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Truly, more Tools That Heal are available now on Earth than at any prior time in Earth's history. Q: Why did it take so long for Tools That Heal useful for our unresolved unconscious disturbances?
Another reason is good books cross-referening physical issues with mental-emotional disturbances did not exist until 1994. This website and the related 16 books comprise pretty good curriculum for a wide range of energy schools.

It is possible to believe all the past is but the beginning of the beginning, all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn. While humanistic psychology, Touch for Health and NLP are the “Grandparents” of more recent holistic healing modes, the larger framework is “loving.” All Tools That Heal presented here start with loving your self first.
At the top of the Energy Medicine Skill Ladder is soul transcendence, direct pesonal experience with Inner Light Sound and Inner Sound, outside and apart from all the stories we tell our self here in Creation. VERBATIM REPRODUCTION ENCOURAGED as long as you INCLUDE THIS BLURB: Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson offers gift initial sessions by phone-Skype.

After 40 years of holistic healing activity, many Best Practices have risen to the top, like cream in a bottle of raw milk.
If you need assistance, give me a call in PST time zone with Skype or at the phone number below.

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