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Before you commit to long term study with us, this short program consisting of two classes will expose you to a wide spectrum of alternative healing modalities.
Become a Nutritionist & Diet Consultant with a deep understanding of weight management, Herbal Supplements, Anatomy, and much more. Become a Master Herbalist - Study Anatomy, Natural pathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Alternative Medical Sciences and much more. In practice Heather utilizes the healing powers of medicinal plants (in the form of herbs and essential oils), the healing powers of foods and the amazingly resilient mind (with techniques such as creative visualization) to assist individuals in achieving a state of balance.  She encourages moving to a place of optimal health and happiness where the person thrives, using educational tools to maintain this balance.
Graphic Depiction: Living holistically means to be present, to enjoy all moments of life, and to express one’s passion.
There is a term in the Sanskrit language that describes beautifully the ultimate goal of a state of optimal health. We believe that a state of pushti health should be the ultimate goal of the health of the individual, family, community, nation and world. By taking personal responsibility for one’s own health, and partnering with holistic health practitioners & enthusiasts, we believe we can make the paradigm shift from a system of “disease care”, to a proactive, positive, health promotion system. We are dedicated to empowering our members through education of holistic lifestyle principles that have been at the core of many holistic healing traditions across the globe. Cultivating the mind through meditation, reflection, breathing practices, inquiry, conscious relaxation practices.
Using physical activity that is appropriate for your body, your age, and your fitness level.
We believe that by empowering people with the potent, yet simple tools of the “Foundations of Vitality”, individuals can transform their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.
We believe in the future of successful long term business models being guided by universal truths. We promote sustainable medicine as a system that fundamentally changes the way that we look at, use, and maintain our world’s limited resources. We will do all we can to support our community by providing services and products that will meet the needs of holistic enthusiasts who think “outside the box”, who know that better and more effective interventions exist for many of our current health problems. Our Holistic Healing services provide profound healing experiences for physical, emotional and mental blocks present in your life. Health and disease are logical outcomes of a person’s genetics, vitality, lifestyle, environment and external factors. For example: if someone is angry because of the way they are being treated at work and they hold in their anger this suppression of emotion might result in digestive discomfort, headaches, changes in hormones or mood or in a red rash. Treat the whole person is a holistic concept that recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Assessing all areas of a person’s life includes: lifestyle, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, environmental, social, internal and external. Prevention of disease is a continual process that starts at conception and continues throughout all of life. Choosing treatments that support the innate healing ability of the body and that honour the laws of nature.
It is important to address lifestyle factors in the initial part of treatment if they are the root cause of disease or a contributing factor. Be instantly notified when I post another drop of inspiration on this blog (usually once or twice a month).
This e-guide is for you to take some time with, to enjoy, to be inspired by, and to uncover something new your heart wants to share with you.
By 2020, careers in the holistic health field are projected to increase faster than average, by 20% to 36%, on a national level. Holism is a philosophy which considers the whole person within the larger context of their life.
Students pursuing a Holistic Health undergraduate minor from WMU are exposed to complementary and alternative ways to promote optimal health and healing, at both an academic and experiential level. The Holistic Health program at WMU’s College of Health and Human Services is one of only a few such programs in the United States, providing students with a unique opportunity for high-level learning in this growing area.
This program equips students for career advancement in health and human service fields and provides opportunities for enrichment and personal growth.
Washington Monthly placed WMU on a list of national universities that offer "the best bang for the buck." WMU came in at No.
Is Manual Manipulation Of Soft Body Tissues (Muscle, Connective Tissue, Tendons And Ligaments) To Enhance A Persons Health And Well-Being. Located In The Heart Of Douglas, The Leading Health Professionals At Holistic Healing And Wellness Center, P.C. Nothing Satisfies Us More Than To Hear From Our Patients, In Their Own Words, How Much Holistic Healing And Wellness Center Has Helped Them Overcome Pain And Enjoy True Wellness.
Holistic health is a concept in medical science that views a person, not just as a collection of organs but a sum of body, mind and soul. Being healthy or fit doesn’t mean just being physically strong or absence of explicit symptoms of diseases or deficiencies in the body.

