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Everyone’s seen the ads for the latest diet fad or juice cleanse that is supposed to make your skin glow, your waistline shrink, and your life long and fulfilling, but it takes more than just a momentary dedication to wheatgrass shots to achieve true health and balance. These sites offer a broad overview, historical information, and all types of facts about how holistic nutrition can improve anyone’s health and lifestyle.
The American Nutrition Association has been around since 1972 with a focus on advocating health advancement.
Nutrition Facts offers much deeper information than the nutrition labels on packaged foods. The Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition is where individuals must go in order to become board certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition.
The Whole Journey features the full gamut of news, recipes, videos, blog posts, and product reviews about holistic health and nutrition. Wellspring Holistic Center gives nutritional counseling services that allow individuals to confront problematic eating habits and improve the overall stability of the mind and body. Holistic Learning Center provides Nutrition Consultation along with Lifestyle Coaching Services to work with parents whose children have ADD, ADHD, LD, and PDD. Well of Life Center for Natural Health provides numerous services, like nutritional testing, holistic and natural remedies, as well as whole food and herbal supplements. Holistic Wellness Basics is a guide for living a healthy life through natural foods and holistic methods. Healthful Elements is a blog that focuses on living the best lifestyle possible through holistic nutrition methods and guides on eating better. The Nutrition Advisor is run by Linda Wolschlager and she blogs about different nutritional elements, with posts analyzing individual health conditions.
The Underground Wellness Blog looks at facts that are not as well known about nutrition and the best ways to combat them.
Jungle Girl Health has advice on nutrition programs, sports nutrition, a thorough blog, along with testimonials from those who Jungle Girl has worked with. The National Integrated Health Associates Integrative Health Blog looks at different topics within holistic nutrition over each entry, tackling issues like estrogen dominance, garlic’s power, and ways to stop sugar cravings. The Whole Good Life gives advices on holistic nutrition and welness coaching through a really great blog, recipes, useful books, and even services they provide.
Life After Grains is run by a holistic nutrion student and it tackles different recipes, retreats, travel advice, and how to eat the best.
The Holistic Nutrition Girl is a site with plenty of advice for bettering a lifestyle through nutritional advice and advocating for healthier eating. Holistic Nutrition with Taunya Bruton has a blog that focuses on great recipes that are variations and less-healthy options, but they taste as good or better.
Holistic Nutritioness is designed for those looking to improve themselves through their nutritional needs. Karen Roth Nutrition publishes regular articles on various holistic practices, news articles on health, links to media, how to alleviate allergy symptoms, and more. AHNA, in part, works as a bridge between traditional medicine and alternative healing practices. This whole-life health center offers services including hormone testing, hair analysis, gluten intolerance testing and faith based counseling. A forum to help find local nutrition specialists, recipes, holistic health conferences and other resources.
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition is the leading training institute for holistic health professionals. Focuses on the benefits paleo eating and eliminating carb intake to reduce fatigue, depression, and other health problems.
Health coaching including simple methods: learning about nutrition, applying the knowledge, and getting to know your body. Specializing in helping individuals with food allergies and diabetes, this blog has great resources for people struggling with health issues and dietary problems. A holistic health institute that trains professionals combining holistic health principles and psychology.
Includes great information for pregnancy nutrition, offering help for clients struggling with nausea, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. Focuses on transforming your metabolism through holistic nutrition and teaching clients to reengage with their food, learn to get enough rest, reduce stress, and find time to meditate. Extensive nutrition services, including shopping tours, meal plans, and general nutritional counseling. Many of the most avid followers of holistic nutrition practices have taken to crafting their own recipes and meal plans and sharing them online.
Balance in Nutrition is run by Morgan Potts, a Holistic Health Counselor who received her degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat is a great resource for reforming eating habits and improving a quality of living through what food is consumed.
Life Positive gives advice on how to foster a better relationship with yourself and it a complete online guide to personal growth. Pulse Holistic Health is lush with guides on improving eating habits through recipes and smart tips for living a healthier lifestyle. Perfect Balance Holistic Health gives recipes broken into breakfast, meat & seafood, vegetables, soups, salads, and more to help change the typical conventions concerning food.
Evolved Holistic Living centers their content on Holistic Health Management and includes fantastic healthy recipes for cooking in ways more in tune with your body.
Holistic Sum is a great source for browsing recipes and improving a lifestyle through what is consumed. Chef Karolina is run by a professional chef working in New York City and works with pregnant women and families to live healthy lives, no matter how busy a schedule may get. Freda Mooncotch specializes in creating delicious, wholesome meals free of sugar, wheat, and preservatives.
Selling healthy gluten free granola and other products, GrawFoods offers clients snack actions to fit into a holistic lifestyle. Catering to private clients, this chef creates flavorful and healthy meals centered around holistic methods.
A personal meal planning service in New York working with families with special diets, including vegan, vegetarian, casein free, gluten free, kosher and Paleo.
A nutritionist and whole foods chef in North Carolina, Melanie offers a myriad of services.
Focusing on living well, eating healthy, and going green, this site provides recommendations for food, travel, and products. Focused on balanced living, this blog offers organic food recipes, as well inspirational articles and videos, and tips for healthful living. Recipes found here are created to help clients with weight management, hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, asthma and allergies.
Recipe lists include condiments, main meals, sides, and desserts, all focused on whole, natural foods. Nutrition consultants and therapists work with individuals to design custom plans for using holistic nutrition and dietary regiments to maintain not only a healthy and lasting body, but a healthy mind. Essene Health is a holistic health counseling service that helps people address their health needs. Empowering their clients to live their healthiest lives, Jules and Bliss focus on educating people about organic health and dietary cleanses.
MBT focuses on providing education that is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual health principles. A very client-centered, this health coaching service attempts to help clients understand their own personal diet needs. Holistic Health Revolution includes key dietary information as well as classes in healthy movement, such as yoga and nia. Combines Chinese medicine, Amma, and holistic nutrition to offer a healthier lifestyle to clients.
Nourish believes in helping clients try to treat the three main problems they find in clients – poor sleep, low energy, and chronic pain. Through a combination of yoga, whole foods eating, and support, this wellness coach attempts to lead their clients into a life of healing.
Natural Ways offers many treatments and supplements for natural living, holistic health, and nutrition. Holistic Choices offers many resources for people looking for information about nutrition, supplements, weight loss, or other health issues.
Tri Holistic Nutrition focuses on providing a healthier lifestyle through advocating for local, organic, and seasonal foods. Chris Kresser gets to the bottom of why individuals aren’t feeling as they should through different health assessments and dieting suggestions. Be Well Associates works with patients to address health concerns through tests and services designed to identify the best approach to holistic nutrition.
Healing Illuminations is a blog run by Holistic Nutrition Consultant Bridget Krutzik and gives advice on the best recipes for people and more information on nutrition consultations, Angelic Reiki, and Angel Readings. Wind of Change Nutrition assists patients with a variety of health conditions, ranging from digestive disorders to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Lavender Holistic is run by a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and is experienced in assisting clients in losing weight, boosting immune systems, detoxifying bodies, and helping optimize fertility. Cheryl Berkowitz is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Health Coach based in Northampton, Mass with experience in bone health counseling, one-on-one wellness counseling, along with seasonal cleanses and weight loss programs.
Holistic Equilibrium helps individuals get their health out of a state of imbalance and get people in tune with themselves again. You’re a Peach Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is a very comprehensive site for looking at the services a registered holistic nutritionist can do and how to detoxify and lose weight.
