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Trigger point therapy is the use of various methods to relax and release trigger points in the body.
Trigger points are hypersensitive areas in muscles, tendons or connective tissue that usually are tender to the client. Trigger point therapy is especially good for people who tend to overwork their muscles.  Athletes, musicians and some workers are prone to developing trigger points.
Clients with trauma, poor posture, repetitive injuries and those who overwork particular muscles benefit from this therapy.
Massage therapists often use trigger point therapy with other forms of massage as a specific technique to relieve hypersensitive ‘knots’ in the muscles. Physical therapists, chiropractors and medical doctors also use trigger point therapy to treat musculoskeletal problems. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Volcanic Basalt stones are used in hot stone therapy due to their excellent heat retaining properties.
Oil is not used with cold stones as their silky smoothness allows them to glide over the skin during massage. Indian head massage has been practised in India for 1000 of years as part of the Ayurvedic Tradition of "mind body spirit healing" as well as families passing the technique of scalp massage on from family to family as a form of home grooming.
A natural holistic therapy involving the simple technique of working with the thumbs and fingers over specific reflex points and organs that are mapped on the feet and hands.
In the past I've been to see a herbalist, irologist, had accupuncture treatment, then a friend recommended Twinney with her reflexology treatment. Twinney, your unique treatment soothes ones various aches and pains and provides stress relief, all this while making one feel complete bliss.

Once again, martial arts crosses lines between sport, art, reality, and what could be possible. From ancient sciences to celebrity-hyped, Australian spas, retreats and holistic getaways are offering the latest skin treatments that cater to any preference and skin condition.
The hot stones dilate blood vessels pushing blood and unwanted waste products through the body, causing a sedative effect on the nervous system. Now modified and popular here "Indian head massage" is used in complementary practises.The treatment works on the the top three chakras - Crown, Brow and Throat.
Each body system or organ corresponds to a particular area of the body and by working these in a precise and systematic way we are assisting in the removal of toxins, improved circulation, re-balancing energy pathways and increasing nerve supply, which results in a deeply relaxing treatment as well as a greater feeling of well being. I have now been with her for 6 years and would certainly say that reflexology has proven to be the best treatment for me.
We look forward to our next appointment as she has such a cheerful manner and we were extremely pleased with the results of reflexology.
Please note, I may be giving a treatment when you call, so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to do so.
The most common symptoms associated with asthma are wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and more. Many cultures have used this form of treatment including, the Native Americans, Egyptians and Romans.
Oil is used with the hot stones during the treatment to enable the stones to glide across the skin. This causes the muscles to relax.The cold stones cause the blood vessels to constrict, stimulating the nervous system, draining blood and waste through the body. My fascination and interest in the alternative therapies of aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head and hot stones massage spans over 13 years.

Often grey, black or red in colour they are able to retain heat and are placed in a roaster with water and heated to a temperature of 55 degrees celsius, just hot enough to hold in the hand.
The massage involves the concentration of movements gently applied to the head, neck and shoulders and tops of arms. If you can go through the research on Asthma treatment you will find natural homeopathy asthma treatments to be really effective at Homeocare International. Cold stone therapy aids decongestion of the sinuses and also gives a lovely facial massage. This treatment can be carried out without the use of oils and the client can remain fully dressed. Both treatments were carried out to a high standard and I always left feeling very relaxed.
Homeocare International provides Homeopathy has been of enormous ability in recovering all chronic illnesses such as asthma, allergic conditions, and mental and emotional disorders. Waste material will also be removed more effectively through the corresponding increase in lymphatic circulation. The massage is carried out with the client seated with their back to you in a comfortable chair In a softly lit, warm room. Our homeopathy doctors have decades of experience in treating various diseases through different approaches. For the last 8 years I have been a practising therapist looking after Parkinson's sufferers and their carers at the "Hope Centre" in Honeyborough, Pembrokeshire.

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