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The Liquid Light Center is dedicated to creating a restorative, peaceful environment conducive to enhancing your health and healing. Muscles are all made of the same material, a type of elastic tissue similar to the material in a rubber band.
Our video exercises should only be performed after evaluation by the qualified professionals at our wellness center and under their instruction.
Sign-up using the form or call us at (309) 685-5777 to take advantage of this exclusive offer. At various times, all of us are occupied to a greater or lesser extent with activities of daily living that require physical exertion. Being able to distinguish between a good pain and a not-so-good pain is critically important for all of us who engage in regular vigorous exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. We're all familiar with the highway driving experience of being behind a person who is continually braking for no apparent reason.
Many of us want to improve our level of fitness, but don't know what to do or how to begin.
The Eleatic philosopher Zeno, writing almost 2500 years ago, famously propounded several paradoxes purportedly proving that various conceptions of the physical universe were false. As with much in life that we take for granted, we are not usually concerned with the mechanisms of how our bodies work and how they do what they do.
Our tools are Nutritional Programs, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine and Nutritional Supplements of the highest and purest quality. Treatment modalities are tailored to each person’s needs, after an initial assessment. Our in-house retail store is open to the general public and offers an assortment of the most powerful Superfoods, a large assortment of protein powders, high quality professional supplements, essential oils,  organic skin care products, organic make-up, non-toxic home cleaning products, educational books and EMF protection devices from Europe. We have an in-house pharmacy of over several thousand products, designed for each person’s unique biochemical needs.
At Holistic Options we have created a peaceful, calming and soothing environment for all to enjoy. I welcome you to visit our facilities and get a tour by one of our staff members and while there,  make sure you check out our Beautiful Ballroom Facility. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, your amazing body will have analyzed, synthesized, restructured, and utilized thousands of nutrient molecules.

Rather than a one-size-fits all approach to diet and nutritional guidance, holistic nutrition and health counseling understands metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint. Working with a health counselor is a more comprehensive support system that helps to identify components of your lifestyle that may be preventing you from making healthy choices and changes. What is holistic health care?  Do you have questions about holistic health care?  We encourage you to read about how you can naturally care for your body. For all appointments, please contact our individual practitioners using the phone numbers on their individual pages. Also, see each practitioner's page for a complete description to their services, including their upcoming classes, lectures and events. They help you do almost everything - from pumping blood throughout your body to lifting a heavy backpack. Failure to properly ascertain the reasons for certain injuries or the causes of pain may lead to further injury if these exercises are performed. If we have not contacted you in a period of 3 days, please call our office 407-333-1059 to make sure we did receive your information.
It will have split proteins, burned sugars, pumped minerals, exchanged gases, and transferred electrons. Just as your car has additives and devices that protect the body, engine, and driver, nutrients serve to protect your heart, brain, and other critical organs. Just imagine the energy required to perform this biochemical magic that powers your human machine!
Eventually, however, certain nagging symptoms can progress to become diseases that can destroy the quality of life or even life itself. Food and nutrition is linked to many other areas of our lives, especially our emotional and mental states.
She has been extensively trained in many massage techniques, body treatments, and alternative therapies.
You control some of your muscles and others, like your heart, do their jobs without you thinking about them at all.
You have three different types of muscles in your body: smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscle. Our assessments and treatment modalities are strongly rooted in German Biological Medicine and Chinese Medicine.

Our entire internal and external environment was created using healing colors, non-toxic paints. Just as a car’s gauges warn the driver of potential problems, your body has certain chemical indicators that can alert you to potential problems. All of our practitioners will provide services that encompass natural health care and natural healing, emphasizing Integrative Wellness practices.
Follow only the exercises our doctor has recommended to avoid the potential of further injury. All products used throughout the facility inside and outside on our grounds are green and earth friendly. When lifestyle changes (and if necessary nutritional supplementation) are incorporated, our patients experience a significant recovery with chronic health conditions. Early warnings can help you make diet and lifestyle changes that may both extend your life and enhance your quality of life. Health counselors recognize spiritual beliefs and never ask a client to go against their beliefs (i.e. These services include Yoga, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and Therapeutic Massage, as well as Addictions Counseling. She enjoys providing this relaxing massage therapy service to guests staying at the Liquid Light Center.
Your emotional, physical and spiritual health will always be of the utmost importance to each of us. We have a Hospital Grade Super Air Filtration system and full spectrum lighting throughout the facility. The stress of living in our fast-paced world demands that kind of emergency power for our bodies on a daily basis. Each chemical reaction occurs in a step-wise sequence and depends on the daily availability of raw materials.

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