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It amazes mainly newborn, begins with rise in temperature and sometimes conducts to intensifying of salivation and occurrence of the blisters separate or collected in groups on an internal surface of labiums, on gums, the sky, tongue and on a palatine velum. At the same time at the patient it is observed herpetic a rash in the field of labiums, a chin. Stomatitis treatmentIt is recommended to grease the amazed sites and a mucosa of a mouth 3-4 times a day with a cotton plug impregnated with peroxide of hydrogen, a weak solution of iodine (3 drops on 1 glass of water).
The additional information: Stomatitis (from the Greek stoma, a genitive case stomatos - a mouth) - an inflammation of a mucosa of an oral cavity and its dystrophic changes.
Stomatites can be caused in the person damage (mechanical, thermal, chemical, physical), avitaminoses, a diabetes, diseases of cardiovascular, nervous, hemopoietic systems, organs of digestion, acute (for example, a measles, a scarlatina, a diphtheria) and chronic (for example, a tuberculosis) an infection, an intoxication, parasitic funguses (for example, the milkwoman). The factors causing a traumatic stomatitis - the adjournment of an odontolith blasted, the carious teeth, incorrectly made prostheses, seals, alien subjects, combustions hot nutrition, influence of alkalis, acids, etc.

The stomatites caused by the general diseases of an organism, are characterised by occurrence on a mucosa of an oral cavity of aphthas, can acutely proceed and chronically. The acute aphthous stomatitis arises at children, suffering gastroenteric diseases, a diathesis, virus diseases is more often. On a mucosa of gums, labiums, the sky there are the aphthas surrounded bright red rim; salivation plentiful. The chronic relapsing aphthous stomatitis is characterised by periodic occurrence on a mucosa of cheeks, a lateral surface of tongue, a lower lip of the single aphthas which bottom is covered by grey-yellow scurf.
The stomacace often arises at acute coloenterites, a stomach peptic ulcer, after quinsy, a flu, at an intoxication mercury, bismuth.
Ulcers can settle down on all mucosa; appear an unpleasant smell from a mouth, plentiful salivation.

At illnesses bloods (leukoses) on a mucosa of an oral cavity and tonsils appear the aphthas turning then in ulcers. Preventive maintenance and stomatitis treatment Periodic sanation of an oral cavity, elimination of the reason of development of a stomatitis; gargles a soda solution or Acidum boricum (depending on pH stomatic medium), physiotherapy, sea-buckthorn oil, etc.

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