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Most of the time, Doctor Oz focuses his advice for viewers on matters of physical and mental health.
Lynnette Khalfani-Cox is explaining the health consequences of Money Anxiety Disorder and how to break down your budget on the July 8 episode of Dr Oz.
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The award-winning director of The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, Richard Schmidt continues his life-long passion of Polish Folklore through his daily work with hundreds of youth in both Toronto and Montreal, as well as his appearances as guest instructor at Folk Camps across the continent. The beautiful hand-made costumes of Poland and other cultures add to the magic of the performance.
Dr Oz has the holistic cures to reboot your body and reverse the damage caused by your bad habits. Have you been eating a little too much sugar or indulging in a few too many cocktails on a regular basis?
Would you believe you can literally regrow your liver even if it has been damaged from drinking too much? Ms Mary McManus is a poet, fund raiser, former award winning social worker and Boston Marathon finisher. Tags:angel, Boston Marathon, Center for Spirituality, chronic illnesses, coping, Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Carl O Helvie, Dr Harold G. Dr Bernie Siegel opened the series on Inspirational Stories of Individuals who used Faith in Healing. Dr Siegel is internationally know for his work on patient empowerment, Exceptional Cancer Patients and other mind-body medicine concepts. The second guest on this show, Leslie Davenport, is a psychotherapist and founding member of the Institute for Health & Healing in California.
My guests on the Holistic Health Show last night were Dr Bernie Siegel and Dr Lise Alschuler. Dr Bernie Siegel will be interviewed on the Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio Station 3 at 7 p.m. On Saturday, December 6 on BBS Radio Station 3 Dr Bernie Siegel talked about a body-mind-spirit approach to patient care.
Wow do I feel more peaceful, and mind is back in her back seat, letting my Heart lead again.
Man as co creator with the forces of God through the laws of the universe is the preemptive step to man being one with God. We are to hold the understanding first, then demonstrate the truths through our lives, then teach the concepts for analysis of the mind - which is necessary for full alignment. When it is turned intentionally in the direction we are choosing to move, there will always always always be success. 1 Corinthians 13:2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. Matthew 8:26 And he said to them, "Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?" Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.
Matthew 21:21-22 And Jesus answered them, "Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen. You are moving further towards unconditional love and unity in your field than before, but this is one issue that you will benefit from looking at more closely, it is about loving and accepting the perfection of those whose experience holds a much different interpretation of life and spirit than yours.
This will necessitate you embracing the perfection of all paths, and you embracing that it is not for all to be "moving forward" at any given time. Know that outside of this plane, all are moving forward, even if in this world they appear to be the opposite. In this way your family members are fulfilling their spiritual role to present before you areas where you lack self love.
As you love and heal the frequency, you will over time notice a new energy between you and the family members who have been demonstrating the unhealed frequency to you.
Notice what you’re getting in life, and find where you hold the same energy within you as what you experience from without. Recommended tools to help speed the process: Judy Satori offers Divinely coded sound tracks that bypass the conscious mind to help clear and heal old energetic patterns which no longer serve. ResultsI shared the writing with Ken, we agreed to try to let go of our perspective, we held each other and acted like we were crying, and breathed some deep breaths. I shared with my friend about this house, telling her we were supposed to close on it this week, and she revealed that this was not just a time of closing on the house, but closure on many levels. ConclusionI finally feel understanding about why all this house drama has gone on, I believe we were meant to help this man release his emotional energy that was unexpressed previously - by going back and reconnecting with her journey out of this life. With thousands of costume pieces and even more thousands of dollars of investment, the Academy is proud of the beauty of their wardrobe that dazzle audiences worldwide.
Many articles are written and published on a continual basis to keep our members, donors, supporters and fans alike abreast of any news that may be happening with the Academy.

