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Offers diploma programs in Holistic health and nutrition, and provides curricula, admissions information, and some FAQs.
Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an accredited SNHS Diploma entitling them to practise. On successful completion of this course the student will have an understanding of human digestion, and the underlying principles of healthy nutrition.
Tony Edwards holds advanced qualifications in Nutrition, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Naturopathy.
Tony has written an article entitled “Obesity – A briefing for Complementary Therapists” where he discusses the implications of the spiralling obesity problem. Pre-Enrolment QuestionsWe recommend that you first refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page as it provides the answers to our most common pre-enrolment queries. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us with your ‘study related questions’. Sherry is a food philosopher, nutritional strategist & the creator of Jiivala Enterprises a business dedicated to training consultants to bring healthy food education into homes. I believe in iridology and nutrition as the twin guiding stars that will bring in a new profession equally uplifting for both doctor and patient. The Level I study program is designed to comfortably facilitate the student into the science and practice of Holistic Iridology®. The in depth, Level II study program brings the student to a functional competency in the utilization of the Holistic Iridology® system for making assessments. Upon successful completion of the written exam, the student will receive a certificate for the study of Intermediate Holistic Iridology®. This course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to practice at a professional level.
To achieve this distinction the student will successfully complete the coursework for all three levels of instruction as previously set forth. In addition, an Anatomy and Physiology course, approved by the International Institute of Iridology®, must be successfully completed.
David has received the Hixson Fellowship Award from Kiwanis International for his years of effort to support life enrichment programs for children. The program repeatedly filled me with wonder and amazement about the worlds inside us and around us, and how intimately the two are connected. And I write: I’ve written for Vitality magazine, and am the author of How to Live Without The Nine Biggest Problem Foods Affordably and Conveniently, which features recipes and homemade remedies that are all free of gluten, wheat, dairy products, sugar (as well as artificial sweeteners), corn, active yeast, unfermented soy, peanuts and processed fats, and more.
Osteoporosis, Cardio Vascular complaints, Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Artery disease etc.
See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World. More specifically, it is the science of nutrients and how they are digested, absorbed, transported, metabolized, stored, and eliminated by the body.
He is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst, a Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and a Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. She is the former Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, the past President of Slow Food Melbourne, the Curator & Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project.
Due to the intricate concepts taught in this course, it is a prerequisite for the study of Level III.

The course content incorporates highly relevant, understandable and exciting real life material in a professional, useable, stimulating and spiritually uplifting way… this course is a fantastic assessment tool to incorporate into any holistic healing and nutrition practice. This course may be taken through another school or via the distance education course offered by the Institute.
This practical exam consists of the student performing a detailed analysis of three pairs of eyes utilizing the assessment system taught in Levels II and III. Pesek and the International Institute of Iridology® will proudly award to the student what they have earned, the Diploma of Holistic Iridology®. Pesek has studied various teachings of iridology from around the world and has blended them into one dynamic system – Holistic Iridology® – which includes his unique contribution to this science by developing the interpretation of genetically inherited thought and emotional patterns through the eyes. This institution is one of the first comprehensive, holistic, integrative healthcare centers on the North America continent.
Pesek is heralded as “The New Pioneer in Iridology”, and as “One of the World’s Pre-eminent Iridologists” by leading natural health organizations.
Pesek is on the faculty of several institutions that teach natural and integrative medicine. The atmosphere of the shop, as well as the miraculous-seeming results I quickly experienced by following Marlene’s health advice, made me realize I had finally found the answer to a long-standing question: what kind of work could I do where my own journey could have relevance and meaning in helping others. I knew the first step, if I was really serious, was to get a formal nutritional education, so that I could confidently provide people with the best guidance possible. It challenged me to look at my own health issues, both physical and emotional, the importance of which I cannot stress enough. In this course we explored a variety of dietary approaches and were encouraged to critically evaluate the effectiveness of each. I learn something new almost every day, and the first-hand health experiences and product feedback customers share are worth more than what can be learned from any book. My niche is helping people streamline and simplify their dietary and supplement routines to make healthy living achievable and sustainable. Those wishing to take their understanding to an even higher level are recommended to expand their knowledge with our Advanced Holistic Nutrition course. Tony is also the author of internationally recognised training courses and texts in these subjects. Sherry became a chef in 1991 working in some of Australia’s best loved restaurants and started her cooking school the Food lovers Workshop in 1993 which led to international television appearances and being featured in as well as writing for major magazines.
Studying and learning via the DVD’s gives the student a feeling of being in the classroom with Dr. David is on the leading edge in the field with his advancements in developing a truly holistic model of iris analysis and wellness programs. John as a Knight Commander for his lifetime of work in helping to improve the health of humanity. Over the past three decades, David’s passion and pioneering work are helping to bring about the renaissance of natural healthcare through his dedication to the wellness and spiritual enlightenment of humanity. These issues, after all, eventually become your personal areas of expertise, and will have a powerful impact on helping others. I liked it because it wasn’t simplistic: in it we learned that every approach has benefits and drawbacks, and that no diet is perfect or right for everyone.
I don’t quite remember where I read this quote by Reiho Masunaga which I find surprisingly relevant to health and nutrition.

It’s like giving dozens of mini one-on-one nutritional consultations all day, and I feel like I’m really making a difference in peoples’ lives.
Our course gives the answers to questions everyone needs to know about, in order to live longer and healthier.
She is presently on the Vancouver Faculty of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and presents internationally on the philosophies in her book ‘Return to Food – how going back is the way forward’.
Even students with prior iridology education will learn a great deal from the material presented in this informative course. He has given successful expert witness testimony in a court of administrative law regarding the validity of iridology as a means of health assessment.
Ignaz Peczely Award in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of iridology worldwide. We were invited and encouraged to address our own issues over and over again by the passionate faculty at IHN.
Such an ability to discern is vital not only for navigating through the forest of diet crazes out there, but can also be applied to so many other areas of nutrition and life in general. It never fails to stir in me this sense of awe about the fact that we are all perpetual works in progress. After more than 12 years at the little health food store where it all began, I’ve moved on to join the Whole Body Team at Whole Foods in Unionville, where my journey of learning and helping continues. Sherry teaches The Professional Skills development course at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition Vancouver Campus. David is also a psychotherapist and a member of PSI CHI, the National Honor Society of Psychology.
As an internationally recognized authority in the fields of iridology and human behavior, David shares his knowledge through lectures, seminars and clinical practice. Finally, after completing the year of full-time studies, plus the invaluable hours of field placement, I was rewarded with a permanent job in the holistic dispensary where it all began. Due to the fundamentals of Holistic Iridology® set forth in this course, it is a prerequisite for the study of Level II.
Pesek is the only iridologist from the Americas ever invited to speak (4 times) at the prestigious International Course for Irisdiagnosis in Germany (J.
We merely “borrow” nutrients for a while, integrating food, water, and oxygen into our bodies, until we return them, and ultimately ourselves, to the source.
He also serves as the founding director of the International Institute of Iridology® and the founding president of the International College of Iridology®.
There’s a certain serenity in realizing and trusting this observable truth, and undeniable elements of hope and inspiration in how it applies to our potential for health.
If we understand that we, like all things, are becoming, then through our choices, perhaps we can choose what we become.

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