Sacred Source Nutrition is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of nutrition and holistic health practices to enrich the eating habits of anyone. Crave Nutrition is a site tailored to health coaching and provides information on health coaching, health forms, recipes, and upcoming events. Rebecca Pascoe works in holistic wellness counseling and also helps people align better with which food lifestyle is best suited for them.
This site offers natural healing and health information and resources based on the art and science of healing the natural way. Wondercide is a line of natural products focused on an assortment of needs, from natural hygiene products for pets to skin care for humans, as well as pest control and fertilizer.
Offers information on alternative, safe, pet-friendly products, including shampoos, food, and flea treatments. Our blog is maintained by Erin Thole, a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Running Coach. Some nutrition-conscious people like to trace their food all the way to the source, and get the most organic options at their local farmers market. The National Association of Nutrition Professionals has a great tool for finding a nutrition professional near you and improving your lifestyle one day at a time. The American Holistic Health Association Video section is dense with all different meals, how to prepare particularly difficult produce, as well as shortcuts for eating healthy.
Robb Wolf runs a great blog on the Paleo Diet, it’s benefits, and how to successfully live in a manner that allows individuals to be in tune with themselves. Nancy Guberti is a Holistic Nutritionist who runs a blog and Blog Radio Talk show that promotes healthier lifestyles and interesting approaches to biomedical and nutritional healing. Functional Nutrition 101 breaks down all the most integral information when it comes to knowing how to properly maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle no matter what part of your day. Healthtarian provides forward-thinking recipes that emphasize many different ingredients to create fascinating new recipes and live a healthier, more delicious lifestyle.
30 Days of Real Food is an initiative from The Fit Ink that aims to help people get back on track with their health by spending 30 days not eating junk and fast food and empowering people to eat foods that are not processed and overly bad for them. Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives is a fascinating documentary that chronicles the risks that the multinational seed company Monsanto imposes on people across the world. Innovative Healing Podcasts is a monthly series with valuable health information from professionals.
Liv Healthy Podcasts is a directory of assorted content that focuses on eating better, holistic living, among other things like fitness and green living.
The Paleo Diet has been increasing in popularity in recent years and Primal Diet – Modern Health Paleo Podcast is a source for discussing the different implications it has on lifestyles, along with how to still work to improve yourself. When it comes to bettering your health, an integral part is knowing how to benefit your body the most.
The Food Tree is a guide to food servings and is a redone version of the incredibly outdated “Food Pyramid that has floated around for years.
Chris Kressler is an acupuncturist and a practitioner of integrative medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area and discusses exciting lifestyle developments, such as the Paleo Diet and how other nutritional lifestyles can reduce heart disease, diabetes, and more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compiled an impressive array of tools for addressing nutrition topics that help reinforce the best ways to live health, productive lifestyles.
Tom Corson-Knowles runs a Nutrition Podcast series that is sure to help anyone looking for valuable information on living a healthier lifestyle and his blog also has great information on how to prevent aging, different recipes, along with how to naturally lose weight. has a great health and nutrition section that features over 1500 videos on every sort of topic imaginable.
Balanced Cites Podcast is a weekly series that goes over smart, forward-thinking methods to changing an eating lifestyle or reducing different symptoms of a disease. Food Matters is a film that highlights the necessity to improve lives through more conscientious food choices and educating ourselves on what we’re consuming. Nourish Interactive is a health guide designed for parents to help ease the burden of managing a million things in their lives and also providing their children delicious and healthy meal options.
Veria Living presents recipes in an innovative way, all with videos presenting useful information while cooking the dishes. Alliance for Natural Health has great educational resources for putting people back in tune with living a healthy lifestyle and making informed lifestyle decisions. A Delicate Balance is a documentary that explores the adverse affects that animal protein has on the human body, as well as the environment, and the best way to approach disease and health overall. The Whole Journey is a fascinating site that aims to help reduce symptoms of diseases through a more natural approach, rather than through medications and other cumbersome treatments.
If you’re looking for an engaging and colorful guide to holistic nutrition, look no further than Holistic Junkie.
Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Recipes has some of the best recipes that make it much easier to adapt a healthier lifestyle that focuses on eating real food and taking care of one’s self through what is eaten. Free Holistic Nutrition eBooks is a database of different holistic nutrition resources, all in PDF form, making them much more accessible to the average user today. Natural News is an incredibly important source for finding a bank of incredibly useful Holistic Nutrition Videos. The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists is a professional organization that promotes the agenda of clinical nutritionists across the United States and beyond.
Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0 is an introspective tool that gets fairly specific into the details of how food impacts different individuals and how to improve eating habits.
University of Virginia Health System Clinical Nutrition Tools helps equip students and non-students alike with the tools to appropriately live healthily and engage in more sustainable living practices. Deciding what to eat and sticking to a plan is both empowering and healthy when it is done right. Evolution Nutrition is an online meal planning app, recommended by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy runs Joyous Health, a blog dedicated to emphasizing how permanent lifestyle changes are much more beneficial than dieting. Nourish Interactive Meal Planner helps parents maintain healthy meal plans for their children and others through a colorful guide that also has free printable materials, along with daily health tips.
Food on the Table is a program that helps create individualized meal plans based on preferences, and even updates on grocery lists and prices for the store you shop at. KOL Foods puts kosher meat and ethics on the same plate so you can feel good about the meat you eat. Kate Coleman, the mastermind behind Biophilia’s Love Your Whole Life Recipes, publishes a fantastic source of delicious, as well as socially and nutritionally conscious, foods. Tri Holistic Nutrition is a go-to source for those looking to change their lifestyle and eat healthier options.
Natural Ways Recipes is an intuitive guide for locating the best meals centered around healthy and nutritious foods.
MealBoard is an app for the iPhone that helps plan meals, store recipes, create weekly plans, generate grocery lists, and even keep an inventory on your phone of what’s in your pantry.
Meal Planner has an incredible variety of features that make it invaluable, namely meal plans, shopping lists, and even recipes. Eating Well’s section on Recipes and Menus emphasizes innovative ways to improve eating habits that not only taste better, but also help sustain living.
MerckEngage Meal is a meal planner that helps individuals count calories and also properly adjust for working out and how many calories are burned in a workout session. Holistic Squid is a slightly different take on holistic health and provides great methods for improving fertility, one’s own health naturally, and more. Plan to Eat is a site that restructures how families view planning meals and better be situated to feed their families. Be Well Associates is based in State College, Pennsylvania and is run by Certified Nutritionist Monica Montag. Based in the United Kingdom, Tesco Food Diary allows individuals to count calories and keep track of what they’ve eaten each day and how to improve eating habits in simple manners.
If you’re working to improve your lifestyle, many times it is easy to be dissuaded from a lack of good recipes. Freo Holistic Nutrition helps empower individuals to lead lives that are healthy through natural foods that aren’t processed.
Holistic Food Pyramid is a well-rounded guide to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and understanding how to live in a much more conscientious manner. Creating a Healthy Eating Plan from the University of California, Riverside is a thorough guide to understand ways to improve eating habits, lose weight and get in better shape, and much more. There are many different meal-planning tools on the Internet today, but Vitabot stands above many of them through their impressive array of logistics that help individuals monitor various deficiencies and more.
Mobile apps have taken the health world by storm, making up to the minute meal tracking and finding healthy, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free restaurants on the go easier than ever. SuperTracker is an intuitive tool for inputting calories for different meals, as well as physical activity. HappyCow on the Go is a mobile version of the popular website that features a restaurant guide, vegetarian topics, recipes, an in-depth blog, and more.
