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Chinese Herbal Specialist, Medical Doctor in China would be more than happy to set up a private consultation to discuss your medical concerns and explain to you how Acupuncture can help you. Dayton Dandes Medical Center, Miami’s premier Holistic and Integrative Medical facility, is recognized as one of the leading medical practices in the country. At Dayton Dandes Medical Center we treat those battling cancer, nutritional deficiencies, pain, and other health issues using a combination of conventional medicine and alternative or complementary treatments. Homeopathic and alternative medical practitioners provide patients with a form of hydration therapy where water is infused with a variety of herbs. It isn’t the typical cocktail you sip poolside or at the bar, but the Myer’s Cocktail is taking Hollywood by storm.
Use of chelation therapy to treat heart disease and other diseases has grown 68% in just five years, with 111,000 people using the treatment annually.
Beebe has a special interest in the application of Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy and intravenous Vitamin C (for more on IV Vitamin C click here) for the treatment of cancer, and in the use of veterinary prolotherapy to rehabilitate and treat chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions (for more on prolotherapy click here).
Beebe served thirteen years in the United States Army, three years on active duty for the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Ft. Beebe is a recognized world expert in Chinese veterinary medicine and she regularly lectures at scientific meetings in the US and internationally.
Beebe has recently co-authored the first reference textbook on veterinary applications of classical Chinese herbal formulas Chinese Herbal Formulas for Veterinarians (for more info click here) with and Dr. Eugene Zhang is a Medical Doctor, or referred to as an Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD); here in the US he is one of the top Licensed Acupuncturists in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.
The Center stands as Southeast Florida’s oldest existing medical facility practicing complementary, conventional and alternative medicine (CAM), first introduced in 1973 by its Visionary Founder, Osteopathic Physician Dr.
Conventional medicine, which is often both expensive and invasive, is good for treating emergency conditions like serious injuries and traumas.
Recent studies show that chelation therapy produced a statistically significant reduction in cardiovascular events in treated patients. After graduation, she practiced veterinary emergency medicine and critical care exclusively until 1997.

That is, when appropriate, she combines conventional veterinary medical care with the other complementary and alternative therapies she is trained in. Campbell, Kentucky and ten years as a veterinary officer in the Army Reserve, where she helped organize veterinary corps humanitarian aid missions for third world countries and provided veterinary care to military working dogs. Because Dr, Beebe maintains a full teaching schedule as well as clinical practice.  She is available by appointment only.
Zhang can answer any questions you have about how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is proven effective for treating your chronic illnesses, injuries, pain management, infertility and more.
During that time, she owned and operated a 24-hour animal emergency medicine and critical care facility in central Washington state.
Tina Chen, MS, Lac the authors of Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology, and Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications.
Eugene Zhang Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, has been practicing acupuncture for over 20 years, and is a graduate of the top oriental medical school in the world: the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Holistic medicine is an approach to healing that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit in the pursuit of health and wellness.
Imbalances in physical, emotional or spiritual health can negatively affect your overall health. The word “alternative” is a blanket term used by many to describe any type of treatment outside of conventional medicine.
She has also has written a chapter on small animal Chinese medicine endocrinology for the textbook Practical Chinese Veterinary Medicine, to be published by the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine.
He is well versed in creating personalized natural herbal remedies and Chinese herbal medicine for all types of conditions from allergies to female and male infertility with very high success rate. Zhang was one of the first acupuncturists to be licensed in state of Virginia to practice in Northern VA back in 1999.
Zhang?s Northern Virginia Fairfax office for treatment, because acupuncture is proven to get to the root cause of one's pain. We asked God to send us to someone who could help, and we beyong thankful He sent us to you.

Many therapies and treatments are referred to as “alternative” like acupuncture or homeopathy. Dr Beebe is the co-author of Clinical Handbook of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine with Dr. At Dayton Dandes Medical Center we utilize all forms of health care, conventional & alternative therapies, to treat patients with a wide range of health issues. When you combine conventional and alternative medical practices the result is integrative medicine. Instead of prescribing medications based on symptoms, we take a deeper look into potential factors that put patients at risk. Integrative care combines mainstream medicine and proven holistic or alternative therapies to treat patients more effectively.
She is a faculty member of the Chi Institute of Chinese Veterinary Medicine,  LOTUS Institute of Integrative Medicine, and associate editor and board member of The American Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Treatment may involve pharmaceuticals to relieve symptoms, but often times lifestyle modifications can have a great impact. Patients who incorporate integrative medicine into their treatments are often happier with their results. At Dayton Dandes Medical Center we offer a wide range of integrative medical treatments including Insulin Potentiated and Intravenous therapies. It took me 45 minutes to finish my IV treatment and after I went straight to work!Cielo V.North Bay Village, FLTestimonial from YELPThe facility is clean well taken care and inviting.

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