The second lead for the series, Dr Harold Koenig, will be interviewed on the next show in this series. Her book Healing and Transformation Through Self Guided Imagery has been reviewed in Family Circle and other magazines.
If interested in a download link or all future shows, sign up for free emailing of these on another page of this website.
When in a wave of expansion and busy-ness, or doing-ness, how can I stay in my center, in my flow and alignment with Spirit (or That which we call "God")? The mind as a tool is to help the spirit to steer the entire vibrational vessel in the intended direction. All souls will be ready in their own timing, and when readiness is there, the understanding will happen. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, (paddling upstream, works, effort to be proud of) so that no one may boast. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight.
But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice, "Stand upright on your feet." And he sprang up and began walking. You can learn to hold them in respect and honor their interpretations, even if you do not agree with them in your own current interpretations. The variety (in this world of polarity) is causing their choices to be born (out of preference) and each choice is creating energetically even if it does not materialize in this realm, as long as they are alive in their bodies. If someone in the family is coarse and offensive and it drives you crazy with annoyance, it is to show where you have a lack of love for the coarse side of yourself. If abuse (mental or physical) is coming to you from without, where have you been abusing yourself?
When you love and heal the cause (your own vibrational template), the effects will be different. Here is what I got today, regarding the incredible dramas my husband, Ken and I were going through in purchasing our new home, which we are meant to buy and move into this week.
If you release all attachment to the outcomes of everything: Radio show, House, Trip to NZ, Marriage, Work, Money, Your family, Your identity, where you are living, what you are doing, who people perceive you to be… this is the great learning for you both at present.
Within an hour, I received a call from an aware friend, and while on that call, the mortgage broker called Ken with the original lower rate. She got that the deceased wife of the seller had brought her energy into the space and conversation because our light was bright enough to allow her to do so, the seller needed to write the letter he wrote to us relaying the details of the past and how she died, to connect with his own pain for his closure, and to release.
I feel we volunteered to help in this way, and to help send her to the light as his emotional energy releases and untangles her.
Oz says you absolutely can and he is ready to reveal his favorite holistic cures to help give your body the fresh start it needs to get healthy and feel more energized. She has written two inspirational poetry books and is working on a third with Dr Bernie Siegel. She studied meditation in the Himalayas of India for 8 years; mastered Sanskrit text of philosophy and is authorized to teach meditation and yoga by the director of the International Meditation Institute of India. I surrender to the Higher Mind and the Higher Plan, release all attachment to everything in my life, and release all attachment to particular outcomes, and trust. Yet you will understand soon the beauty of the energetic creation that takes place moment by moment as we unfold the journey in this world. The qualities of family members that you are annoyed by, or that you detest, are reflections of your own qualities that you have disowned, shamed, judged, denied, and disconnected from. If someone is rigid and controlling and you hate it, search for where you are (or have been) rigid, uncompromising, or trying to control circumstances or people in your own life.
You will often begin to notice different behaviors showing up from that person, or they may be around you less.
What thoughts and beliefs do you hold where you put yourself down, demean, disrespect, or harm yourself? The home we loved had many issues: water problem in the crawl space, termites and termite damage, and today we received a very heated letter from the owner - our agent had brought up his late wife’s passing to him, wrongly thinking her death was the reason we were having Radon testing on the house as part of our Due Diligence.
When you release your tight hold on what is going on and how things are unfolding, all will be easier for you and you will find your balance and flow again. I realized the higher good of all this, that just last week I’d stated the house was sick and needed our healing, and from that healing, it would be a healing space.
As Ken and I were conscious of our role, we did an extensive clearing of the house, the land, and sent much love and light to the seller and all involved. Do you feel run down and tired and often get sick every time there are germs and bacteria floating around? Bernie discussed his holistic approach with cancer patients and Padma discussed meditation.

Dr Bernie Siegel who prefers to be called Bernie needs no introduction to many throughout the world. How can I stay in the God frequency where all occurs with ease and super-naturally without stress and wasted effort? Even if no one else sees it, it will be there in the tiny nooks and crannies of your thoughts, just look. Leaving an abusive relationship is one step that demonstrates increased self love and self respect, but if the frequency of self “punishment” carries on within you, you will attract it again from another. It is not a large shift, just merely learn to relax a bit more in the midst of the challenges and you will see them diminish instead of increase. I realized the healing was the clearing that was happening… the energy turbulence was all around the wound and stagnant energy that needed to be cleared, and the turning was letting go of resistance, the seller's letter being written and feelings expressed, then clearing and rightness came with peace.
We spoke nothing to him about it, but after holding the frequency of intentional love and support, this man was smiling by the time we left his company. Oz’s favorite holistic cures could be the solutions to help you reboot and reverse some of the damage you have been doing to your body. In 1978 he started talking about patient empowerment and the choice to live fully and die in peace.
He embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of medical ethicsa and spiritual issues that society grapples with today.
A controlled mind that is relaxed into peace creates the greatest manifestations in a moment.
No matter what the outer world circumstances seem to be, it can defy all logic and seem unexplainable to the point of being called "magic’ or "miracles" simply due to lack of understanding, much like the old beliefs that thunder was the devil "beating his wife. Blessed, loving, heart-led creators… made in the image of God, made by God, made from God, breathing the breath of God as life was breathed into us. As we continue this process, we will experience more happiness, joy and peace in ourselves and in our family relationships.
This pattern will persist until the frequency within you has been healed…raised to a higher vibration level of self respect and self love.
Then at lunchtime we were contacted by the mortgage broker to announce the interest rate would be substantially higher than originally stated, increasing our payments more than a little! Later in the show, check out the free energy boosters you didn’t know were waiting for you in the kitchen. Oz’s guest has to share that can help you improve your immune system as soon as tonight! His first book, Love, Medicine, and Miracles was published in 1978 and redirected his life.
He originated Exceptional Cancer Patients, a specific form of individual and group therapy utilizing patient drawings, dreams, images, and feelings in 1978 and retired from practice as an assistant professor of general and pediatric surgery at Yale in 1989 to speak to patients and their caregivers. This design is from the heart of God and is intended to be awakened in the heart of man at this time of the divine plan being played out. And through us He will expand as is the nature of all that is eternal – expansion and growth. Then the world (and your family) will reflect your progress by demonstrating more respect, honor, support and love to you.
Oz and his guest say it is never too late to turn back the clock and reverse the damage caused by your bad habits. In 1978 he also originated Exceptional Cancer Patients, a specific form of individual and group therapy utilizing patient drawings, dreams, images and feelings. In 1986 he wrote Love, Medicine and Miracles which was followed by 9 other books and another to be published in 2009-Faith, Hope, and Healing with survivors stories and his reflections about what they teach us. Tell her she is safe, as this aspect of your self does not trust and feels afraid, so tries to use control to avoid unwanted results in life. Many books followed including Peace, Love and Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits, Prescriptions for Living, Help Me to Heal, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Smudge Bunny, 101 Exercises for the Soul, Love, Magic and Mud Pies, Buddy?s Candle, and just published Faith, Hope and Healing. Bernie was one of the earluy physicians using a body, mind, spirit approach to patient care. Hurry back to learn how you can give your body the jump start it needs to move in the right direction! Well he is ready to reveal his number one mistake as well as the solution to reverse the damage he is causing to his own body.
Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our society grapples with today.
He continues to assist in the breaking of new ground in the field of healing and personally struggling to live the message of kindness and love.

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