MyNetDiary is the perfect tech tool for managing diets and weight loss from mobile devices with information that easily translates to computers.
Locavore is a convenient way to quickly locate local, in-season food from farmers’ markets and farms within the area. Buycott is almost a necessity today due to the different legislation various companies get behind and their political leanings.
HealthyOut is a meal delivery service that focuses on providing healthy options for meals that can be delivered to your home or workplaces. Vegetarian Calculator helps paint a picture of the sort of impact one contributes to through a vegetarian lifestyle. Fig is a personal wellness guide that puts users back in tune with themselves by promoting healthier and more productive lifestyles.
Cron-O-Meter is a web app that helps others track their health data, nutrition, weight, and more through useful resources and insightful commentary. Superfoods Apps for iOS is an app for the iPhone that allows people to understand all the different superfoods that contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to sustain their lives. Foodle from Pomegranate Apps is a great tool with nutrition facts on over 8,000 foods, all with the information on vitamin and mineral content. NRDC’s Label Lookup tool offers detailed information and ratings about the data presented on consumer product labels, including food. Fooducate compiles objective food recommendations and allows people to have a better understanding of what they’re consuming and where it comes from. The Green Smoothie iPhone App is a great tool for quickly compiling ingredients for delicious smoothies that are also nutritious. CHJ Holistic Health App is a quick reference guide to vitamins, nutrients, and super foods, all of which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
GoMeals Mobile Apps is a colorful lifestyle tool that doesn’t focus merely on eating, it promotes physical activity, since the two do work hand-in-hand. Self Nutrition Data empowers each individual to be the change they need in their lives through the latest information diabetes, heart health, cooking your own meals, and much more.
Triumph Dining’s collection of gluten-free apps is a really popular page that outlines all the best places to go for those who actively engage in avoiding items that contain. MyWholeLife is an app that provides nutritional advice daily, sleep habit guidance, in addition to a bank of previous tips to continuously work on improving a lifestyle. The iPhone App Food Diary makes it much easier to track foods eaten and calories to paint a much more realistic picture of eating habits and how to improve diets and get back in shape.
The Grubbery Apps is part of The Grubbery, a blog that shows different ways to focus on seeds and living a meaningful life based off the vegetables typically found in one’s garden. Non-GMO Shopping Guide has been developed for the iPhone, which enables individuals to quickly and effectively locate items that have not been grown with genetically modified crops. Good Food Near You is a farmers’ market directory that is also available as an app for mobile devices. Cook It Allergy Free App has long stood as one of the best cooking apps due to its ability to cater around different allergies and engage work to make individuals healthier. MealLogger provides a photographic way to remember what you ate, how much, and track calories. Social support is one of the biggest contributors to a successful transition to a more nutritious lifestyle.
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has a fascinating Health Coach Directory that helps individuals find the health coach that fits their needs the best and even allows for searching by interest areas. Dietician Central Nutrition Message is a forum that highlights different aspects of what it’s like to be a dietician and to allow for discussions to be engaged, no matter the issue.
Eatwild’s Directory of Farms is a state-by-state guide that identifies all the farms that produce many different foods and guarantee they are free of antibiotics and added hormones. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has long stood as a guide for people to predict the weather, crop yields and more. Kansas Farmers Markets is a website that helps residents of Kansas, and surrounding areas, attain locally grown and cultivated food.
Farmers Market is a go-to site for finding the closes farmers’ markets and is one of the most comprehensive when it comes to increased specificity, all while maintaining an incredible ease-of-use.
The National Farmers Market Directory helps families and local business across the country connect through their insightful tools for locating markets close to their homes. is an educational site that details what organic food is and the benefits associated with it. Holistic Local Discussion Forums make the consumer more informed by allowing them to actively engage in discussions about the latest happenings in their communities and different developments on issues. Holistic nutrition is all about getting the perfect blend of nutrients from healthy sources while avoiding foods with toxic additives and excess amounts of particular chemicals.
Lowered intake of excess sugar, salt, and fat typically found in processed meats, cheeses, and other animal products. While veganism isn’t for everyone, it is in increasingly popular choice for people who want to pursue more holistic dietary habits, and these sites offer awesome recipes and in-depth descriptions of the benefits of veganism for anyone who wants to give it a shot.
Vegie Head is a website and book that posts great recipes designed to empower individuals in the kitchen again, allowing them to make interesting vegan dishes and no longer confining them to a simple array of ingredients. Oh She Glows is run by a woman named Angela who uses the blog to outline the best vegan dishes, but with incredible depth. Vegan Bits looks at many different areas of being vegan, including product reviews for different items to help make vegan items. Will Travel for Vegan Food is a blog devoted to searching out the best vegan food on various trips and blogging the best places to check out as well. A Dash of Compassion is run by a Canadian editor and writer named Nicole who has been vegan for 14 years and has an extensive background in creating vegan dishes, including a Vegan Baking Boot Camp at the Natural Gourmet Institute.
My Kind of Life highlights a vegan’s adventures around the world and reviews the vegan restaurants she tries.
Notes from the Vegan Feast is the journal for a vegan food writer and regularly highlights fantastic vegan cooking options that are becoming much more commonly used and also better tasting.
The Vegan Pact was started by a couple who decided to go from vegetarian to vegan together in early 2012 and follows the dishes they’ve made together and also helpful insight into the process of fully going vegan. The Veracious Vegan is based in Washington, DC and focuses on reviewing different vegan restaurants around the world.
Vegan Sparkles is a great blog for quick and easy vegan recipes and for finding other useful links for becoming vegan. An Unrefined Vegan blogs random musings on a number of subjects as they pertain to veganism. A, B, C, Vegan is a site that outlines the first steps to becoming vegan, complete with easy-to-make dishes and insightful living tips. Vegans are Cool highlights the individuals in many different fields who are vegan and underlines how cool it can be to be vegan.
The Little Foxes is an awesome blog with a clean-cut layout and casual demeanor that provides wellness tips, recipes, reviews and giveaways, and even tips for going vegan.
The Vegan Chickpea is run by a couple that focuses on invigorating vegan dishes, along with good reads for those inquiring for more ideas. Vegan Consultant is a blog based in New York City that specializes in providing lifestyle advice for vegans. The Blooming Platter of Vegan Recipes is run by Betsy Difulio and provides full courses for making delicious vegan food. Dinner with Dilip was started as sort of a response to other vegan blogs and had a distinct plan of showcasing different dishes made.

The Vegan Prisoners Support Group works with those who have become incarcerated in the United Kingdom and actively works to provide them with vegan food options, as well as clothing, hygiene products, and more.
Vegan Crunk is run by a Memphis-based vegan who regularly posts different dishes and restaurant reviews from around the Memphis and other areas of the mid-South. The author of Vegan Heartland became a vegan because he didn’t want to support cruel conditions used in harvesting meat and other animal products.
Alicia Silverstone runs a blog discussing different vegan options and has really great articles pertaining to living healthy and extending vegan options to others. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Vegetarian and Vegan Diets page looks at the most effective ways to live healthily and shows the importance as to what is eaten and its effects on the body. The Compassionate Cook is run by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, a cook who promotes a 30-day vegan challenge and has written numerous books on converting to veganism.
Vegan Cuts looks at the best vegan products across the Internet and includes advice on what to buy, what to avoid, even down to clothing, and also upcoming events around the country. JF Goes Vegan follows JL Fields, a vegan cook, lifestyle coach, and educator, as she shows how to go vegan and improve a lifestyle.
