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However, there were MANY slightly aggressive comments from passionate people saying that these were a bad idea. Eating your Grandma’s leftovers that she couldn’t quite chew properly, as her dentures fell out, and then dropped them on the floor.
This reminds me of my opinion of hospital food before I did my placement as a dietitian in a large Sydney hospital.
It is FANTASTIC that, despite being stupidly busy, you still make time to prepare your meals from scratch. This makes me think about when people comment that all overweight people are lazy and should just eat less and exercise more. I don’t like that people don’t create mixed tapes or write love letters to their crushes in high-school anymore. It is true that the longer cut veggies sit, the more nutrients they will lose due to oxidation (I did say this in my initial post). Admittedly – this didn’t cross my sleep-deprived, jet-lagged mind at the time, but it is a VERY valid point and I intend to look into this further. But on the subject of waste – when you buy your pre-cut and packaged meat, do you also ensure that you purchase the bits that would otherwise go to waste, such as the organs and bones? Not everyone is motivated to change their health and “just eat more veggies”, no matter how creative your ideas are. If precut veg makes someone feel like they can cook a quick stirfry rather buy some takeaways because they just cant be bothered cutting the veg tonight, I am all for it.
In big cities today where Mum and Dad both need to work just for a family to get by I think its only idealistic to say everyone should put aside the time to cut the veg themselves. HEY GORGEOUS, BEFORE YOU LEAVE, COME JOIN MY TRIBE______________________Be part of my possy to get first dibs on hot tips, yummy recipes, awesome freebies, and upcoming goodies! If your hormones are out of balance, chances are you will not be looking, feeling or performing at your best.

Many thought it was a good idea – especially for those who really have no time, or those who are unable to chop their own veggies (due to, for example, an injury or something like arthritis). I will address the concerns brought up below, but first, I want to express that this is not something I am suggesting everyone should be turning to for their veggies.
To involve their children, if they have any, and to teach them along the way about the benefits of veggies, and how to grow and prepare them. Prior to placement, I was of the opinion that hospital food was a disgrace and that they can’t expect anyone to get better if that is what they are feeding them. And for many people, it will probably be significantly worse than what they are used to eating.
Let’s just step back a second and say “Hey – maybe there’s something else going on in this person’s life.
But hey – texting and snapchat (or whatever them crazy youths are doing these days) seem to be working for them .
And yes, frozen would be better (go back to my hierarchy if you have forgotten about that). It could (hopefully) serve as a first step for people….get them to try some already prepped veg first, then the next step might be to get them to chop their own.
I suspect people following my social media are in the “pretty motivated to be healthy” camp. I focus on having a thorough understanding of your personal goals, needs, likes and dislikes, support networks and lifestyle in order to create a food and lifestyle approach that suits YOU. Let me help you get things back on track so you can start thriving, rather than just surviving.
Many also agreed that it was better than getting no veggies at all, but probably not the best choice.
However, there are some people for whom hospital food is a whole lot healthier than what they are having currently.

Maybe they have their own struggles, and instead of judging them and assuming they are lazy, I am going to extend warmth, kindness and understanding”. It is sad (go back to my points at the start about what I would like everyone to be doing). However, there are other people out there….those that don’t follow health-related social media, those that can’t afford to see a health coach or a nutritionist. In my opinion, it should either be a last resort, a temporary option, or a stepping stone onto preparing everything from scratch. Trust me – the person who gets referred to see a dietitian by their doctor (and is covered by insurance) is likely to have very different motivations than the individual who is happy to fork out a fair chunk of cash to see a health coach or nutritionist of their own accord. Fun fact: this can actually help with digestion, as the sights and smells of food will start to get the digestive juices flowing BEFORE you begin eating. We can complain about it and bury our heads in the sand, or scream for things to be different, and that might make a small amount of difference, over time. Not everyone has the ability to cut their own veggies (for example, my Mum has a dodgy thumb at the moment, so Dad has to do a lot of the chopping and peeling). Sign up for FREE tips, tricks and yummy recipes delivered right to your inbox (promise not to spam you) Want to be kept in the loop? If this is the only way that someone will get veggies into their diet, then, to me, that is better than not having any at all.
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