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Functional Medicine is a graceful integration of modern medical science with the principles of holistic, preventative care.
Based on the findings, your practitioner develops patient-specific treatment protocols designed to reverse, stop, or prevent the disease and its related symptoms.  In conventional medicine, treatment is geared to suppress the expression of symptoms, whereas in FM, your practitioner seeks to correct the underlying causes of the condition. My business serves the White Salmon metropolis, including the Tri-Cities area of Husum, Bingen, and Snowden.

This approach does not seek to diagnose a specific disease, but rather investigates why and where your body is out of balance. Remove:  Eliminate anything that may be in our body or diet which contributes to poor health including foods, pesticides, food additives, unwanted bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Re-inoculate:  Incorporate probiotic supplements containing lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidus bacteria, and other friendly flora.

Repair: To repair the damage done by the offending agent(s), nutritional support may be used to regenerate and heal the body.

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