Allyson Kramer’s Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes is a great blog to find different, new recipes for preparing vegan dishes. Plant-Powered Kitchen is run by Dreena Burton and provides awesome vegan recipes that are low fat and much more aligned with the needs of the body.
Cake Maker to the Stars blogs about different vegan recipes that pertain to vegan and gluten-free recipes. The Veggie Nook is run by an aspiring nutritionist named Gabby who currently is studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Cadry’s Kitchen is a cool blog run by Cadry, a woman raised in Iowa who aims to help others become more in-tune with plant-based diets for living healthier and being happier. Virtual Vegan Potluck is a fun idea in which different vegan recipe websites contribute recipes pertaining to different themes, which allows people to click through the list, starting at appetizers and moving to small plates, entrees, and desserts. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is an incredibly useful blog for finding delicious vegan dishes with no added oil, such as oil, margarine, and shortening.
Vegansaurus is a vegan lifestyle guide that helps vegans with valuable living tips for being better vegans and managing many different recipes. Post Punk Kitchen was started in Brooklyn in 2003 with the idea to start a fun cooking show for vegans to enjoy, complete with bands. Vedged Out is a site focused intently on empowering others to live healthy, vegan lifestyles and provides ample recipes and guidance for others.
ChooseVeg is a colorful, well-designed site that looks at why people should go vegan and the most appropriate way to do it.
Vegan Mainstream is a comprehensive source for vegans that looks mostly at different animal rights issues, environmental issues as the impact food sources, the usage of animals in clothing, and useful vegan recipes.
Go Vegan’s site is an awesome resource for vegans looking for more resources on how to be better vegans. Hell Yeah It’s Vegan breaks down vegan recipes into many different categories, ranging from main and side dishes, as well as desserts, breads, snacks, drinks, and even tips on how to turn anything into a vegan dish. Vegan Yack Attack writes about all sorts of vegan dishes and recipes, including captivating photos as well. Robin Robertson’s Global Vegan Kitchen is a great site for browsing vegan dishes and finding something appealing for everyone. Vegangela is run by a woman named Angela who has been vegan for 18 years and currently lives in Toronto where she writes useful vegan tips, recipes, and more.
Vegan in the Sun is run by Taymer Mason and the blog focuses on being vegan in the Caribbean.
Olives for Dinner chronicles a vegan as she lives with her meat-eating husband and details the dishes they agree on and other useful information on being vegan. Vegan Housewives publishes different recipes, tips for feeding a baby a vegan diet, along with useful tips on dining out, desserts, and more!
Veggietorials is centered on veganism and all the recipes and places to eat that cater to vegans. Bread Without Butter is a vegan blog focused on vegan cooking and baking, but has an emphasis on the delicious foods that result from it. Vegan Action is an informative site that educates on veganism and how to become one, along with animal rights and environmental issues that are many times connected. Vegan Sweet Tooth is all about vegan desserts and is kind enough to break the selections down into vegan, soy free, gluten free, oil free, and more. Maple Spice is the awesome blog of a Canadian woman who now lives in Ireland who provides ample recipes for being vegan, including categories broken into sweet and savoury to help no matter the occasion. Cupcakes and Kale is looks at vegan cuisine, desserts, and vegan living in general in Northern Ontario in Canada. One Arab Vegan is an awesome blog that looks at different vegan recipes and the author provides useful tips on how to make the best dishes, all while including interesting details of her own life and history.
Vegan Mother Hubbard looks at being a mom, raising twins, and maintaining a healthy, vegan lifestyle, all simultaneously.
Cupcake Kitteh is based in Sydney Australia and underlines her affinity for veganism and how it has benefited her life. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking is focused on providing the best ways to be vegan with simple or easy-to-make dishes that promote a healthy vegan lifestyle. Seitan is My Motor is a site that focuses on innovative vegan recipes and is published in English and German.
An Ode to Mung Beans is a site all about vegan cooking and how to prepare the best dishes with a variety of meat-free ingredients. It’s Easy Being Vegan highlights the ways that being vegan is actually easier than eating meat and its byproducts. Vegan Appetite blogs different vegan dishes, good books to read, along with upcoming events relevant to veganism and animal rights. Well Vegan outlines the best plans for going vegan, complete with recipes, meal plans, and even a shopping list.
Vegan Eats and Treats is a great site for finding delicious vegan treats and the best ways to prepare different vegan items. American Vegan Society is the official organization that represents vegans in America and it’s complete with fantastic resources for being a vegan, complete from recipes to dating advice. Crack The Plates is a vegan living in Atlanta and highlights the best vegan places to eat, different recipes, and also a useful cookbook collection.
The Vegan Version integrates life experiences in with veganism and also combines delicious recipes as well. Luminous Vegans is an awesome website that highlights different recipes options for vegans and includes insightful commentary on veganism. My Face is on Fire is a blog and podcast that focuses on the ethical treatment of animals and its relation to veganism. For people who are passionate about holistic nutrition and healthy living, one of the best ways to use their knowledge and skills is to help others learn about holistic health. Finding the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and understanding the concept of nutrient bioavailability. These sites have vital information for anyone in the holistic health field who wants to keep up with new findings and continue to develop their own understanding of this complex body of knowledge.
Nutrition consultants and holistic health enthusiasts are some of the most active and interesting bloggers online.
The National Association of Nutrition Professionals helps to maintain standards within the holistic nutrition community and has designed them to accommodate nutrition consultants and natural chefs. Sonia created her Healthy Foodie site as a means for her to stay on track and keep a record of recipes she had created and meals she had eaten. Balanced Bites is the blog of Diane Sanfilippo and it has all of the most crucial information related to getting healthier while applying the least amount of time to meal preparation. Paleo for Women is a movement that originated out of a website run by writer-nutritionist Stefani Ruper. The Nutrition Twins, Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, are twin sisters who are nationally recognized registered dietitians, nutritionists, and personal trainers – with 15 years of experience helping thousands of clients to boost their energy naturally, get healthier, be happier and reach tip-top shape.
Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist (RNCP, ROHP, CNP) with a passion for inspiring people to get back to basics and eat real food whether they are an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan. Mary Vance, Certified Nutrition Consultant specializes in women’s health, fertility, and hormone balance, along with digestive wellness, hypothyroidism, and detoxification. With her blog, Frisky Lemon, Allison Nichols specializes in working with individuals to cultivate a carefree relationship with food, and to have more vibrant, natural energy by transitioning to a whole food, often Paleo (aka the Caveman Diet), diet.
Janet Helm works to translate nutrition science into intelligible words without complication or confusion.
Food Politics is the blog of Marion Nestle who works as a professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. This nutrition site is full of the latest nutrition information, healthy recipes, controversial topics, and food safety information. Good Food, Bad Kitchen is a colorful and informative site created by Connie Linton, a certified holistic nutritionist. Barbara Mendez is a Nutritional Consultant and Registered Pharmacist in New York City, dedicated to helping clients maximize their health. This blog focuses on creating low carb meal plans to manage diabetes, pre diabetes, obesity, weight management, and hormonal disorders. Emily Dingmann created this blog to tell you about the new foods she has found, great recipes that she feels need to be shared and much, much more on the subject of health & wellness. Abra Pappa’s Nutritious America helps others go about a holistic nutrition approach to redefining their health. Vanessa Perrone combines her passion for good food and knowledge of human nutrition to lead people on path towards wellness and optimal health. Professional Nutrition Consulting offers nutrition coaching, cooking demos, and grocery store tours. Laura received her training as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.
