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We were Architect and Lead Designers on BAA’s ‘Tomorrow’s T4’, a suite of projects which transformed Heathrow’s Terminal 4.
We sourced our own manufacturers and supply chain and modelled full size mock ups of the glazing panels, designing new products that gave a much closer fit and minimised warping.
This special law also requires that a port of refuge be built to guarantee the safety of ships outside the mouth of the port. In addition to these objectives, the project also took into account maritime operators’ increasing demand to dock large container ships (which cannot enter the lagoon) at Venice and transfer the containers into smaller and lower impact ships at the intermodal terminals.
Designed by Thetis, the project will see the construction of a breakwater 17 miles off the coast of Lido di Venezia. UN Studio's proposal for Terminal 3 of Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport was just awarded 2nd prize for its innovative design. Together with Bio-Architecture Formosana from Taipei, April Yang Design Studio from Ohio, and a multidisciplinary consultant team, the architects placed the main entrance of the terminal building at the south-west end of the site, which makes Terminal 3 visually dominant part of the Taoyuan airport facade.
He is also the co-founder of Hello Wood, an international wood workshop and festival, originator of HOLIS, a holistic design summer university organized by Design Terminal, founder of MOME line, the design agency of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, founder of MOME ID, a user interface course, and the driving force behind the Budapest Design Meetup. CNA's ability to design, install and integrate the systems that are of core importance to an airport a€“ security, HVAC, fire alarm, lighting, baggage handling, fuel hydrant, public address, common use terminal equipment , flight information display systems, ramp control, trunk radio, master electric clock system, hot line and structured cabling system a€“ allows us to take a holistic approach to airport operations. The project was delivered from inception to completion over a 30 month period within the ?180 million budget.

This gave not only much better quality of finish, but also greater control over the quality of the components. The breakwater will be almost 4km long and shaped and directed such as to ensure docked ships are protected from sea storms caused by the bora and scirocco winds.
UN Studio competed against shortlisted proposals by the formidable Rogers Stirk Harbour and Fosters + Partners.
They reexamined the airport typology and decided to focus the design on creating an interior ecology which breaks away from the conventional look and feel of airports.
He is a design expert and service designer who has been part of the design scene since 2008.
This integrated approach results in lower first costs and operational efficiencies that benefit airports and airlines. World Duty Free Group, The Estee Lauder Companies and London Heathrow Airport today revealed what they called a ?Trinity partnership? to illuminate Heathrow Terminal 3 and its retail offering in pink lights to raise breast cancer awareness. The campaign stresses the importance of breast health and that early detection of breast cancer saves lives.
New projects included a 7750m2 departures concourse extension, departures forecourt and public realm plaza and 1400m2 CIP lounge accommodation. The undulating roof surface shelters an interior characterized by short walking distances and easy orientation, with daylight, humidity, temperature and air flow varying depending on the use of different zones.
Full refurbishment projects included the existing departures concourse, central search area, transfers security area, airside arrivals concourse and the immigration hall.

The departures extension features a bespoke glazed facade designed to withstand the strictest bomb blast criteria and together with a 180m long ETFE canopy forms a grand gateway into the terminal.
All projects developed and integrated the Heathrow character and product palettes initially defined at T5 to introduce a ‘Heathrow brand’ look and feel across the terminal. Palette materials included floor, wall and ceiling finishes, way finding, architectural metalwork process desks and other specialist joinery. Also key to the design was ensuring the access and maintenance strategies employed were aligned with the holistic airport wide initiatives. Joining him were World Duty Free Group CEO Jose Maria Palencia and London Heathrow Retail Director Muriel Zingraff-Shariff.
We are proud to look back at the enormous progress that The Estee Lauder Companies has made over the last 20 years in educating millions of people globally about the importance of breast health and by raising significant funds for research to find a cure.

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