In today’s world, we are constantly being exposed to conditions resulting in imbalance of harmony with nature. Body –Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with various sensory stimuli like cosmic rays, radio waves, supersonic waves, luminous markers and chemicals, pesticides, TV sets, nuclear fallout and others.
Mind – Not only materials but even non materials (emotional stress) are leading to degradation of our health. Soul - Man is not just sum of organs but it also has a dynamic and continuous relationship with the society and world he lives in.
Hence, it is most relevant for us to take cautious efforts to ensure that instead of suppressing the symptoms, we work towards adapting a life style which enables us to create hormonal balance among all dimensions of our life and attain wellness. If you are just starting in this field we suggest considering enrolling for this program first. When Holistic Health & Fitness sought to create a brand that conveyed a holistic lifestyle, the goal was to capture overall health and well-being in an image. With this in mind, we set out to create a logo with a sense of energy, triumph and joy: a sprout spirals to life around a fit human being who throws their arms in the air in victory, conveying the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. This level of health can only be attained with conscious participation on the individual level.
Personal lifestyle choices are some of the most important factors in the quality of one’s health and that give us the ability to attain optimal vitality! Our association plans on pushing the “tip of the wedge” that opens up this new paradigm of holistic care for the masses. This includes business social responsibility for our association’s actions, and its positive impact on the environment, members, and employees. Many of these truths can be found in teachings from many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Perseverance- to overcome fear and indecision, and to achieve the goals of transforming healthcare! Keep it clean- the concept of keeping procedures neat, simple, efficient, and user friendly. Self Study- Regular evaluation of one’s goals, ideas, actions, and direction on all levels to maintain a vital and sustainable model. Surrender to the Divine- to remember that there is a power greater than us as individuals, and to keep the awareness of the Divine interconnection with all. All aspects of life are connected in a dynamic interdependent ecosystem, which we must protect and be conscious of. Through our meditations in nature you can also receive the deep intuition and wisdom of our Mother Earth.
If this client has poor posture and continually sits on a thick wallet or slouching in a chair, the treatment involves correcting the misalignment, educating client on proper posture and informing him not to sit on his wallet or slouch in the chair. If the treatment involves taking something to mask the digestive discomfort, relieve the headache and a cream to minimize the redness of the rash, but does not address the anger, the suppressed anger continues to signal the body, resulting in the same or deeper, more severe symptoms. Each individual is unique with their own specific susceptibilities and way of manifesting disharmony and disease. It involves every aspect of a person – their lifestyle, emotional health, family and community and the environment in which they live. To do no harm, a practitioner chooses the diagnostic strategy necessary for each individual client. The wisdom of holistic health honors the interdependent relationship between the body, mind, spirit and community. By exploring a variety of topics in this rapidly growing field, students are encouraged to carefully evaluate research on various evidence-based holistic practices.
If you plan to complete this activity outside of the state of Michigan, you must complete the Activity Request Form at the time of enrollment for this course. Are Dedicated To Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Objectives — Combining Skill And Expertise That Spans The Entire Chiropractic Wellness Spectrum.
Please Read Our Patients Reviews And Then Call Our Central Douglas Office To Find Out How We Can Help You.
Zamora is a great Doc he took his time to see where my issues were and then told me exactly what he was going to do and I feel so much better. The treatment has made a huge difference and all of the additional advice has been incredibly helpful.
A deeply inherent relationship exists between body, nature and socio emotional environment around it. Rather, wellness is a state of equilibrium among all dimensions of life resulting in an overall feeling of well-being of a person. As time progresses, the number of harmful stimuli also increases, resulting in sensory overload leading to collapse of body mechanisms that are supportive and protective in nature.
Pollution of our mind with unnatural ideas, theories, facts and irrelevant information that keeps us occupied round the clock, creating emotional stress that leads to attitudes like selfishness, loneliness, alienation from family and community. Our spirit deep within our bodies recognizes the inherent rhythms of the universe and gets affected accordingly.

A warm terra cotta was used for the athletic human figure, and a dark espresso brown brings contrast to the lighter colors. Most importantly, they got to know our personality and worked diligently to ensure our website reflected who we are as a company. By incorporating the perspective that “everyone is in it together”, we believe this will achieve optimal results. Deepen your knowledge, spread that knowledge, and share your wisdom with your patients, friends, and fellow healers. Our professional healer will guide you on how to continue the effects of healing & meditation beyond the session into your everyday life. To understand the root cause a practitioner starts at when and why the disruption of health was initiated.
It is the harmonious functioning of all aspects of the individual, within themselves and within their environment that is essential to health. By respecting the integrity and vitality of the client, the healing process is supported vs overridden or suppressed.
A hierarchy of treatment choices starting with lifestyle changes and then proceeding from least invasive and forceful to most is used.
Students are also presented with a framework for wellness, assisting them to make informed life-style choices and to establish respectful, cooperative relationships with others and the environment. Pinched nerve that had my leg numb for over a year is finally getting the tingle and numbness away! It encompasses all factors affecting a person like environmental, social, physical, emotional and others. Long ignorance or suppression of these disturbances results in build-up of toxins in your body which manifests in various forms like mental stress, headache, obesity, fatigue, ailments, early ageing and others diseases. Even the food we consume and environment we are exposed to are ultimately finding their ways to affect our bodies. Cheeky, fun, provocative, daring and creative – that’s how we describe ourselves, and that’s exactly how our site turned out. We believe that if these 5 Foundations are all addressed 90+% of all illness (& costs related to them) disappears.
We strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our partners to create “win-win” situations for the best possible outcomes in all situations.
Simply recommending an anti-inflammatory (whether drug, botanical or homeopathic) does not address the root cause and even if the symptoms diminish temporarily they will likely return.
To elicit a cure, the factors that initiated the imbalance – the root cause—need to be addressed, especially if they are still occurring. The role of the practitioner is to facilitate increased awareness, as well as to educate each client on the changes required to address their health concerns and to ensure prevention. Do no harm involves practitioners teaching clients insight and awareness of how their lifestyle choices affect their health.
Excited to feel both of my legs healthy and with faith that I can see myself doing what I love without limitations!!!
I have been attending Holistic Healing and Wellness Center for over three years now and Dr.
Related PostsSmall Budget, No Problem: Creative Marketing Ideas for Small BusinessChoose Your Brand: If Not Now, When Will You? The staff are responsive to our every question – no matter how small or confusing it might be! The aim of the practitioner is to determine the specific trigger, event, or behaviour that initiated the disruption and that needs to be addressed. Jay Zamora has helped me in understanding the cause of my pain and the services he provides to help manage and maintain a healthy spine and back. It wasn’t till recently I was placed in a long term rehabilitation center where I was in easy terms of understanding placed in a stretching and weight training program every day for 20 days. Acupuncture, for me, has been a life saving method that releases the pressure and pain without any discomfort. To make a long story short, the one constant procedure done to me every day was getting my entire skeletal frame aligned.
When I was released from the rehab facility the one thing they wanted me to keep doing was getting aligned at least 2 to 3 times a week.
Zamora for awhile and told me that he does alignments for the body, which is what I needed.

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