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Swing by next Tuesday for my final installment of my train travel adventure as we reach our destination the magical city of Adelaide. Our beautiful zen-ter, located in Seneca, SC, is dedicated to bringing the healing power of yoga to anyone who feels inspired to practice; offering our students a relaxing space amidst a welcoming community, where they can gain the tools needed to take control of their own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
With multiple instructors and many weekly classes, there is a yoga for every body; enabling and empowering YOU to become a master of your inner landscape and a gardener of your own soul. My entree of field mushrooms & haloumi cheese was soaked in far too much balsamic vinegar. Just watching thousands of miles of red land flying by against the blue sky is mesmerizing. I’ve been sucking some in from the interconnecting carriage bit but we’re not supposed to loiter there, bit dangerous.
Its only purpose really is a stop for the trains to refuel, dump waste & raise money for the Flying Doctors.

I shouldn’t complain it’s easier to rug up than cool down & we were told to pack warm tops. Swing music is on the sound system this afternoon to entertain me whilst I sip my peppermint tea.
WE OFFER YOGA, QIGONG, TAI CHI, MEDITATION AND PRIVATE YOGA THERAPY IN UPSTATE SOUTH CAROLINA. I feel it had been sitting on the warmer for a long time, as the cheese was bone hard & cold. The first time I crossed the Nullarbor in a truck I got very motion sick & missed most of it. The young waiter at lunch exclaimed his excitement at seeing the hills “it means I’m getting nearer to home.” The crew members are based in Adelaide, which is the central point for all the interstate rail routes. AREAS SERVICED INCLUDE SENECA, CLEMSON, PENDLETON, ANDERSON, GREENVILLE, AND WESTMINSTER, SC.

I appreciate there are a lot of people to serve in a short time but haloumi needs cooking & serving immediately. Our observation is because Australian pension cardholders get a hefty 50% discount on fares it attracts the silver surfers. I know where my other half would have been happily parked up for the afternoon if he were with us.

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