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You will also experience practical applications of medicinal herbs for disease prevention, disease therapies along with natural alternatives toover-the-counter and prescription drugs. The Holistic Health Practitioner courses will also provide you with applied knowledge on how to properly and safely recommend vitamin or herb therapies for various diseases and disorders from Holistic perspectives.
The material in the course will give you a foundation that will supportyour personal growth and enable you to educate others in these lifesupporting principles.
The HHP Program will give you a foundation that will support your personal growth and enable you to educate others in life supporting principles.
This Program will teach you the principles to become a Holistic Health Practitioner in today's health world.
This distance learning program and succeeding optional volunteer internship opportunity will prepare you for serving your community as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Each Class is divided into textbook chapters or sections of chapters, where each division contains reading assignments, glossary words, one auto graded lesson, and short compositions. The final class consists of an eBook, developing a business plan based on the area where you are going to be practicing, designing the client intake paperwork you will use as well as client based research assignment project papers. The Holistic Health Practitioner Program will take approximately 9-12 months to complete assuming you are working 4-6 hours per day on business days but work at your own pace- you have two years to complete the program and extensions are available. Tuition rate can be discounted from $54 per credit hour to $47 per credit hours if you pre-pay for the full Diploma program (limited time special offer).
Pursuing board approval for natural healing is a prime example of the level of commitment the Natural Healing College has for the students who wish to advance their career through a higher education. American Naturopathic Certification Board, has approved NHC's graduates qualify for the ANCB’s national certification examination. NHC holistic diploma students who desire to become Board Certified Practitioners can immediately apply for board certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners following their graduation.
The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board were established to ensure that education in natural healing is done correctly, and maintain the highest standard in education practices.
Our mission at TriLuna is to close the gap between those who need holistic health care and those who provide it. provides the Holistic Health Alumni Practitioner Directory to help potential clients connect with Holistic Health Practitioners. Whatever we call it, the feeling can be a very uncomfortable burning pain in the stomach or chest.
But it can also be a sign of a digestive system that is under strain, which may require further medical investigation and treatment. Indigestion is generally not very serious and can be caused by overeating, poor digestion, sensitivity to certain food, or having too little gastric acid.
If this happens only once in a while when you overindulge on a rare meal or when you eat a food you are suspicious of then it’s probably not serious but tell your doctor, also if you are regurgitating acid every day. Acid reflux or GERD can be a little more involved and be caused by a peptic ulcer, gallstones, gastritis, hiatus hernia, or IBS and can improved by dietary changes… hint – prebiotics!
It was once believed that eating fruits and vegetables was a no-no because they contain acids and that would aggravate the acids in our stomach.
We hope you have a serious look at treating and curing your digestive health problems the natural way. You will learn practical applications of medicinal herbs for disease prevention, disease therapies along with natural alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The material in the Program will also provide you applied knowledge on how to properly and safely recommend vitamin or herbal therapies for various diseases and disorders from a Holistic perspective. If you are a focused, self motivated learner and want to graduate quickly put in more weekly time. Below are the list of independent holistic accrediting agencies for which NHC has gained approval for their programs. With these exams, the NHC graduates of the Holistic Health Practitioner program & Nutritional Consultant program can now earn a designation Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified in Nutritional Wellness. Once you have achieved the necessary credits for graduation, instructions for application can be sent to you. Upon submission of the application you must also include official transcripts provided to you by the Natural Healing College.

Searching our trusted network of top-rated Holistic Health Practitioners is easy, give it a try today. Heartburn can be simply from poor indigestion reasons as well but if it is accompanied by pain in the arms or neck it should be checked out. But the acid in fruits is different than the acid in our stomach and what used to be recommended was a bland diet, is now changed to eating fruits and vegetables again because of a better understanding of our digestive system. SheA seeks to improve the health of all who desire it." I believe it is my purpose in life to help others to remain healthy or improve their health. There is no exam to pass because all our diploma programs are already evaluated and approved by aadp.
This includes, massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, dance, art, music, horseback riding, nutrition, personal training, gymnastics, karate, etc. All auto graded activities allow multiple retakes where only the highest score achieved is counted in your overall class average. The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification Board is the governing body behind this certification.
This meeting is to meet with professionals who offer these services and explain how TriLuna works, and how we can work together to achieve our mission.
Besides, store-bought products contain artificial colors, preservatives, and sugar… more junk for a digestive system to deal with.
Our StaffWe are a small, but powerful group of dedicated people working to improve the health of others.

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