Katherine Leonard is a holistic nutritionist and naturopathic medical student focused on helping men and women revitalize their health. Dena Norton, MS, RD, LD holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition, and is a nationally registered and state licensed dietitian.
Market Basket Nutrition is written by Cindy Silver, a registered dietitian who believes that simple food and home cooking are at the core of a healthy life. As the founder of Holistic New Life Nutrition, Rhonda is dedicated to helping individuals achieve the highest level of wellness possible.
Living Healthy in the Real World is a blog that covers topics of general health and wellness, nutrition and food, fitness, emotional health and wellbeing, mental health, natural and holistic remedies, and lifestyle issues. Libby’s Fit Nutrition coaches clients with things likes daily habits, grocery shopping, label reading, and what to eat.
Body and health coach Joanne Burke-Sherman works with clients to create personalized “roadmap to health” that suits client’s unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.
Linda Wolschlager works one-on-one with individuals to help them get back the great health they may be missing with the use of the right nutrition, supplements and herbs that they need.
Anastasia is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer and Pilates instructor who specializes in sustainable and personalized health. This site is great for anyone looking for a quick healthy recipes or personalized advice from a nutritionist. Desiree is a sought-after speaker on a wide range of topics from eating for a healthier body to fighting chronic disease. Bridget Krutzik’s nutrition consultations empower clients with simple and effective tools and strategies to positively impact on health.
Words to Eat By works with health associations, media outlets, non-profit organizations and food companies to educate and excite the public about nutrition. Lauren Talbot is a certified clinical nutritionist with a passion for the correlation between beauty and proper nutrition.
Nutri-Savvy is a lifestyle program that works to introduce clients to an intuitive sensory approach to food, incorporating everything and limiting nothing.
Whole Health Source is written by Stephan Guyenet, an obesity researcher, neurobiologist and author.
Janey Appleseed Nutrition is the consultancy and blog of Sarah Jane Sandy, a certified nutrition therapist and yoga instructor. The “Jungle Girl,” Tamara Jacobi, works with women struggling with personal health challenges including stress, emotional eating, food sensitivities, acne, weight loss and lifestyle imbalance.
Jack Norris RD helps vegans stay updated on the latest news, while also providing delicious recipes that make it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Fat Nutritionist is written by a woman who works ardently to outline how individuals can feel more comfortable about their bodies and ultimately feel better about themselves.
Inspired RD is the site for dietician Alysa Bajenaru and she goes in-depth on some of the most contemporary dietary obstacles today. An Apple A Day Nutrition Consulting Blog has all the latest information on contemporary nutrition topics, while also articulating the best approaches to living healthier lives. Since 2006, the multidisciplinary team of counselors, doctors, exercise specialists, naturopaths, and nutritionists at Precision Nutrition have coached more than 200,000 people in nearly 100 countries through our coaching and certification programs. Hammer Nutrition is a leading website selling supplements, vitamins, and diet enhancements. Sarah is a registered holistic nutritionist and specializes in sports nutrition for runners.
Nutrition Checkup works to help people find the best way to manage their lives by working to control what they eat in a more stringent manner.
Nutrition Success educates users on the best protocols for nutrition, health, and wellness. This Florida based dietician is certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition in Sports Nutrition and is certified in Adult Weight Management by the American Dietetic Association.
Karen Roth, MS, NC holds a Masters of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. With Jackie Lede’s blog, learn easy tips and tricks to eating healthy, how to fit healthy behaviors into your busy schedule, recipes, life coaching topics and much more.
Michelle Dwyer is a Professional Member and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Megan Pennington uses her training as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach to educate her clients and ensure that they have the information they need to make informed decisions about their own health. As a Health Coach, Gina Rieg guides her clients towards optimal and whole health by focusing on REAL and traditional food. Emma Sgourakis, Certified Nutritionist, is unique in how she practices, working closely with her clients (ranging from busy moms and corporate executives to professional athletes) in Sydney, Melbourne, across Australia and internationally via Skype.
The amount of information about health and nutrition available online is staggering, and it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. The USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center Blog has compiled a vital list of useful websites to refine one’s dietary choices. NutriWell Coaching Blog has useful posts that put readers more in tune with successful nutrition techniques that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle, even as they age. The Nutrition Coach aims to allow people to meet at the intersection of nutritional therapy and life coaching principles.
Michael Greger is a physician, author, and professional speaker who uses his blog to bring families and individuals nutrition news, research, and information daily. The goal of Whole9 is to promote health, happiness, sanity, and balance through their 9 Factors: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, active recovery, injury rehabilitation, fun and play, personal development, and temperance.
On this site users can find over 900 videos in the archive that cover all sorts of different natural health topics. The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. The International Food Information Council Foundation (aka Food Insight) is dedicated to the mission of effectively communicating science-based information on health, food safety and nutrition for the public good.
Nourishing Integrative Blog is designed to allow families to stay the most educated on crucial nutrition issues. The registered dietitians who run this sit are passionate about better health through balanced nutrition, exercise & cleaner living. The Balanced Babe is a Chicago-based health and wellness blog that is lush with tips on holistic health. Blossom Clinic has become a trusted natural healthcare center specializing in women’s health and reproductive issues. Since 1995, The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has been providing comprehensive training in Wholistic Healthcare, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amma Bodywork Therapy, Wholistic Nutrition and Movement Arts.
The cHealth Blog is an initiative of the Center for Connected Health and is integral to facilitating worthwhile information to those looking to get contemporary perspectives on health issues.
Wholify focuses on the reasons behind current nutrition and people’s relationship with food.
Wellness Mama writes useful tips that explain how to best manage one’s life through healthier choices that benefit the entire family. Healthy Holistic Living gives wonderful context to how to best approach maintaining a diet that betters one’s lifestyle.
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine helps keep physicians updated with the latest protocols and recommendations for providing adequate guidance to their patients regarding lifestyle maintenance.
With its revolutionary approach to online nutrition training, the Institute of Psychology of Eating is the only school of its kind that teaches students how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times.
Food + Spirit aims to unite aspects of spirituality with a science-based nutrition approach. Choosing Raw’s blog-runner has written articles in some leading food publications and provides exceptional insight into eating methods and the proper ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find Your Balance helps individuals that are striving to center their lives and align themselves with lifestyle choices that not only benefit themselves, but their families as well. As a certified health coach, she is particularly equipped to give useful advice on delicious dishes for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores. Chris Kresser specializes in acupuncture and integrative medicine and uses his unique perspective to help find techniques for combatting chronic illness.
Nutrition Lately keeps users updated on the latest news in nutrition, while helping detail how to align oneself with the best dietary choices for a healthy life.
What educational options are there in nutrition?If you are interested in working in the field, you have a variety of educational options.
Holistic nutrition is a form of nutrition therapy that some doctors and wellness practitioners recommend to their patients.
It’s important to note that all registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians.
Earn a bachelor’s degree with courses in nutrition and dietetics, including food and nutrition sciences, business, computer science, sociology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and chemistry.
Complete an experiential practice program that focuses on your area of specialization, such as holistic nutrition, corporate wellness, or naturopathic medicine.
Pass a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and verify you meet your state’s licensing requirements.
Complete continuing professional educational requirements to maintain registration and licensing credentials. Enjoy helping others make positive lifestyle changes and achieve goals for living healthier, more active lives! Although nutritionist is a popular career choice in the nutrition field, there are numerous other professions to choose from.
