks (I had to stop because I ran out of samples and had to go through an appeals process to get my insurance company to cover one of the drugs). Since fibromyalgia is a diagnosis based on various criteria, rather than the actual presence of a virus, bacteria or condition, it is possible that more than one cause exists. Cort, I have NO doubt that these two different drug cocktails will make it to the market at some point in time. I was diagnosed with Fibro 7 years ago after a freak accident that left me with multiple injuries, but I recall having fibro symptoms before the accident. I participated in this study and can say, first-hand, that this combination worked very well for me. Maggi, and Hope, are you at liberty to privately discuss the protocols you are now following? I want to say, that I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for about 30 years and was getting really painful as I got older.
It means we’ll find out which drug combo and in doses worked best in the fibromyalgia study. I’m on the protocol and know someone who is getting ready to start the program in the UK. I suffer from FM and thank God, He has showm me other ways to help me with this medical problem.
I recently started taking Valtrex in addition to Celebrex and I must say I have experienced significant pain relief in just a few days.
Especially in young kittens that have not yet reached the age of vaccination, but already lost maternal immunity, severe disease may occur.
In order to treat pets promptly it’s important to monitor pets with severe upper respiratory symptoms and seek medical help.
The antiviral medications available to treat this condition only inhibit, but do not destroy, the virus. Pridgen as he talks about the Fibromyalgia trial sometime around April at a local news station. I was diagnosed with fibro after extensive testing 4 years ago, after 30 years of symptoms..
I believe he is extremely confident he has found two different drug combinations that work. He was cunning in patenting 9 different cocktail mixes so now one could peg which was were the two real mixes. I have long believed this link, was so glad to learn it’s being studied, and possible effective treatment is at hand.
I have been really struggling with illness as I have fibro, CFS and rheumatoid arthritis.Over the past three years I have had very low white counts and have found I am constantly sick with viral infections including many cold sores. Since Pridgen used drugs that were already available you should be able to have access to them if you can find a doctor who can prescribe and if you can afford to pay for them.
From there it will take some time, for sure, for the big clinical trial to go through and the drug combo to get FDA approval (if it does). I stopped taking all the drugs I was taking before the trial and was almost completely symptom free. Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is an upper respiratory or pulmonary infection of cats caused by feline herpesvirus 1, of the family Herpesviridae.
The only licensed antiviral drug in the UK is recombinant feline interferon, which has proven efficacy in clinical trials against feline retroviruses and canine parvoviruses.
After a proper diagnosis that involves blood tests and laboratory analysis, cats suffering from FHV-1 are treated with antibiotics and antiviral medicines.

FHV-1 usually infects young cats, but can remain dormant for years, and reappear if the cat is stressed, is on high doses of corticosteroids, has a feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline immunodeficiency virus infection (FIV) , or there is local irritation or bacterial infection of the eye.
By giving his patients these two prescriptions and sharing the protocol with other doctors who are sharing it with their patients is that not considered publicly releasing the results? It is my opinion, he is trying to line up making money with the drug company and does not want any one to beat him to the punch.
I feel I could really benefit from this protocol if it will reduce the viral load in my body. I do believe dietary changes are crucial, but personally don’t agree that juicing is the answer.
I’ve been able to do things in the last few days that I’ve not been able to in YEARS! I’m wondering if you originally did the primary protocol and then changed to one of the back ups. A wide number of antiviral drugs are available to treat herpesvirus infections in humans, and many of these have been tried in cats to assess their efficacy against FHV. L-lysine is an amino acid with antiviral activity against feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) and the analogous human herpesvirus, HSV-1. One amino acid, L-lysine, appears to work as an antiviral therapy against the feline herpesvirus. In the Tuscaloosa News article written about this he even comments to have patients come visit him to see if he can help them or to have their doctor contact him to see if they will work with him (although he also mentions only about 1 in 3 will).
Keeping the data secret is allowing him to get the drug company further ahead before anyone else can make money before him.
He was SO confident of his findings he immediately found a smaller dug company to partner with after patenting the 9.
The one that has helped me control the muscle pain is Flexiril (Cyclobenzaprine), but I get really groggy. I would really appreciate it if you could contact me by email to share what medications you are being treated with. I happen to believe whole, raw milk products, fermented foods and a balance of clean fruits and vegetables, soaked grains and beans, home raised eggs, etc, are part of the answer but the underlying cause may be different for subsets of sufferers. Feline herpesvirus (FHV, FHV-1) is a highly contagious virus that is one of the major causes of upper respiratory infections (URIs) or cat flu in cats. Herpes infection is extremely common in young kittens, especially those facing other stresses (fleas, poor nutrition, environmental cold etc.
Despite the availability of vaccines and antiviral drugs effective against FHV-1, this virus remains a common cause of acute, chronic, and recurrent conjunctivitis and ulcerative and stromal keratitis (Figure 1).
L-lysine, which is an amino acid, has been found to interfere with the replication of FHV-1. Because my doctor said some had improved in as little as 3 days I thought if it was going to work it would be working already.
And for the fatigueness, after watching the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dying- I started juicing last year and it has helped somewhat with that. Would you mind sharing how long you have had fibromyalgia and when you first started feeling better on the protocol? If you want to give me your e-mail I think all you have to do is to say it is ok for you to provide it to me and include it with your comment. Unlike FCV, with FHV infection certain anti-viral drugs are available and can be very helpful in managing the clinical manifestations of disease. In tissue culture, herpes-infected cells are inhibited much more easily by anti-viral drugs if they are exposed concurrently to interferon.
Feline herpesvirus type1 (FHV-1) is the causative agent of feline viral rhinotracheitis, an infective and contagious disease characterised by respiratory symptomology and often complicated by the simultaneous presence of other pathogens associated with the respiratory diseases complex in the cat (URTD: Upper Respiratory Tract Disease) such as feline Calicivirus (FCV) , Chlamydophila felis and Bordetella bronchiseptica. The research at PUBMED is NOT under his name and it is under the assistant female doctor who works with him.
Vaccination against feline herpes has been deemed helpful but one should understand that, in this case, the goal is not total prevention of infection but palliation. The current treatment for herpetic keratitis is based on the use of ophthalmic antiviral drugs, generally used for treating herpetic infections in humans, such as 1 trifluridine and 0. Doctors do not run out and pair up with drug companies and then keep it secret unless they are about to make a lot of money. I’m assuming since you are still on it you are still having symptoms since the protocol eventually is supposed to put the virus to sleep therefore we don’t need the protocol anymore? I have an e-mail that I could give you but I get so much junk in it I’m afraid your e-mail would go missing. Although human antiviral drugs are occasionally used off label, there are no specific antiviral treatments for FIV in cats.

