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Harry Styles Has Wild-looking Eyes On The Set Of Dunkirk — One Direction Star Getting Into Character? The proclamation brought hope from AIDS researchers and generated headlines worldwide, but not everyone is on board with the idea that HIV could be cured in the near future.
Dennis Sifrisvand James Myhre wrote that the Danish research, though promising, is still further away from finding what could be a cure for HIV.
Sifris and Myhre point out that the clinical trial stage could take “on average 5-8 years from the start of research to final FDA approval.

Scientists have managed to remove DNA of the HIV virus from living tissue for the first time in a breakthrough that could lead to an outright cure. Now researchers in the US have revealed they used gene-editing technology to remove DNA of the commonest HIV-1 strain from several organs of infected mice and rats. At the moment, treating the disease involves the use of drugs that suppress levels of the virus so the body’s immune system can cope.
In April, the same team reported that they had successfully eliminated the virus from human cells in the laboratory, but a paper in the journal Nature Gene Editing revealed they had managed to do the same thing in live animals for the first time.

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