Health educators teach others about behaviors that promote wellness, evaluate the effectiveness of health programs and materials, and advocate for improved health and wellness resources.
Nutritional counselors are concerned with human nutrition and how it can prevent or lead to various diseases or illnesses.
A public health nutritionist is a registered dietitian who creates partnerships in the community to assure adequate and appropriate food and nutrition resources for the whole population, all ages and facilitates nutrition system and policy changes in the community.
Dietitians are nutrition experts who help people understand the science behind food and nutrition enabling them to make smarter and healthier food choices. Clinical nutritionists help individuals achieve healthy physiological function by assessing their nutritional needs through biochemical laboratory testing.
For dietitians and nutritionists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the job industry to grow 16% from 2014-2024. Our site, in addition to other credible sources, offer an abundance of information about holistic nutrition and related fields. Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online: Our list of top 100 holistic nutrition resources online is an outstanding collection of nutrition facts and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it.
Harvard Medical School Online Library of Webcasts: This site is a wealth of information with links to several Webcasts on nutrition topics. Meet a Dietitian – Interview with Erin McCarthy: Our interview with registered a dietitian sheds light on the nutrition industry and why working in this field is a job worth doing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics: The BLS provides up-to-date career information for dietitians and nutritionists as well as a positive job outlook report that projects a growth of 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations! Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Proponents of holistic nutrition use all kinds of scientifically confirmed information about the nutrient content of various foods, along with the nutrition needs of individuals, to recommend dietary habits that promote health and wellness in all aspects of life. The site provides resources for finding a school to attend, secure a job, along with upcoming events, and a newsletter. Food and Drug Administration regulates food ingredients and dietary supplements that are used in manufacturing products that Americans consume.
Whether you’re looking for a quick, healthy lunch idea or a whole new lifestyle you can find the resources here. The site has regular posts on progress and purpose in daily life, including commentary on how to live authentically and maintain your personal life and mind through reflection as well as maintaining your body through nutrition. The site provides tips on nutrition, exercise, detoxing, parasites, and kidney cleanses, among others.
The blog outlines health coaching tips, how to test for food sensitivity, information on supplements, and the blog posts are all informative.
The posts highlight different ways to prevent polluting ourselves and also rundowns on different health topics. They also post special reports, and plenty of links to videos, radio, podcasts, and inforgraphics as well. Their mission includes educating healthcare providers as well as patients in holistic medicine options.
Seminars include information on how to deal with clients, promote holistic healing treatments, and understand in depth health concerns. These techniques help find the causes of and treat severe depression, hormone imbalance, ADD, and more.
The program is open to professionals, as well as individuals looking for further education.
Offers other intensive nutritional counseling, including pantry raids and grocery store tours. Works with clients to help and treat the causes of blood pressure issues, exhaustion, and more. Includes a huge list of plant based recipes to work in conjunction with spiritual mindfulness for total body health.
Also offers courses and workshops on health, nutrition, and healthy foods for those in the California area. The site breaks down health coaching tips, upcoming events, and recipes to reform a lifestyle. She believes that major health problems can be eliminated when these foods are no longer a staple of a person’s diet. She has worked with clients suffering from auto-immune disorders, weight problems, and poor energy. She helps individuals with food planning, offers menus for a raw cleanse, as well as other wellness programs. As a doctor and a holistic healer, she brings a unique perspective to the topics of food, meditation, and whole-body health.
Focuses on helping to maintain balance and healthy diet, primarily through helping to understand and reduce sugar cravings.
The same nutrition needs don’t apply to everyone, and a personalized plan created with the help of a professional is the best way to use holistic nutrition principles in daily life. Programs include one-on-one sessions, newsletters, recipes, and overall support towards whole health. Focused on traditional methods of whole, natural foods, rest, and seasonal cleanses, they strive to improve energy and healing. By reaching clients the potential benefits of these things, they can help them have a fuller, natural, more energetic life. Through whole food living, they believe they can reach the underlying causes of these problems. She offers both of these services to clients, and believes that a best life can be achieved by finding balance with both. She offers honest information, cleanse guidelines, and helpful nutrition information for going forward.
Their on-site experts include a nutritionist and herbal therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and massage therapist.
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness was founded in 2010 and helps support individuals in conscious eating methods and they also provide articles and resources to supplement their services, events, and workshops. Services are provided for endurance athletes, general weight management, cancer patients, among others. He is based in the San Francisco area and confronts diabetes, heart disease, heartburn, and depression within patients. They offer nutritional counseling, but also bio-therapeutic drainage, live blood cell microscopy, and more.

Additionally, they hold workshops, give lots of information in the FAQ, and provide many useful articles. Karr, who received her PhD in Holistic Nutrition and runs the site to assist those looking for holistic health advice.
Includes basic items like vitamins and dental treats, but also products for treatment of diabetes and urinary track infections. Also includes health and safety tips for animals around seasons, holidays, and around the home.
Individuals pose pet problems and have them answered by a vet steeped in holistic medicine. A bevy of apps for all platforms promise to help the health conscious with meal planning, finding healthy restaurants, tracking calories consumed and burned, and setting reminders for exercise, sleep, and meals to maximize health and well-being.
This isn’t a ranking, but an index of great sites, categorized for ease of use and highly recommended for anyone whose health matters to them. It’s great because you can search by zip code, last name, business, and even health concerns. He has great weekly podcasts, so you can always be sure to find new material that is worthwhile. Want to learn more about what an organic, whole foods diet and toxin-free lifestyle can do for you and your family?
From the National Institute of Health is an initiative to promote better nutrition tools and resources for children. This serving guide is much more in line with what is actually much more recommended for daily consumption. The site has great supplementary information that goes into more detail that the movie was not able to provide. The site’s impressive amount of content shines through specific areas on yoga, herbs, pregnancy advice, and many other areas.
Since they’re committed to sustainable health, they use various campaigns to spread the most pertinent information concerning living healthily. They have an extensive section of videos and a useful community area for shooting ideas off of others involved in living better lives through food.
Its author takes an incredible amount of time and effort to perfect the content with great recipes and advice on how to live a more well-rounded life.
There are many blogs and sites offering advice on what to buy at the grocery store, and how to prepare it for the best health results. Every day we work to create an honest, transparent food system that treats animals humanely, supports sustainable animal production, treats farmers and workers fairly, and improves the health of families and communities. The blog is updated so regularly that you never have to worry about running out of recipes.
They also have different diets to cater to specific issues, such as one who is trying to cleanse their colon or has particular allergies.
By simply typing in how many calories you wish to eat in a day the site makes 3 meals for you instantly. It’s great for monitoring eating habits over time and better staying in touch with portions.
After picking the meal plan of your choice and a few other aspects, recipes are sent, along with a grocery list.
The 21st century is a particularly difficult time to consistently provide new meal ideas to families and ensure happiness and order in the home.
She focuses on administering the best in holistic nutrition counseling to alleviate a variety of ailments, many times associated with eating processed foods.
Thankfully, Holistic Family Nutrition is a website loaded with good recipes, as well as increased specificity in terms of categories to pick from. The dishes showcased on the site look delicious and have incredibly helpful instructions on how to make them.
Health apps have the ability not only to change how we consume, but how we think about food on the global scale. The site also has directions to nearby farmers markets that are accessible by car, bike, walking, and public transit. It’s a great option for those trying to curb eating out or rid their lives of unhealthy eating habits.
