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The Kincardine Holistic Health Centre provides a clean, professional clinic environment where client comfort, safety and relaxation are our highest priorities. The Kincardine Holistic Health Centre has been offering complementary health care to our community since 1996. We inform you of the choices of modalities available in order that you can establish a health care curriculum that suits your needs and capabilities.
Kincardine Holistic Health Centre is pleased to offer our clients a comprehensive selection of health and wellness services.

Our services have expanded to meet the needs of people who take an active role in their own health care. I practice structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy and I also use Western Medical Acupuncture as an adjunct where appropriate.  In light of my personal experience, I am particularly successful at, and very much enjoy treating pregnancy related issues (both ante and post natal).
We believe that achieving and maintaining optimum health includes a balanced and committed aproach on three levels: Body, Mind and Spirit. At the Kincardine Holistic Health Centre we offer a wide range of natural healing modalities that integrate all three.

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