I also recall landing in the emergency room once before in my younger yearsand was told it was a virus, so that would also make sense with my fibro diagnosis.
The only reason I don’t want to post my main e-mail which I will give to you as soon as I hear back is because it gives out all of my personal information.
Large, masked, controlled clinical trials are required in order to determine the efficacy of the antiviral drugs currently available to treat FHV-1. Treatment of feline herpesvirus-1 associated disease in cats with famciclovir and related drugs. My SHINGLES were not diagnosed until 1991 because I never told anyone I about the breakouts. Antibiotics may be prescribed, these are ineffective against the herpes virus, but may be used to treat secondary infections that can occur. My parents would take turns at night rubbing me sown with alcohol and refilling the hot water bottle every night until I went to sleep. Estos resultados sugieren que pueden existir compuestos en el extracto hexánico de H. Este estudio es pionero en demostrar actividad antiviral de extractos de plantas de la especie Euphorbiaceae contra BHV-1B.
In 1991 we moved and my new gyno saw the blisters on my hip and asked me what they were and I told him I didn’t know and told him how long I had had them and how often. The preliminary biological activity of each of the eight extracts was determined on BHK-21 cell monolayers using 96 well-plates. Then, promissory extracts were further tested using the MTT [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol–2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide] assay to determine the cytotoxic concentration 50 (CC50), the inhibitory concentration 50 (IC50 ), and the selectivity index (SI). This research is pioneer demonstrating AVA against BHV-1B in extracts from plants of the Euphorbiaceae family. El virus además produce vulvovaginitis y balanopostitis pustular infecciosa, las cuales son infecciones genitales en vacas y toros, respectivamente. Este virus se caracteriza por hacer latencia en ganglios nerviosos y luego reactivarse en estados de inmunosupresión (13).
La enfermedad es clínicamente indiferenciable de la fiebre aftosa en el ganado vacuno y aunque no causa alta mortalidad, la morbilidad puede llegar al 66% en los bovinos (1). Varias especies de esta familia han mostrado actividad antiviral contra virus como Herpes simplex, Polio, Hepatitis B y Virus de la Inmunodeficiencia Humana, entre otros (19, 20, 23). Se emplearon 300 g del material seco y pulverizado, los cuales fueron percolados secuencialmente con 1000 ml de los siguientes solventes: hexano, acetato de etilo, metanol y agua. Se realizaron tres ensayos independientes (cada uno con tres replicas, para un total de nueve replicas) sobre células BHK-21. En nuestra experiencia establecimos que extractos con MSP ≥ 2 eran relevantes para cuantificar su AAV y AC por medio del ensayo MTT. Además, para nuestro conocimiento, esta es la primera vez que se reporta AAV de la planta C. Cytotoxic and antiviral activities of Colombian medicinal plant extracts of the Euphorbia genus. Putranjivain A from Euphorbia jolkini inhibits both virus entry and late stage replication of herpes simplex virus type 2 in vitro. Modifications to the tetrazolium dye procedure giving improved sensitivity and reliability.
General principles for laboratory diagnosis of viral, rickettsial, and chamydial infections.
Efficacy of thai medical plant extracts against herpes simples virus tipe-1 infection in vitro and in vivo.
Larvicidal potential of five Philippine plants against Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Culex quinquefasciatus (Say). Comparative studies on the antirhinovirus activity and the mode of action of the rhinovirus capsid binding agents, chalcone amides.
Concerted inhibitory activities of Phyllanthus amarus on HIV replication in vitro and ex vivo.
Actividad antiviral in vitro de extractos de Hura crepitans y Codiaeum variegatum en la replicación de Herpes Virus Bovino Tipo-1 y Virus de Estomatitis Vesicular.

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