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I am an ITEC  qualified massage therapist having completed my Complementary Therapies training at the Holistic College Dublin.
The information on this website is to be used for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Underneath our restless minds and our frequently changing emotions, there exists in each of us a deep stillness, peace, wholeness and joy that is inherent to our natural spiritual state.

Being is the core of who we really are, prior to our identification with our physical name and form and our restless thoughts and emotions. As a spiritual guide, I will help you deepen into Being and discover and experience the peace, joy and wholeness of your spiritual nature. This state of Being can be accessed by deepening our attention and presence into the now and becoming aware of our conditioned thinking that is constantly projecting into the past and the future.

By deepening into the now and experiencing our spiritual nature, we discover a state of deep peace, wholeness, freedom and connection to other people, animals, nature and all life.

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