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October 16, 2012 by Aurelia Williams 2 Comments The great thing about teenagers is that they really want to be independent, so this part of your job is rather simple in that it’s something they really want. Let Them Suffer Natural Consequences — Teenagers are old enough to take some responsibility for themselves including their schedule, what they wear, whether it is clean or not, and even if their teeth are brushed. Let Them Get A Job — Even young teenagers can do various jobs from extra chores around the house, to babysitting, to lawn mowing to earn money for extras.
Give Them Household Chores — Even if an older teen has a job outside the home, all children should have chores they do without expectation of payment just for the reason that they are part of the family. Thinking about teenagers becoming independent adults is understandably difficult, but encouraging them toward independence is the best thing you can do. About Aurelia Williams (27 Posts)Aurelia Williams is a Certified Life Coach, Parenting Expert, Internet Marketer and Podcaster.
Consider becoming a craft brewer. Keen to study the science behind what makes food taste good and how to manipulate those flavors and textures? Although most mushroom hunters do it as a hobby, those who are serious about it can make a killing selling their mushrooms to high-end restaurants. Mycologists study mushrooms, a surprisingly tricky science considering the vast range of mushroom species and their diverse purposes. Morel, Porcini and Chanterelle mushrooms are often in high demand, for example, and mushroom hunters tend to be very secretive about their most fruitful hunting grounds, as selling their findings can be an extremely lucrative venture. If you've always wanted to grow your own food but prefer the city to the countryside, consider a career in urban farming. Here’s how to use your lunch break to relieve stress and recharge your batteries – from my feature in the March issue of Canadian Living Magazine. A big THANKS goes out to everyone who supported my online book launch this month – from everyone who purchased the book or Kindle version, to the many generous partners that came together in the name of Frazzled Hurried Woman!

Do you experience tiredness after eating, or do you feel anxious a few hours after you’ve skipped lunch? But it can be hard to know when to loosen the leash.  However, like most things in life, with independence comes responsibility. It can be difficult to watch a teenager go out the door without a coat knowing it will be cold later. After all, isn’t our goal as parents to raise responsible and independent adults who are a valuable asset to their communities? Daisy Sutherland is a doctor, author, speaker, healthy living brand ambassador, wife & mom to 5 children.
Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving is featured in The Toronto Sun! Harvard researchers have found that women with highly stressful jobs are 40 per cent more likely to develop heart disease than their less-stressed colleagues. If you also have a high sugar diet, you may need to shore up your facts about healthy eating.
If you define what you will do, then they can better understand why it’s important to earn money. I agree with most of what you say here, however I find it rather hard to let them suffer natural consequences. There are many small businesses popping up across North America that are focused on urban farming, with a demand not only for green thumbs but also for people with sales, marketing, fundraising, and communications skills. It’s concerning when your teenage son looks like he has not bathed in weeks, but sooner or later his peers will ensure that he does. If they’re job age, let them get a job outside of school and home because this will make them feel independent when they get to put their very own check into their very own checking account.

In fact, unless your teenager is getting into a lot of trouble at school, and extra supervision is in order due to a disability, it’s best if you stay out of this completely. Daisy's mission is to ~ Help Busy Moms and Families achieve Happier and Healthier Lifestyles. The book will continue to be stocked in several more retail outlets – stay tuned for more events and book signings.
A good rule of thumb is that anything in their room or that is theirs should be cleaned, washed, and handled only by them for free.
Her site is jammed packed with anything you as a parent of a teen are dealing with on a daily basis. It will only take a couple of times to suffer the natural consequence of the action, and then learn the right thing to do. But also, common communal areas such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc… should also be kept clean and organized by all members of the family.
Help a bit if directly asked, but if you can direct them how to find the help elsewhere too.
Have a weekly communal chore rotation so everyone gets to learn how to clean the toilet and take out the trash.
For instance the Khan Academy is a free online resource where you can watch videos of many different types of lectures, especially Math. Giving them the tools to work on their own is going to teach them to be responsible for their own learning.

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