They show how being a vegetarian reduces the use of water, food, oil, and many other aspects due to lifestyle choices. For Groceries is an app that allows gluten-conscious consumers to quickly identify items to avoid. Since vitamin D is crucial to a healthy and happy lifestyle, it’s important to use an app like this.
If you’re skeptical about health claims being made on a food product label, this tool can help you figure out the real deal.
They also have designed a few apps that supplement the blog, such as Smoothie Rx and Flat Out Fitness. It gives people the power to locate the best places to eat local produce and meat, all while contributing to the strengthening of their community. It also saves recipes to the grocery list so you always know what you need when you go to the store. You can sync with Facebook to show friends meals or accomplishments and it’s even available for iPhone and Android. Talking to others about health food, nutrition facts, and meal plans can reinforce healthy habits and make practicing them fun and easy.
The filter also allows for increased specificity, even down to restaurants, local groceries and co-ops, wholesale foods, and even organic farms.
On this alternative health website you can purchase a broad array of high-quality colon-cleansing, nutritional, and educational alternative health products. Their Farmers’ Market Directory is an impressive tool for looking at all the different farmers markets across the country. The site also has great product reviews and a store finder for locating the best organic food.
It’s a great place to go if you have questions or are looking to provide useful insight. Opting for a vegan diet is one way that many people transition to overall healthier eating, and it’s a great way to eliminate some of the most common unhealthy eating habits. Categories include appetizers, beverages, breakfast, desserts, holidays, seasonal, and many, many more. With awesome recipes, animal rights news, restaurant reviews, and vegan philosophy, it’s a great site for anyone looking for more vegan resources. She’s certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell and the recipes are a great resource for exploring the different impacts plants can have on dishes. Additionally, she has fitness and beauty tips that contribute to a healthy vegan lifestyle. From lifestyle tips to cooking, the site is dense with useful advice and even upcoming vegan events to be on the lookout for.
The foods tend to revolve around easily accessible items and have simple cooking instructions.
From athletes to actors and musicians, the site looks at different vegans in a variety of areas.
The author details her trips around the country to hubs of vegan food and also provides useful insight into easy-to-make dishes and substitutions. The idea of the blog is to empower others to join and have the resources available to understand the steps that must be undertaken to successfully become a vegan.
The categories are broken down into main dishes, appetizers, soups, and salads, making it much easier to find a recipe for any occasion. The site’s simple format keeps the focus on recipes and is a great tool for always having an exciting new recipe idea.
The recipes are really interesting, many times pulled from life experiences, and also include a section detailing how to go gluten-free. She uses the site to review different vegan books and also to provide interesting vegan recipes.
Most of the posts on the blog feature animal-product-free recipes delicious enough to turn most anyone vegan. The site is complete with lifestyle support and recipes for successfully engaging in becoming a raw vegan. She’s authored numerous books on vegan living and the site is dense with great eating tips. The idea is to better inform people as to ethical lifestyle choices and underline how we can be compassionate regarding what we eat as well.
It was started in Vienna, Austria in 2011, but the author, a real world traveler, was born in Taiwan and raised in Pittsburgh.
She outlines the benefits to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and how it can best complement the life of the average person. Her recipe index and recipe box are great sources for a variety of vegan recipes and make becoming vegan much easier.
The site has in-depth reviews of different parts of San Francisco and also different cities around the world. The tips looks at many different aspects of veganism and even includes a Green Smoothie Challenge. The site is based in New York City and includes a bunch of useful tools, including a New York City vegan restaurant finder.
Sarah Kramer, the site’s author, has also co-authored books with great vegan recipes as well. It looks at good vegan recipes and how to best focus on meeting different dietary constraints concerning veganism. The different food choices presented to being vegan in The Caribbean is particularly interesting and the dishes highlight fun ways to be vegan. The wide ranging dishes and beautiful photos make the site appealing to vegans and non-vegans alike. The site provides information on what a vegan is, along with good recipes and things to look for. She’s been featured in The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, and Easy Vegetarian Foods From Around the World. The site is a fantastic tool for vegans looking to understand veganism better or just have more recipe ideas.
The site posts different lunch specials and vegan recipes regularly, which make it great for their passionate crowd of regulars. A Vegan Recipe Blog is a fantastic site for looking at different dishes and recipes for vegans. The site’s clean-cut and colorful imagery is appealing, while the posts are inviting and intuitive.
The site’s dedication to new content means there is always a new recipe available for even the daily reader. The casual, fun tone of the blog makes it a refreshing read and really keeps the reader’s attention.
She’s currently based in Tucson and highlights the benefits of veganism and current developments in veganism. The recipe tips are very in-depth and provide great footing for anyone trying to understand vegan cooking and baking more thoroughly. Additionally, the blog underlines how vegans are misrepresented in mainstream media and pop culture.
Its namesake comes from a bakery run by the owner of the blog in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Certified nutritionists, dietitians, and nutrition therapists can help people make significant positive changes in their lives by improving the quality and balance of their diet.
There’s a strong community of health consultants, nutrition therapists, dietitians, and holistic health enthusiasts online, and the info they share can be a great resource for anyone interested in healthier eating and living.
These blogs offer up a world of ideas about how to start and stick to a healthier lifestyle. She holds certifications with a number of impressive organizations and does great work to help those looking to make a switch to a Paleo diet. This website focuses on the potential for natural nutrition and human evolution to mitigate the vast array of women’s health issues.
Through their books, media appearances, nutrition counseling, lectures and blogs, they’ve built an innovative and inspiring brand that empowers people to take charge of their health and create changes that last a good, long lifetime. She started Joyous Health to inspire others to be happier and healthier one morsel and one thought at a time. Her site provides wonderful information related to how to best address various health concerns. Her site offers fresh knowledge and ideas about how to incorporate more nutritious eating into a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Consulting in nutrition therapy and medicine for over a decade, she has helped guide hundreds of people through lifestyle changes. The goal of the site is to provide accurate, useful information and support people’s efforts to optimize their blood glucose control and achieve a healthy weight. Exceptional health is her passion as is spreading the knowledge she has gained through lots of reading and her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition. The site has been integral to establishing accessible programs, events, classes, lectures, and even a great blog with useful recipes.
Based out of New England, this couple seeks to inspire people with great food and simple living. She works on many issues, including starting solids, picky eating, allergies and constipation in children, pregnancy weight gain, postpartum weight loss, and increasing breast milk supply.
She promotes whole foods free of harmful chemicals as the foundation for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Her methods of specialized nutrition help clients with sleep problems, chronic pain, and other health problems. Based out of Denver, she regularly blogs about the organic and local food scene in Colorado. During her career, Dena has educated and motivated countless individuals to achieve a variety of health goals related to weight management, chronic disease management, dietary supplementation and general wellness. Her nutrition education business guides busy families with kids, in a flavorful and fun, step-by-step journey to eating healthier. Her blog focuses on helping others eat healthfully, manage their personal eating issues, and enjoy food. Holliday MS, RD, LDN believes that all age groups should have access to reliable nutrition information.
She practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, looking at how all areas of life are connected.
Paula calls her practice “Nutrition U,” because she believes at some point we all need to go “back to school” when it comes to our relationship to food and health.
She also shops for them to get the products that are best in purity and quality and price for their health issues. She educates and empowers people to make the best nutrition decisions to nourish their body both physically and mentally.
Stephanie Lasher-Jones works with companies and individuals to create healthy habits and great meals that lead to great health.
The services offered on her site include individual sessions, meal planning, weight control, kitchen make-overs, and more. There is a recipes page, a fitness page, and other services and personalized nutrition coaching.
Desiree’s nutrition practice respects traditional knowledge while maintaining a commitment to nutrition evidence. They write fact-packed educational resources and offer dynamic presentations that share the joys of healthy living.
The sites founder, Lauren O’Connor, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. His site is a free resource he publishes to communicate science to the public– including researchers, physicians, and anyone else who loves the science of health.
By doing this, he hopes to do his part to improve the quality of modern health care and promote individual wellness. She plans to help individuals reach their health goals and nourish their bodies completely! As someone diagnosed with Celiac disease, she understands the sensitivities presented by different diets.
Their blog regularly shares tips for exercise, training, and other health and athletic pursuits. Based out of Colorado, a small team works with real ingredients that optimize performance for both sport and life.
Eat 2 Run is about providing the body with whole and natural foods while supporting the systems of the body that work to recover from the repetitive stress of running. Site-runner Jackie Dikos is a registered dietician with a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition relevant to sports, weight loss or gain, general health, and more. Health coaches that offer continuing services are great for people who want to keep learning and growing into their new healthy lifestyles. With Katie’s support, the woman she counsels lose weight, eat healthier, maintain a balanced mood and increased energy levels, and live a healthier life.
She shares her knowledge to empower her clients to take control of their health with food choices that best support their specific condition and metabolic type.
She regularly works with clients to address underlying health and diet causes and treats those rather than just addressing the symptoms of health problems. By focusing on the core principles of nutrition and health, she helps her clients make small changes that are flexible and easy. Price Foundation who trained in traditional foods cooking with widely respected Chef Monica Corrado.
Her private programs are two to three months long, with thorough assessment, in-depth fortnightly sessions and ongoing support, individually tailored for long-term health shifts.
These sites are a good place to look for people seeking general health info or a broader understanding of holistic health, nutrition consulting, and general nutrition.
The site makes it easier than ever to stay informed on worthwhile choices regarding how to create a variety of healthy meals. The idea behind the site is to allow individuals to seamlessly make adjustments to their lives and maintain the choices moving forward. Their healthcare journey chronicles many different healthy living techniques that work for all kinds of people. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.
The site breaks down content into useful categories designed to benefit parents, teachers, children, and they even have great giveaways. Their purpose is to offer people impartial holistic health resources — both alternative and traditional —to help people become more active and confident in your health decisions. The blog posts delicious recipes that help align individuals with better nutrition, thus healthier lifestyles, and is consistently updated. This tool is designed for fitness professionals as a way to meet clients’ needs by delivering professional meal plans immediately, analyze fitness plans and nutrition, and strengthen client relationships. She started Modish Monkeys in 2008 as a way to help other parents going through the struggles she and her husband faced as a family dealing with young children daily facing eczema, allergies, asthma, and other food related health issues. The articles are well-researched, focusing as a healthy lifestyle as a vehicle to help someone enjoy the more important things in life. As the mother of 5, the blog’s author is well-versed in the best approaches to feeding a large family healthily. The site looks at healthy living, the mind, body, and even has a section with other useful links. The site is incredibly comprehensive and looks at legislation and ethical research as well.
The combination of these two elements allows for interesting introspect that can yield tremendous results related to bettering nutrition practice and one’s life. She have perspective on eating disorder as well, which can prove very crucial to those struggling to find balance in their eating habits. The site’s author, Michelle Pfennighaus found ways to benefit her own life from an improved diet and conveys the information to help countless others. Noticing that most medical textbooks focus on disease instead of health, he began to take a different approach to care, which has proved incredibly successful. Posts on the site are updated on such a frequent basis that users can be sure to always check in and get the latest news in nutrition. We provide an all-in-one guide to finding a degree program in nutrition that best suits your career and educational goals. Most simply stated, holistic nutrition is healing the body with whole foods and supplements such as vitamins and amino acids in order to achieve optimal health. The following directory will help you understand what types of careers are available to those who earn a nutrition degree. The employment growth is due to the continued problem of obesity in America, as well as a large aging population who are trying to stay healthy. These sites share the basic tenets of holistic nutrition as well as specific meal plans, nutrition facts, and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it.
Michel Greger writes regular articles about the many ingredients in foods and products we regularly consume, and how they really affect our bodies and health. While the FDA doesn’t focus on holistic nutrition per se, their website has a phenomenal stockpile of info regarding the nutrition and chemical content of all types of consumer products.
He has written books on dieting, fitness, and the best ways to improve methods to lose weight. The proper mix of nutritious foods can keep pets healthy and energetic for longer than a standard daily kibble allowance. There are also easily accessible videos demonstrating how to make healthy meals, proper preparation techniques for fruits and veggies, and how to make your own superfood smoothies. All this information and more, from location based health-food trackers to farmer’s market phonebooks, are available online. Holistic Nutritionist Katherine Leonard will work with you to support and guide you in your transition to a nourishing lifestyle.
Liz Lipski goes in depth on a different topic each month and features different guests in a podcast that will surely become a regular once you hear it.
Udo’s Essential Fats page outlines how to approach living a healthier lifestyle and has a great video series.
Veganism is often chosen for moral reasons as well, but for anyone who wants to develop more holistically nutritious eating habits, the health benefits of avoiding animal products like meat and milk are a great incentive to give the vegan lifestyle a shot. The vegan lifestyle is popular at Farm Sanctuary not only because it is animal friendly, but because it mitigates the health risks of eating factory farmed, hormone-treated animal products, and reduces damage to the environment. Even for people with a general idea of what is healthy and what isn’t, the guidance of a professional can provide the added knowledge and motivation need to truly stick with a holistic health routine.
It inspired her and helped her expand her boundaries and make lots of new discoveries through sharing recipes and ideas with other people just like her. Through the formation of Back To The Book Nutrition, Dena now hopes to offer her expertise and experience, within the context of biblical truth, to a wider audience. Cindy teaches hands-on, everyday skills and strategies in menu planning, supermarket shopping and home cooking which may sound simple but, in reality, are not.
However, nutrition resources for active older adults can be hard to access, difficult to understand and may not provide usable information.
In her practice, she counsels and educates people on holistic health and wellness strategies that focus on food and nutrition, dietary supplements and herbs, relaxation and stress management, and physical exercise, helping them to create and follow individualized health plans.
Joseph Kvedar is the Director of the center and has contributed invaluable work to furthering their goals.
She hopes to bring support and understanding to parents facing these sometimes giant issues. In addition to our articles and helpful links, our blog, maintained by registered dietitian Erin Thole, offers useful tips and resources for prospective and current students in the nutrition field. Associate’s degree programs tend to take the least amount of time to complete and prepare graduates for entry-level positions, with more advanced degrees requiring more credit hours but generally offering more opportunities for advancement in the field.
A holistic nutritionist is a professional educated in natural nutrition whose job is to help educate clients to make healthier food, supplement, and lifestyle choices. A registered dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum professional and academic requirements. This list will help you determine if you are the right fit for a specific job based on your interests and credentials. No single one of these apps offers a complete path to great health, but the combination of professional advice, freely available content, apps for personal tracking, and forums for social support and info exchange make the internet a great tool for anyone trying to improve their nutrition and health habits. The site functions as an extension of the film by adequately supplying great resources and information to engage in a healthier lifestyle.
Amanda’s goal with her blog is to provide a resource for senior citizens and their families as they plan healthy meals to achieve peak health. I want to share with you recipes and nutritional information that can help you eat better and feel better. The recipes are useful for those working on a budget and also use fairly straightforward ingredients.

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